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Procedures and Requirements for divorce in Chile

Unfortunately, in our society there is the word divorce. After two people decided to get married civilly and often even ecclesiastical, over time they realize that what they expected within their relationships, they did not find. In this way, within homes and families, the word is often named «DIVORCE» since, through the differences and the … Read More

What are the requirements to enter Chile from Venezuela?

All Venezuelan Anyone wishing to enter the Republic of Chile at this time must comply with all the conditions that this nation requires of the citizens of Venezuela. It is not easy at this time for any Venezuelan to have to emigrate to lands foreign to their own, due to the strong situation that Venezuelan … Read More

How to know if you have free: Steps and requirements

University It is usually a very important issue for the vast majority of young people. From the payment to the entrance tests are usually a big headache for many parents and young people. It is no secret to anyone that College tuition costs are expensive. In turn, many young people move to countries where education … Read More

How to know if I have a housing subsidy: Types and procedure

Buying a house is not exactly a very easy process to carry out. This involves a lot of paperwork and paperwork It usually takes up to weeks to deliver them. Another important aspect that influences the economic situation and the capital we possess to make the purchase. As we well know within a country there … Read More

Requirements to donate blood in Chile

There is a constant need that as human beings we join the beautiful work of giving life to our fellow men through our donations. Since millions of people in the world need it and can only find it counting on each of our contributions, blood is important and vital for the human being. With it … Read More

How to know if I am in Fonasa: Registration requirements

A large part of the countries of the world see the strengthening of the health sector It is essential for the development of the nation.. Therefore, currently to receive medical attention in most countries it is necessary that you belong to a medical insurance. Sometimes Many people do not have the resources to purchase health … Read More

How to know my RUT: Documentation and requirements

You ask yourself How to know my RUT? Well, here you will be able to know everything about the documentation and the requirements you need in order to process this document satisfactorily. If you want to know more about how to know your RUT, you just have to keep reading! What is the RUT The … Read More

How to know my Entel number: Everything they haven’t told you

Entel was initially born providing long-distance telephone service. However, it extends its telephone service nationwide. Are you looking for how to know your Entel number? Keep reading! What is Entel in Chile? ENTEL, means National Telecommunications Company; in Chile It is the largest company that provides telephone service and information technology. It groups the largest … Read More