Procedures and Requirements to obtain a driver’s license in Bolivia

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A license is a permit that authorizes you to carry out an activity, when we refer to a driver’s license it is referring to the permit or authorization given by a legal document that allows you to drive some type of public vehicle. For every driver, whether of a motorcycle or vehicle, it is necessary that they have their authorized license to be able to drive in any country where they reside, that is why today we will bring all the requirements, steps and documentation that you must collect in order to acquire your license. driving in Bolivia.

As every country consists of a series of norms and has its established laws that govern the parameters by which all kinds of affairs must be carried out, in this beautiful and wonderful country you must also comply with the assignments established by the National Government through the transit entities for the smooth driving of your vehicle.

Requirements for driver’s license in Bolivia

There are a series of requirements that you must collect and meet to carry out this procedure and manage your license.

The following are the necessary requirements to obtain your license in Bolivia:

  1. Once you have presented your driving test, you must present your certificate of passing the driving skills test.
  2. Present valid identity card (Original and Copy).
  3. Background certificate.
  4. Medical certificate confirming that you are in stable health conditions to drive a vehicle.
  5. Proof of bank deposit to SEGIP-SEGELIC.

Driver’s license documents

The documents to be consigned to obtain your license are mandatory, for that you must have the following:

  • Basic education certificate proving that you completed your studies in the first and second stages of your studies.
  • Valid identity card.
  • Be of legal age.
  • Psychotechnical and vision medical examination.

Procedures to obtain a driver’s license in Bolivia

The procedures that everyone who needs to apply for a license to drive any motor vehicle must have:

Driver’s license tests

In order to obtain your license, it will be necessary for you to present different tests that will qualify and approve or disapprove you so that you can acquire and carry your license. It is important that you know them and prepare in advance for the different tests to which they will submit you as mandatory requirements.

The guide to the practical driving exams of the General Service for Personal Identification and Driving Licenses (Sergip) requires the tests that every citizen who wishes to obtain approval of his license must take is based on:

  • The exam must be done in a driving school or in the traffic offices, the cost of the exam is 100Bs and you will have 2 attempts. In the practical exam you must pass the sig-sag and then give the retro, a totally easy procedure.
  • You must park with a maximum of 3 mini-works.
  • There will be a tour of 20 to 15 minutes in this you must be careful that the instructor wears the seat belt and that everything is in place for proper operation.
  • They will ask you questions about mechanics, where is the brake fluid, the battery and each of the parts that make up the vehicle.
  • If you get to pass the exam, you must take the medical exams and take a history, take a vision, psychological exam and what type of blood is the person performing the exam.
  • Finally, you must go to (Segip) where to complete the procedure you must carry a few stamps depending on the category that requests your license. deliver all the requested documents, wait a short time and then you can enjoy having your driver’s license

Driver’s license cost

The costs for services will depend on your category, here is a sample of it:

Types of driver’s license

Private license: It is used for cars, wagons, private van with capacity for up to 7 people, including the driver.

Motorcycle License: It is enabled for motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles.

Professional A: It includes public transport vehicles, such as cars, wagons, trucks, jeeps and mini-buses with a capacity of up to 10 people including the driver.

Professional B: Includes category P and Professional A vehicles. Public transport vehicles, among them are mini-buses, buses and others, with a capacity of up to 25 people as passengers. In addition, this license also serves for school, tourist and emergency transport.

Professional C: These include category A and B vehicles and serve as public transportation such as buses, buses, and others with a capacity greater than 25 passengers in the province, departmental and national areas. Freight transport vehicles, such as medium trucks, high tonnage, trucks with and without coupling. Public transport and cargo vehicles that provide service internationally.

Biker T: This type of license can be used for heavy motorized machinery, such as forklifts, tractors, shovels, motor graders, backhoes, agricultural machinery, guides and other types of heavy machinery.

Driver’s license format

Currently Segip has presented the driver’s license format electronically, which has many phases and layers of security which also includes a chip and contains the personal information of the person.

The current format of the year 2018 has a verification code, personal data of the citizen and a photograph that identifies the person who has the license.

Can you drive in other countries with a Bolivian driver’s license?

This question is one of the concerns of many drivers who leave the country for a while and want to rent a car for the duration of their stay, we will answer it below.

To drive in countries abroad to the Republic of Bolivia, you must have and present the current national license, original and simple copy, as well as your original identity document and copy, two identical photographs, these must be recent, passport size and in color. The process is only carried out personally in the corresponding entity, the applicant must go to the corresponding offices to carry out the process, only the permission will be processed and the permission will be issued directly to the person responsible for the document.

Any country that is part of Mercosur, the driver will only need the current driving document, issued by his native country.

What body is in charge of processing licenses?

Like any country, it consists of organizations or institutions established to attend to different specific issues more effectively, since they specialize and carry out specific areas, in this case there is also the organization to process the driver’s license, which will guide and help you in the process of acquiring it.

The Segip Servicio General de Identificacion Personal is a decentralized institution with legal personality with jurisdiction and competence throughout the Plurinational state of Bolivia.

In addition, it is the body in charge of carrying out the absolute processing for driver’s licenses, The Traffic Agency La Paz and the General Service of Personal Identification (Segip) go hand in hand with the citizen identity and the approval of the document that authorizes every citizen to circulate in a vehicle according to the parameters established by law Nº145.

Attention schedule

You can go to different locations according to your area of ​​residence, which is easier for you to access and is closer to your home and the transfer is shorter and thus can be an easy and fast process. The following locations are available: you can see the addresses and opening hours below.

  1. San Ignacio De Velasco Located: Calle Bolívar between Calle La Paz and Calle Santa Cruz Business hours: 07:00 AM – 15:00 PM
  2. Camiri Located: Teniente Coronel Sanchez Street In front of the Jr hotel, offices of the kami captaincy. Hours of Operation: 07:00 AM – 15:00 PM

Vallegrande Located: In front of the main square Esq. 1ro de Mayo business hours: 07:00 am – 15:00 pm

Montero Located: Calle Avaroa N 200 business hours: 07:00 am – 15:00 pm

Puerto Suarez Located: Calle La Paz between streets Bolívar and Santiago De Chiquitos business hours: 07:00 AM – 03:00 PM P.m

Santa Cruz Located: Av. Santos doumont 3 blocks From the 2nd ring corner Av. Pilcomayo C. curiuqui business hours: 08:00 am – 16:00 pm.

We can assure you that you will have satisfactory care in each of these locations that will help you process your driver’s license.

The General Service of Personal Identification – SEGIP is created, as a decentralized public institution, with legal personality and its own assets, with administrative, financial, legal, technical and operational capacity, under the supervision of the Ministry of Government, with jurisdiction and competence throughout the territory. of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The General Service of Personal Identification – SEGIP, is the only public entity empowered to grant the Identity Card – CI, inside and outside the national territory, create, administer, control, maintain and safeguard the Unique Identification Registry – RUI, of the Natural persons for the purpose of their identification and exercise of their rights, within the framework of this Law and the Political Constitution of the State.

We hope that all this information will guide you and help you to process your driver’s license. To drive!!

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