These are the Requirements for breastfeeding allowance in Bolivia

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Breastfeeding is known as feeding a child with milk from the breast, this process is essential for the growth and development of children.

Steps and requirements for Breastfeeding Subsidy

The requirements that a mother must meet in order to receive the subsidy benefit during her lactation period are the following:

  1. Being in the gestation period between 5 and 9 months.
  2. You must register in the Juana Azurduy system and not be affiliated with any entity that generates social security. Registration in the aforementioned system can be done at any healthcare center.
  3. In the event that you have received the bonus, you will have to present the control that specifies the number of times you have received the benefit, the original and a copy of the registration form in the “Juana Azurduy Bonus” system.

In the event that you have not yet received the benefit, you will have to visit a doctor who performs the prenatal control, the same doctor will register you in the system and send you to one of the 42 points established by the regulatory public entity where you will be supplies will be delivered.

  1. The benefit can be withdrawn once a month, if you do not do so, you will have to wait for the following month to withdraw it, since the subsidy is not cumulative.
  2. In the subsidy distribution centers, there are also doctors who perform check-ups and the enrollment and withdrawal system of the “Juana Azurduy Bonus”.

NOTE: In the event that the beneficiary is a minor mother, she must go to the center where the subsidy is delivered with her representative or guardian.

Documents for Breastfeeding Allowance

  1. Original and copy of the valid identity card.
  2. Original and copy of the prenatal consultation card.
  3. Full registration form to the “Juana Azurduy Bonus” system.
  4. Form in which control is kept of the times that the subsidy is delivered.

What is maternity allowance?

The maternity subsidy corresponds to the subsidy in cash or in kind that is granted to a mother in the pre- and post-natal period. Said subsidy is mandatory for the mother, whether she is a worker employed by a registered company or by the state in the “Bono Juana Azurduy” system.

Who are entitled?

All mothers who are affiliated with the “Juana Azurduy Bonus” system are entitled to the subsidy benefit, after 5 months of gestation.

If the beneficiary is on the payroll of a company that is listed for social security, it would have to have been affiliated in the conception period, have three consecutive months of contribution or four non-consecutive months within the six continuous months prior to the one in which you begin to enjoy the benefit, for this the company for which you work will have to have declared and paid, or the contributions of the twelve months prior to the six before the start of the subsidy are in force.

It is of vital importance that the beneficiary has had a labor relationship in the month of conception. For farmworkers, they do not need to have been sharpened at the time of conception.

For how long is the subsidy granted?

In the case of Juana Azurduy Bonusis granted to the beneficiaries from the fifth month and until the birth of the child.

In the event that the benefit is being granted by a company to its employee, the benefit will be for ninety consecutive days distributed in the months before or after the birth (as the mother considers) with the condition that during that time the beneficiary does not make paid jobs.

In the event of a multiple birth, the maternity allowance will be extended for an additional thirty days to the ninety mentioned.

If the birth occurs between weeks 22 and 30 of gestation, if the child is born alive and is also surviving 72 hours after its birth, the beneficiary is entitled to receive maternity benefits for a period of 90 days.

If it were to happen that the delivery takes place after the 30th week of gestation, the medical leave will be 30 days, regardless of whether the conceived child is born alive or not.

Exceptions to be granted

The only exception to not being granted the aforementioned benefit is that the woman is not pregnant, otherwise if she meets the requirements and the rest of the specifications mentioned above, the benefit will be granted by the state or by the employer company for which works.

How much is the subsidy charged?

The payment of the subsidy corresponds to an average of the remunerations of the twelve months prior to the start of the leave, an amount that is multiplied by the number of days that correspond to the enjoyment of the benefit. If for any reason the final amount is less than twelve, the average will be based on the contribution of the affiliate in the regular exercise of activity.

NOTE: You cannot enjoy temporary disability and maternity allowance simultaneously.

How is the amount receivable calculated?

The amount that a beneficiary will receive corresponding to the maternity allowance will be calculated taking into account the monthly remuneration generated by her work, without including other remunerations or bonuses for reasons of national holidays, Christmas or other reasons that are not established by law or conventional objects of gratuities. legal.

Breastfeeding Subsidy Cost

The cost of the subsidy for breastfeeding in Peru is 2,000 Bolivianos, a benefit that is delivered in kind that add up to the amount of money mentioned, a benefit that the member receives once a month.

When does the lactation subsidy stop?

The lactation subsidy begins to be delivered to the affiliated and beneficiary mother from the birth of the child and up to the child’s twelve months of age. For each conceived child, a package referring to the aforementioned subsidy is delivered.

Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Law

The pre and post natal right of a mother is established in Bolivian law with certain benefits that must be granted to affiliated mothers. These benefits are generated from the idea of ​​protecting the life and integrity of the unborn child and ensuring the mother’s health.

Several of these benefits are as follows:

  1. Right to prenatal rest: it corresponds to six weeks before delivery, it is where it is advised that the woman stop carrying out work activities and remain calm while waiting for her conception. It is possible that once the prenatal break is taken, the child is born after the six-week period, in which case the break is extended until the delivery date.
  2. Supplementary prenatal rest: if it were the case that the woman acquires a disease due to pregnancy, she will be granted a permit as supplementary prenatal rest. The time will be established by the certificate issued by the treating physician and must be presented to the employer.
  3. Right to post-natal rest: the post-natal rest corresponds to twelve weeks after delivery, with the aim of allowing the woman to recover from childbirth and be able to meet the needs of her child in the first three months of his life.

The state also grants a permit of five continuous days to the father that can begin on the day of delivery or be distributed in the first month of the baby’s life, this condition also applies to the adoption of a child.

  1. Multiple births of premature children: in some of these cases the postnatal rest will have to be eighteen continuous weeks.
  2. Prolonged postpartum rest: this applies if a disease is generated as a result of childbirth that will have to be certified by a specialized doctor. Said illness could be an impediment to carry out the work activity that he had been carrying out. The rest time will be established by the attending physician.
  3. Death of the mother during childbirth: if the mother loses her life in the middle of childbirth or in the leave after it, the remaining time of the rest of said leave will be granted to the father for the care of the minor.
  4. Right to parental postnatal leave: the law establishes that once it is up to her to return to work activities, the mother may do them part-time for twelve weeks
  5. Irreversible minimum rights: Bolivian law specifies and protects breaks or permits, so they cannot be modified or restricted by the employer.
  6. Maternal jurisdiction: this is known as labor immobility for women during pregnancy and up to a year after delivery. Therefore, in that period the employer will not be able to complete the employment contract unless it is before a judge who will determine if it is correct or not in accordance with the law.

Considerations for the mother

The considerations that the mother must take at the moment of conception are to protect her life and that of her child. Carry out the corresponding medical check-ups and at the established time, eat adequately, advised by a specialist, and abide by the law when requesting a permit or rest.

Breastfeeding allowance packages

Breastfeeding allowance packages cover the amount of an established minimum salary. The package includes eleven products that include: yogurt, natural juice, canned peas, milk chocolate bars, rice, honey, noodles, jam, jelly, heart of palm, and dehydrated soup.

The Bolivian state offers a series of subsidies to contribute and ensure the well-being of the mother and the child, this is due to mortality rates, with this it seeks to reduce said statistics and improve the quality of life of citizens.

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