Requirements to renew identity card in Bolivia

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Processing the renewal of the identity card is an essential requirement for everyone residing in a country, remember that the identity cardalso known in other countries as card or DNI is the personal identification instrument and is mandatory since it is established by the law of any Nation.

With the importance of this, it is important that in each country citizens have an identification card, either identity card, passport, or permanent permit that can identify the person, This requirement is unconditional in any country since through it it is possible to obtain a citizen order, in addition to having control over the number of people that inhabits a country.

In a few words The renewal of the Identity Card is the process by which a person obtains a new issue of their identity document, with the corresponding data update.

In order to carry out the renewal, you must have a series of requirements that the institutions in charge of carrying out this process demand.

Requirements to renew identity card

There are different requirements that will be requested, to carry out the renewal process of your identity card, for this you must comply with each of the following precautions.

  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Original birth certificate (Must have the Plurinational State of Bolivia heading)
  • Pay the bank Bs 17 for the cost of the identity card
  • All these documents are delivered to the allocation table
  • A data check is performed
  • Finally, a photo is taken for the ID
  • Wait a few minutes for the delivery of your identity card
  • Documents to renew identity card

    The documents that you must deliver to the General Personal Identification Service (Segip) are those mentioned above as requirements to renew your card, although the original birth certificate is essential. This will facilitate the process together with the data in the database, so that the document is delivered almost immediately.

    It is important to present the necessary and corresponding documents to the institution authorized to process the renewal so that you can carry out a faster process.

    Steps to renew identity card

    All citizens interested in renewing their card must comply with the following steps:

    1. Locate any authorized office of (Segip) in the city where it is located
    2. You must take a corresponding turn to be attended
    3. Deliver documents and requirements to the authorized prosecutors in the institution
    4. Only the following offices are authorized in La Paz, Potosi, Oruro, Cachabamba, Chuquisaca, Santa Cruz, Terija, Pandi, Beni.
    5. Make renewal payment at authorized banks.

    Renew due to loss

    To renew due to loss, you must go to the corresponding offices to manage, All people who lose their identity card and want to process the duplicate must initially report the loss or theft of that document to the police.

    Those who have lost their identity card, the requirement that is asked for its renewal is to report it to the Police because that document can be misused, that is why there is a legal provision that says whoever loses or has their identity card stolen must do the respective complaint or you must make a publication, both are valid, without that the identity document cannot be renewed.

    If your identity card is lost or stolen, the first thing to do is Block the document. Below we give you everything you need to do these procedures quickly and easily.

    1. The temporary lock can be done through Internet or by phone (600 370 2000, option 1) and will only be valid for two business days.
    2. After the deadline, the temporary block can be renewed only once. Then, if its owner does not carry out the ratification in any office of the (Segip) the document is automatically unlocked, remaining fully usable and, therefore, without legal protection.
    3. The final block of an identity card must be made at any of the offices of the Civil Registry. This procedure is free and the only one valid before the law.
    4. It is not possible to reverse this block, so once it is done, a new identity card must be requested in our Service. The definitive blocking can only be done by the owner in person.

    Data update

    Article 13 in its established regulations of the Unic Personal Identification Registry for updating or correcting data on the identification card expresses the following:

    Article 13. (Origin for corrections of identity data).- The SEGIP officials in charge of the sanitation and modification procedures may rectify, change or complement the data stored in the RUI System, in the following cases:
    a) The data may be corrected due to an obvious error in the transcription of the data in the RUI System in unconsolidated and consolidated records.
    b) Any request for modification or substantial change in the identity data of the applicant in the registration of his Identity Card in the RUI System will proceed when the documentary evidence that supports the modification process carried out before the SERECI or the presentation of procedure carried out in court.
    c) In consolidated registries, requests for modification of data will be proceeding administratively only once, leaving the modified, firm and definitive data, so that the same data cannot be modified later, and the interested party can go to the judicial route for its resolution.
    d) No type of modification may be made at the administrative headquarters, on data that was modified by the previous administration of personal identification in compliance with the Judicial Resolution.

    Where to go to renew identity card in Bolivia?

    To renew your identity document, you must go to the authorized entities of the General Personal Identification Service (Segip) located in a large part of the national territory, offering the best citizen service for all issuers.

    In the city where you are, you can renew your citizen identification card.

    Office hours

    The General Identification Service gives priority to users when processing their identity document, the corresponding service hours are as follows from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on Sundays a special schedule from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    How often must the identity card be renewed?

    The duration of the document that identifies citizens residing in the Bolivian country will have a maximum term of 10 years, once the established period of time has elapsed, which will appear in the issuance of your card for the first time, you must necessarily carry out the renewal of the same, from that moment a new period of validity begins to run and the new expiration date is established in which you must go to carry out the renewal again and so it will be as time passes.

    Identity renewal cost

    The General Personal Identification Service (Segip) anticipates that the new identity card can be implemented in the country by the beginning of 2019. The Bolivian population currently pays 17 bolivianos to renew and process the card. Since for the new year with this new card that has been established, the increase in this document will also have a cost that is accessible to all citizens.

    How to pay for renewal?

    For the renewal you must pay an amount established by law to obtain your new identification card, they are affordable costs that you can pay within your pocket to carry out this extremely important process as a citizen belonging to a nation.

    Lic. Marco Antonio Cuba and Executive General Director of SEGIP made an official statement that as of this date and at the national level, citizens who wish to carry out their Identity Cards and Driving Licenses procedures can make payments for these services at through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and ATMs to through Banco PRODEM and by Uninet and Unimóvil through Banco Unión for those who have their accounts in said financial entities. The main benefit of making your payments by these means is that you can do it from the comfort of your homes and offices via the Internet, or anywhere using your mobile devices 24 hours a day, thus avoiding queues and lines at financial institutions, with the aim of providing comfort and security to each and every Bolivian.

    We recommend you to pay attention to the date of issue or expiration of your identity card, so that you will be preventing not having problems with any transaction, process, payment or activity that deserves to have your card in force, for which when it expires you will have problems in doing, avoid going through that, take the necessary forecasts, find out and do it in time. Having this document up to date is essential for your comfort and safety in the country.

    We hope that the information that we provide you in this article can be of orientation for you to renew your card quickly and easily.

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