How to know my vehicle tax: Everything you haven’t been told

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Something that citizens cannot forget is that they always have to be up to date with their taxes, but of all those that a person has to pay on this occasion, they will talk about How to know the tax of my vehicle?

How to check my debt?

Before paying a debt, you always have to see how much you have to pay, to know what part of our income is, you have to set aside for this type of tax duties. For this reason it is necessary to indicate the steps How to know the tax of my vehicle? Something essential to know to be able to pay the tax duty.

Best of all, it will indicate the ways in which a driver can consult the debt, in case at the moment of making the consultation this fails, they have the option of resorting to other means to find out the debt and pay it in the corresponding time. .

Steps to follow

This part of the reading will explain what a driver has to do to see his debt, although there are several ways to know how much he owes, for the moment it will only indicate what he has to do to see his debt online. These are the steps to follow:

  • Then you have to move the cursor until some icons appear, of which you only have to select the one that says query vehicle debt.

  • The system, after having selected the icon, will ask criteria where the PTA Plate must be placed, the plate data, data verification and finally press the search button.

  • Next, the data of the vehicle that is being consulted will be displayed and, above all, all the debts that the vehicle may have.

  • On that same screen is the option to see the debt in detail, which may be so.

You only have to have a computer with Internet access to be able to follow these steps to the letter, in such a way that you already know how much you have to pay, but above all even when you have time.

Other ways to consult the debt

Now plan B, in case consulting online is not an option, there is another alternative, which does not have to be used by the Internet but a telephone. To consult by phone you have to use it like this:

  • Select the option of text message on your cell phone.

  • Write a message with license plate number yes space.

  • then send the message to number 4444, the cost of the message 30 cents. and it can be done from anywhere in the country.

  • It waits a few seconds until a message arrives showing the management number, the value of the debt and any observations.

There is also the option of making the consultation by smartphone, you only have to do this:

  • Enter the page of RUAT.
  • Once you have entered the page, you have to select the option that says consult debt.
  • place the plate number, select PTA plate, validate the characters and finally press the button that says search.
  • Wait a few seconds and you will get the data that the system has on that license plate, on the debts that this vehicle has.

How to make the payment?

You already know the answer How to know the tax of my vehicle? This article cannot be complete if it does not explain what has to be done to pay the debt, but this is not a problem, the forms of payment that have this type of tax will also be mentioned.

The first thing is that drivers have to have an account in these banks:

  1. BISA S.A.
  2. Bolivian National.
  4. Economic SA
  5. Mercantil Santa Cruz S.A.
  6. BCP credit.
  7. Cooperative Jesus Nazareno.
  8. Union S.A.
  9. Prodem SA

Via Online

To make the payment via Online you have to do it through the online banking of the banks that were mentioned above, therefore you must be registered in this service offered by the bank:

  1. Enter the main page of the bank to which you are affiliated.
  2. Select the option where you can enter the on line bankthat is always on the home page of the bank’s portal.
  3. After selecting the option, you must put the password and the user in the corresponding box.
  4. When you are already in online banking, you have to select the tax payment option.
  5. In this option choose the amount to be paid, the account from which the payment will be debited and select whether the payment is made immediately, the latter in the case of some banks.
  6. After having placed all the payment data you have to check if the information is correct. If it is correct press the button to continue with the payment.
  7. Finally the bank will confirm payment with a reference numberin addition to generating the form that must be saved in the files.


If you cannot make the payment online, you can make the payment through an ATM which can be anywhere, but you must have a credit or debit card to make the payment.

  • Once you are in front of the cashier and insert the card into the machine and enter your password.
  • Then you have to select other options and where is the tax option.
  • Then you have to select vehicle taxthen the debt to be paid and the other data requested are chosen.
  • After completing the process, the cashier will print a receipt for having made the payment, so you have a backup of having made the payment.

What is the RUAT?

When describing the steps to consult the vehicle debt, it was said that you have to enter the portal of the Unique Registry for the Tax Administrationthat if you read carefully you can determine what is the meaning of the acronyms RUAT

You already know what you can understand what it means RUAT but it must be clarified that this registry is a decentralized public institution, which is non-profit and is managed by legal persons.

This institution has been working since 1996, which is connected with other institutions, which are vehicle registries, real estate bases, economic activities, rates and other income.

This record It is the institution that is in charge of collecting taxes in BoliviaTherefore, all the institutions and companies that generate income from which taxes have to be paid, something that has to be paid for carrying out economic activities in Bolivian territory.

What is the payment of motor vehicle taxes?

The payment of tax to motor vehicles is the obligation of all owners of a car, which it is known as a gravel that has the vehicle registered.

This tax has to be paid in the established timesomething that can be known because thanks to the answer to the question How to know the tax of my vehicle? In this informative read that is of great use to anyone who owns a car.

Instance in charge

So far, it has been indicated how to know how much and how the Vehicle taxincluding which is the entity that is in charge of administering this tax, but it only remains to mention that it is the document that supports the processing of this tax.

Well, what validates this tax is the document generated by the system when the corresponding query is made and of course the payment receipt, so the driver has what to validate the payment of his tax duty.

It should also be mentioned that the Unique Registry for the Tax Administration is linked with the Ministries of Economy and Financeto which it is logical since this money should go to the nation’s fund and thus works can be done for the country.

Well with this article I am more than answered the question of How to know the tax of my vehicle? So there is no excuse to comply with the tax duty. We hope this information is helpful.

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