How to know my NIT: Find out everything you need to know

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Here is everything you should know about your NEITHERyou, Requirements? What is it? How many types are there? Among other questions you should be asking yourself.

What is the Tax Identification Number or NIT

The TIN It is a number that Bolivians are assigned to each of the taxpayers, this means that it is for people who pay taxes.

What is the function of the NIT

The tax code establishes the TIN in which all the action is established, this has as the function of the purchase and sale in which it is carried out before the tax entities, as well as the purchase invoices.

This is also applied to the other documents issued by the specific law of each of the taxes that are established.

What are the types of NIT

Now we will show you how the types of TIN

sole proprietorship

This company has the name of the owner as the name of the company.

To create the company must be governed by found companyyou must also fill out a form called MASIonce you meet these requirements you should go to National Tax.

In the form that we mentioned before, general data must be placed, such as address, telephone numbers, identity, activity, among other things. To have access to the aforementioned form, you must be registered in the padrón.

Then the data must be filled out, the code printed and taken to taxes.

limited liability company

For this type of company between 2 and 25 partners are needed, each one of them has the duty to contribute a capital. They must also have a deed of incorporation signed by a notary.

In this role they must have things such as the contribution of each of the partners, what objective the company has, among other things.

The business meeting is the highest authority. They should go to Found me dam and bring a copy which must be fully legalized and fill out the form MASI.

Usually the partners before this great opportunity create a new entity, a legal person.

Anonymous society

This is a company of capitals, not of people.

This can be made up of 3 people to more partners who are shareholders. These actions are the contribution to the capital and can be public or private, this depends on the partners. The requirements of these are similar to those of limited liability and their maximum deliberation is mediated by the General Meeting of Partners.

What are the necessary requirements to obtain the NIT

Mainly the requirements that natural or legal persons need to get the TIN is to develop an economic activity that generates taxes created by law.

The necessary documents that the applicants need will be shown below.

These documents in bolivian vary, if you are a natural person or a legal person:

For Natural Persons

  • Identity card of the owner, original and copy.
  • Bill of collection of electricity consumption that accredits the address where the activity is being carried out.

For Legal Entities

  • Testimony of the Deed of the constitution of the Company, original and copy.
  • The bill of collection of the electrical energy consumed, which accredits the address where the activity is being carried out.
  • Power of attorney that accredits the legal representative, original and copy.
  • Electricity bill of the address of the legal representative.
  • Identity card of the legal representative, original and copy.

How to get the NIT

Next we will show you step by step how to obtain your TIN

one-First of all you must enter the website

2- Go to the column that says «services» click the option «Virtual office»

3-Now select the “Department of Bolivia” where I know you want the business to work

4-once in option «Registration to the biometric register»when a new window opens you must write the «Username» and click «Check Availability».

Once the username is accepted, a box will appear that says email, you must fill it out.

5-now well put your «password» Remember to comply with the obligation is the page requires. Once the system accepts said password let’s continue.

6-go where it says “type text” copy the letters and number it shows, and save to save data.

7-In a few seconds another screen will appear with a green box which will indicate the completion of the registration and once you accept you will return to the home screen.

Now you must do the following:

  1. Where says user type within log in you will choose the option «registration of register»
  2. In Usernamewrite the one you put in the previous process.
  3. in option passwordwrite the one you already had.
  4. box where says type the textcopy them as well as the number above it.
  5. The form will now appear on the screen. digital biometric pattern which you must complete according to the instructions. now click finish step
  6. will come out a tramit numberwhich must be written down or you can print it

With this tramit numbertogether with the valid identity card, electricity bill of the address and the place where the business will operate, you must go to the district offices from the city to have your fingerprints and a photo taken.

Once the previous steps are completed, your NIT will be delivered.

You must bear in mind that the total responsibility of the company falls into the hands of the owner.

How to know my NIT

To know your NIT you just have to enter In this quick and easy way you can find out your NIT in case you forgot to write it down.

Who must have NIT

Legal and natural persons are the ones that must take out a TINwhile they are trying to start an activity that generates economic taxes by law.

As we mentioned above, legal and natural persons who are going to carry out this activity must have a capital of 12,000 bolivianos in general, once they have said capital they can start processing their NIT.

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