How to know the RUDE of a student: Know what they have not told you

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Students not only have to dedicate themselves to studying, they also have to do other procedures to be registered with the corresponding entities. For this reason it will be indicated How to know the RUDE of a student?

What is RUDE?

Before indicating what has to be done with the RUDE It is necessary to indicate what acronyms subtraction mean and of course what is known as RUDE.

The Single Student Registry is known as an instrument to plan, make decisions and monitor economic activitiesIn other words, it is an educational supervisor to verify how it evolves, in addition to implementing ideas and plans that help improve education in the country.

Why is RUDE necessary?

After defining this registry, it is not necessary to show why this type of student entity is necessary, thus the objective of this institution will be better understood. If to give more preamble this is the why exists the Unique Student Registry:

  1. Register the difficulties that a student may have especially those who are in primary and secondary.
  2. Create a list of students that exist at the District, Departmental and National levels.
  3. Help those students who do not have identification documentsas is the birth certificate and identity card in collaboration with the corresponding entities.
  4. Try that the information that appears Kardex It is the same that exists in the educational units.
  5. inform the Ministry of Education and Cultures on the statistical data that must exist on the socio-economic status of students.

For these reasons it is important that this type of record exists for student entities.

What is the electronic notebook?

The electronic notepad There is a certain relationship between the tickets that a student obtains at the end of a course, but this only does not have to be delivered directly to the student’s representative or guardian, it is recorded in an electronic system where the parent or representative can do so at any timeonce you already have the key belonging to the student.

As up to now, people have seen that carrying out procedures online is faster and more effective, so something as simple as obtaining the notes of your children or the minor that is under your responsibility can be something that you can acquire. online.

Surely more than once you have had to ask permission to look for your son’s notes, although this is something that only takes an afternoon or a morning, but what happens if for some reason or reason you lose these notes, surely he no longer has a chance to get for your work, well thank God this system exists.

In short, the electronic notebook, They are the digital grades of a student which can verify whether or not the student passed their school year.

How to consult the notes?

The consultation on this type of notes is something that has to be done onlinewhich indicates that it is essential to have available a computer capable of connecting to the web, although this is not usually an attack for those who do not have this tool at hand.

It should be clarified that the consultation on these notes does not require much time, so a visit to an Internet center will be more than enough to see a student’s notes.

You cannot miss the requirements that are needed to carry out the consultation, which are not many:

  • Student username and password.
  • The RUDE or student ID, in addition to the date of birth in the case of not having the data mentioned above.
  • As mentioned above a device where you can access the Internet.

Steps to follow

At the moment it has been mentioned that you need to consult the notebook something that is for the answer to How to know the RUDE of a student? Since the notepad is part of the database that has the Unique Student Registry. Now the important steps that people have to follow to consult the notes:

  • Enter the page SIEplace the username and password to access the notes database.

  • In case you do not have the username or password, you have to press the option that says consult notebook.

  • Then you have to place the RUDE or the ID number that the student has, after the date of student’s birth.

  • If the data is correct, press the button that says Accept.

  • When the query data is placed and the confirmation button is pressed, the grade book is generated, which is what the student generated in the last student bimester.

When you enter with the password and the user you can access more notes apart from bimonthly.

Download RUDE

By now you know what it is RUDE and how to verify the electronic notes, but to reach everything that has just been mentioned, it must be supported by information, but this time only the download of the form will be explained. RUDE which is where the socio-economic situation of the student.

The form must include the student’s personal data such as his name, age, identification number, if he has a disability, his address.

In addition, it must also be indicated on the form if the student works, the basic services to which he has access, how often he accesses the Internet and how he does it, at the same time the student’s health must be stated.

The data of the parents, representatives or guardian of the student cannot be missing.

To obtain this form you have to press here.


At this moment you know everything important about RUDEbut a video will be shown to explain in better detail everything that has to do with the student registration process.

With this information you are already aware of everything that has to do with How to know the RUDE of a student? And the document that must be used so that this student record has everything necessary about the student’s situation.

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