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Get to know a little more about the world Entel and that it offers for you with all its mobile telephony. Keep reading!

What is ENTEL?

ENTEL It is the subscription television service throughout the national territory with a high quality and affordable price that is within the ability of the Bolivarian population to pay.

The service that ENTEL TV provides is implemented through the satellite technology of Direct to Home television.

The Bolivarian satellite is also used TUPAC KATARI which has a high quality coverage, which guarantees a signal for each and every one of the homes in the urban area, as well as the rural area.

What services does ENTEL offer?

Entel offers a wide range of services such as:

Mobile: coverage wherever you are.

What counts are the services:

  1. postpaid
  2. prepaid
  3. 4G mobile internet
  4. blackberry
  5. International Roaming
  6. promotions

Internet: Browse without limits

What counts are the services:

  1. ADSL Internet
  2. optimal home fiber
  3. 4(modem)
  4. 4G LTE
  5. Other services
  6. promotions

IP telephony: Talk online at low rates

What counts are the services:

  1. prepaid VOZip
  2. postpaid
  3. Optical fiber
  4. How to configure
  5. international recharge

It also has other services such as: long distance (national, international, single card), fixed telephony (Line ENTELline ENTEL by fiber optics), public telephone (here ENTELpoint ENTEL, Telecentres) and Backtones ENTEL.

For more information you can go to their official page for Prepaid Mobile Telephony

Talk without worrying about bills at the end of the month

The benefits of this are
  • It is one of the easiest ways to have access to mobile telephony
  • You can control and optimize your expenses, since the calls you make are charged to the second
  • Accounts with reduced and super reduced hours rates


  • These are expressed in bolivianos, they also include legal tax.
  • The payment is made to the second
  • Rates per minute valid for mobile calls throughout the country.
  • 60 day credit minimum.
  • The price of text messages is 0.20 Bs.
  • The opening hours are valid every day of the week.
  • The expiration of the validity of the unused credit will be added to the new credit that is recharged while the line remains active for a period of no more than 60 days. If you do not download, the line will remain active for receiving calls, toll-free numbers and emergency, up to about 30 calendar days.


You do not need them, the easiest way to have access to telephony ENTEL, to get prepgo you must visit Multicentro ENTEL Or any subdealer authorized.

In the event that you resort to a subdealer authorized you will receive your pre-activated SIM Card and you will be responsible for activating the line by calling *90 thus recording your data.

Once you recharge your line you can load your credit and make the calls you want.

Postpaid Mobile Telephony

Tailor-made plans with invoice at the end of the month

  • You can choose a limit to your monthly expenses (controlled consumption)
  • If you switch to prepaid, the postpaid rates remain the same
  • The credit that was not consumed in the month will be accumulated for two months.
  • You have the facility to surf the internet with GPRS/EDGE OR 4G
This has several plans such as the following:

Simple: you can use your credit to call, browse, send messages and always be connected.

Essential: There are plans that will allow you to have amounts of minutes and text messages according to the bread you choose and accumulated everything you do not use.

Monthly Cap: Control the consumption of your calls, long distance and text messages and thus you will have the peace of mind that each month you will pay the same.

More woman: A totally exclusive plan for them the more you talk, the less you pay! And you won’t need any financial reference

Empp: My first postpaid!, Communicate at the pace you want either by talking, sending text messages or browsing the Internet with your own megabytes.

For more information on the plans postpaid and prepaid mobile telephony You can go to the official page: Click here

Fixed Telephony

This service has:



  • Online call details
  • High quality when it comes to communication of all kinds of telephone calls
  • Supplementary services as tools which allow to be always communicated.



  • Photocopy of your identity document
  • Photocopy of any electricity, gas or telephone bill.
  • Any financial reference.

ENTEL fiber optic line



These rates include taxes by law.

The two plans apply to cities of peace, Santa Crus, Cochabamba, Tarija, Oruro, Potosí, which have technical facilities.

Mobile Fixed Rate: 1.42 Bs/min rate applied to lines ENTEL current.

Fixed Rate-VOZip ENTEL: rate 0.60 Bs applied to the plans of the lines ENTEL current.

National and international long distance bill volume discounts apply.

Remember that if you want more information about all this you can enter the website. Click here


Browse without limits

Which account are the services:

  • ADSL Internet
  • By optimal home fiber
  • Modem: Prepaid and postpaid
  • 4G LTE: 4G LTE Modem and AG LTE family
  • Other Services: Dial Up Internet and Wimax Internet
  • promotions

How to acquire an ENTEL line

You must first be over 18 years old, before purchasing a line ENTEL. Ok, if you are, you should do the following:

How to accredit?

one- You must identify yourself and prove your age

2- Credit your rent

3- If you are a foreigner and need a checking account, permanent contract or international credit card from a bank with a national presence.

4- Original company ticket, in cases of portability.


Necessary documents:

  1. ID photocopy
  2. Any ticket that has your home address

How to know my ENTEL number

to know your number ENTEL you must look for your phone and place the call icon

In which are you going to score? *#62# you press the option «call»

Next you will get the numbers, the first are codes and the last 8 digits are your number.

That easy and simple you will know your number ENTEL

What are the benefits of being an ENTEL customer?

  • They have low rates
  • Prepaid mobile phone services in innovative combos
  • You have local and mobile calls throughout the country
  • Offers 120 text messages and 1200 megabytes for mobile internet


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