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You are already at a working age, you have been at your job for years, and, without much trigger, you start thinking about what you want to do once you retire, perhaps in 2, 5 or 10 more years.

How many Chileans have found themselves in this situation?

Well, don’t suffer anymore, because the Superintendency of Pensions has included a system that, affiliated with private institutions, will allow you to add funds to an account so that when the time comes, you can spend your years of unemployment in peace.

All this, moreover, is verifiable through an easy and simple tool to obtain: a AFP certificate.

This will help you go through all the necessary processes once your working life has expired, and you can go on to enjoy your savings for years and years.

Here we will show you how you can get your AFP certificatean instrument of the Administrators of pension funds to make your life more comfortable.

What is AFP?

The Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) They are private institutions that have the task of controlling and distributing the funds in the personal savings accounts of Chilean pensioners.

They function as public limited companies with the sole objective of managing and granting benefits. for old age, disability and survival to the members of their delegations.

This entire process is carried out through an individual capitalization system, where each Chilean owns a savings account with part of their income to use when they retire.

The responsibility of the deposit to the accounts falls on the user, who must pay during his working life, and the profits correspond to the variations in the market where the institutions use these funds as actions.

The system also allows affiliates to switch from the public system, and does not place restrictions regarding the retirement ages of Chili.

There are four options from which the worker can choose for his pension plan:

  • Scheduled withdrawal: is based on maintaining forecast savings in the AFP through monthly drafts charged to your AFP account. The pension is calculated and is updated as factors such as life expectancy and the accumulated account balance change during the member’s life. If the holder dies, these funds become part of the inheritance that he will leave; meanwhile, he or she retains ownership and title to the capital.
  • Immediate life annuity: the member can buy an annuity from any insurance company. Said company makes a commitment of a fixed amount that will be paid in UF, during the life of the owner and his predecessors, if the first one dies.
  • Temporary rent with deferred life annuity: In this case, the affiliate buys a life annuity planned for a date in the future, while in his account he has a balance that allows payments to another type of temporary income.
  • Immediate life annuity with programmed withdrawal: For this option, the worker can choose both a life annuity and a pension where he can decide when to retire.

What services do you offer?

They offer various types of services in most institutions AFP, They are classified as mandatory and voluntary.

Those of the accounts with mandatory services take the 10% of the income on your taxable income, if you are a dependent worker, or the income you declare, if you are a worker with initiation of activities.

Voluntary account services, on the other hand, depend on the type of account: whether it is from Voluntary Pension Savings (APV)see to save your pension in the long term, or if it is of Voluntary Savings or type 2, where you choose to use the funds for projects independent of the pension.

In both cases, these services constitute more than convenient investment tools due to their profitability and low costs.

Why do I need the membership certificate?

The AF membership certificateP or AFP certificate is a document that allows account holders to check the status of their affiliation and demonstrate that they have said affiliation to a Pension Fund Administrator (AFP)where you will make your social security contributions to be allocated to your pension when the time comes to retire

The AFP certificatewhen issued by the Superintendency of Pensionscontains the following information:

  • The full name and Unique National Role (RUN) of the owner
  • The Pension Fund Administrator (AFP) to which the affiliation is made.
  • The date from when you are a member of that AFP.

if you need a AFP affiliation certificate or a certificate of contributions issued by its own administrator, you can go directly to the offices of your AFP or do the online process directly on its website.

Administrators of pension funds

Currently in Chile there are several Administrators of pension funds (AFP) with which you can affiliate, which are:

  • The Pension Funds Administrator Capital.
  • The Pension Funds Administrator Cuprum.
  • The Pension Funds Administrator Habitat.
  • The Pension Funds Administrator Model.
  • The Pension Funds Administrator PlanVital.
  • The Pension Funds Administrator ProLife.

How to get the certificate?

Whenever a third party or yourself provide your full name and your RUNyou have the chance to get your AFP certificate online, by going to an office of your affiliated AFP or by the postal service


The few documents and information with which you must present yourself to request your AFP certificate They are the ones that we show you below:

  • your number RUN.
  • Your full names and surnames.
  • A letter addressed to Superintendency of Pensions, in the case that you make the request by mail. This must include your full name, signature, address and a photocopy (both sides) of your identity card or document.


The Administrators of pension funds and the State have established several services through which you can get your AFP affiliation certificate. These services are given:


  1. Enter the website of the Superintendence of Pensions.
  2. select your AFP.
  3. deliver your RUN.
  4. Go through the bot test («I am not a robot»)all so that you can search for your affiliation data.
  5. Application completed! At the moment you will meet your certificate of affiliation to an AFP.

In office

  1. Go to an office Superintendence of Pensions (SP) or of chile attends.
  2. Request a manager AFP certificate.
  3. Give your personal information and the name of the assisting agency to an office of ChileAtend.
  4. Ready! You AFP certificate It is ready so you can use it when and for what you need.

By mail

  1. Obtain the information and write the Letter that we indicated above. You should save these requirements in an envelope and add the necessary information so that they know the email address or address to which to send the response.
  2. Send said envelope to the Superintendence of Pensions (SP), located in Libertador Avenue Bernardo O’Higgins 1449, tower 2, local 8, Santiago.
  3. You finished! you will have the AFP certificate within a maximum period of 20 business days after your request is made, so be patient.


Being affiliated or affiliated with a AFP and therefore form part of Private Pension Systemwe have the possibility of building a reserve fund for the moment in which we end our working life.

It allows us, then, have capital when we retire, or if we need a disability or death pension for our relatives.

Some other benefits that we can list for you may be:

  • You have disability, survival and burial expenses insurance, which can cover the expenses that are necessary in the event of disability, disability or death of the account holder.
  • All the contributions you make while you are affiliated with the system go directly into your Individual account d
  • e Capitalizationand they are increasing due to different factors.
  • The contributions you make are completely voluntary, with no periodic fees that you must pay to maintain the service.
  • You have access to care Essalud automatically, even after you’ve retired.
  • You can choose among the different modalities the one that best suits your requirements, which qualify as programmed withdrawal, family life annuity, temporary income with deferred life annuity, among others.
  • There is no problem with retirement ages; you can retire even before you turn 65 years as long as you meet the requirements of the Law No. 29426.
  • You can use your access to information about the details of the contributions and the profitability of your account every four months, being sent to your address or to your email.
  • A mortuary fee is added once the membership holder dies, being the equivalent of 15 UFwhich is paid to whoever proves they have paid all the funeral costs.
  • Although the amounts vary with respect to the AFP to which you are affiliated or affiliated, if you saved enough and meet the capital established by the institution, you can withdraw a percentage called freely available surplus. For more information, you can consult the agency that corresponds to you.

Legal base

All processes related to your AFP certificateand consequently, your affiliation to a Pension Fund Administratorare regulated and must follow the regulations established in the Regulation of Decree Law No. 3,500a statement on the subject issued in 1980.

It established, at the time, what today constitutes the mandatory individual capitalization pension system that governs all the movements that these administrators carry out with Chilean funds.

There are not a few who have in their mind the concern, or at least the thought, of how they are going to support themselves once the time comes to retire. Some intend to hang on to their older children, others are likely to continue working for years, even past their retirement time.

We believe that the best option is savings, and the Administrators of pension funds They offer the possibility of, in addition to saving our funds in an account, increasing those amounts depending on the income we have.

Do you have many plans even after you retire, such as traveling, buying goods or dedicating yourself to your personal projects without presenting financial problems? You can live in peace, since everything you need will be given to you by your AFPincluding you AFP certificateso that it can be corroborated in an easy and practical way.

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