How to know if I have debts in National Taxes: Through the website

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Do you want to know if you have debts in National Taxes? Find out how to do it through the website. Keep reading!

How to know if I have debts in National Taxes

Here we show you what you should do to find out if you have any debt in National Tax

Steps to follow

one-Enter the portal of tax procedures

Go to the tax page

Then click virtual office

Now go to the portal Tax Procedures

register your TIN click on agreethen register your username and password and enter.

Once you have entered you will see a page that will say «it has been detected that you have pending tax accumulations» click where it says «here»

2- check your tax statement

The tax statement will show you the forms YEAH presented and the amount paid for each of them.

Enter the period range or query and the list of all your statements made will be displayed.

You can also print them.

3-Check if there was Omissions to the presentation

The omission to submit are all the forms that NOT can be declared to WITHOUT.

4-Check if they presented Out of Term forms

Out of time they are all the forms that were presented after the deadline date, consequently it has a fine.

5-check the default payments

The default payments are all pending payments of forms already declared


  • Check your tax statement every month.
  • If you have debtgo to the offices of the WITHOUT to calculate the exact amount. There are also discounts of up to 60% of the fines.
  • If I do not submit some forms or need to rectify, contact their toll-free lines 800-10-3444 Their customer service hours are 7:30 to 6:30.

From the website

The website for know the doubts of national taxes is the following

Click here

What is the INS

They are the obligations in money that the state imposes in order to obtain resources that allow it to satisfy the needs of the Bolivarian population, improving their quality of life.

This is ranks in: taxes, rates, special contributions and municipal patents

Documents that must be carried by a SIN official in a control operation

  • Identity card
  • Credential as official
  • Assignment Memorandum

Remember that no public worker will accept cash payment

The public service of WITHOUT I can’t ask for money. Payments are made by form in financial institutions.

What are the main National Taxes in Bolivia

These taxes split in two

  • national tax
  • municipal tax

The first thing you should know is:


Tax paid to the state to support public expenses. These obligatory payments are required of both individuals and legal entities.

This is clarifies in: rates, special contributions and taxes


VAT: value added tax

This is a direct tax on consumption (value added tax or lower value and added value tax) that is, financed by the consumer as a regressive tax

RCIVA: Complementary regime to value added tax

The RC-VAT It was created by law 834 dated May 20, 1986 and regulated by DS 21531 and ordered text DS 24602

It is a tax that is applied to public or private sector employees who receive a monthly salary. This tax seeks to fully control each person when demanding their tax bill for the normal consumption of their goods and services.

ITEM: Transaction tax

ITEM It is applied to each of the transactions carried out in Bolivian territory.

A transaction It is an exchange between two people, or a person and a company.

The alcana tax on transactions carried out, whether lucrative to earn money or non-profit, such as donations, gifts or inheritances.

SUI: Corporate income tax

The SUI It is a tax that is applied to the profits obtained each year. This tax is paid annually determined at the end of each term. You, as a taxpayer, have had profits or profits, as recorded in the reports of your financial situation on a certain date.

Treatment of withholdings for the purchase of services and/or goods not invoiced

This is only applied in virtual cases, in which specific services are requested or contracted or in the event that goods are acquired from people with a permanent economic activity.

Procedure for line consultants, consultants by product and consultants to the integral pressure system (SIP)


Consultant: a consultant It is the person who provides a private service, for a determined time and independently, within the framework of some civil contractual relationship.

Online: It is a person who provides a consulting service in the public sector, complying with the rules SABS

By product: Person who provides more than one service in the public sector complying with the norms SABS

sole proprietorship: Person who acts and has as a company under commercial registration, for which this person has legal status.

The one-person company has a payroll, with which it makes contributions to the system of people as an employer and in a minor way for a job: The employer himself representing said company.


For consultants, a 14.42% contribution to the VET’s (now SIP) composed of:

  1. 10% individual capitalization
  2. 1.71% professional risk
  3. 1.71 common risk
  4. 0.5% commission to the AFP and 0.5% contribution to the solidarity fund.

Tax Pardon

All people who have a business, a small company or exercise their free profession have the obligation of the country’s growth by paying their taxes.

Would you like to solve all your pending issues with the national tax service for them? Good! Now is the time

You can benefit from the law of Tax Pardon which establishes a period of regularization of national domain tax debts.

one-Now, first you must find out what is the status of your tax situation

For them he will visa the departments of

  • Collection
  • inspection
  • Legal

Of the management in which you are registered

2-Second, find out how you can benefit from the sorryIt might be because

  • Debts generated by determination processes
  • Request for payment facilities
  • Fines for breaches of formal duties
  • Acknowledgments of obligations of their own free will


Consider the deadlines established by the law of the sorry and the payment modalities to liquidate the tax debt, and be up to date with Bolivia.

Thanks for trusting us.

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