Apply for Banco Estado Card: What is it, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits, Features and MORE

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Request the state bank card it is of interest to all Chilean citizens since it is a financial opportunity for each of them. Let’s say that the Banco Estado offers a quota in pesos that can be used inside or outside of Chilean territory.

Now if you want to know more about how you can apply for the Banco Estado Card, This article is for you!Then, in the following paragraphs we will explain in detail, what requirements do you need, what are the cards and much more.

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What is Banco Estado in Chile?

First of all, the State Bank of Chile, is the only commercial and state bank in the country. Its foundation dates back to 1953 and since then, it has been responsible for offering financial services to companies and individuals. Also, its main lines of business are based on savings, general companies and mortgage loans.

It is important to mention that the financial institution is also known by the name of “Banco Estado”. On the other hand, it is known as an autonomous company of the State, which has legal personality and its own assets. Likewise, it is under the supervision of the Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions, which in turn is related to the Government through the Ministry of Finance of Chile.

It is important to mention that, in 2006, Banco Estado created a debit card associated with the Unique National Role, which was called “Rut Account”. This influenced the massification of this means of payment. And so on, Banco Estado has succeeded in incorporating new cards and means that facilitate payment methods for Chilean citizens.

What are Banco Estado Credit Cards?

While it is true, a credit card usually has a money limit that allows the cardholder to buy or consume some type of service. However, the financial institution that issues the card charges the merchant a certain percentage for said service. In some cases, a fixed annual fee is fixed to the cardholder.

In this sense, Banco Estado Credit Cards are defined as a document that can be used by a holder. This card accredits the user to make purchases without having to pay in cash and also carry the payment of the products to future periods.

Each of the cards meets certain characteristics and benefits that the cardholder can enjoy once they have their credit card. Based on this, Banco Estado cards can be Visa or Mastercard.

Types of Credit Cards

While it is true, there are different types of credit cards. Of course, Banco Estado offers a great variety of them. For example, it offers visa cards and master cards. Indeed, each of them has a characteristic function that defines them. Therefore, below we will present the types of credit card offered by Banco Estado.

Likewise, Banco Estado cards are divided into:

Visa cards
  1. SMART Visa.
  2. SMART + Visa.
  3. Golden.
  4. Platinum Visa.
  5. International Visa.
  6. Universal.
MasterCard cards
  1. Standard.
  2. Mastercard Gold.
  3. Mastercard Black.

As you can see, Banco Estado offers a variety of credit cards. Of course, each one provides beneficial benefits to the holder, however, these benefits will depend on the type of card they have. If you have no idea what we are talking about, we will explain later.

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Requirements to Apply for Banco Estado Card

As mentioned above, Banco Estado offers great variety as for credit cards. Clearly, its features, functions and benefits depend of the type of card that is, in the same way happens with the requirements to request the cards.

The necessary requirements are quite general. While, the documentation to consign if you can to depend depending on the type of card that the user wishes to obtain. Below we will mention the general requirements necessary to obtain any of the Banco Estado credit cards.

General Requirements

  1. Chilean nationality. If you are a foreigner, you must have a permanent residence for at least one year.
  2. Be a natural person without a commercial activity.
  3. Be over 18 years old.
  4. Proof of address.
  5. At least one year of employment for dependent workers. While, the minimum work seniority for independent workers must be a minimum of twelve months from the beginning of the work activity, with at least one income tax return.
  6. Liquid income from $ 400,000.
  7. Comply with the bank’s commercial and credit policies.

However, we recommend that you enter the Web page of the State Bank of Chile. There you can see the types of credit card offered by the financial institution. In addition, when you click on each of them, the web platform will send you to a page where you will find an options bar.

Once you locate this bar, be sure to select the tab that says «Requirements» and «Documentation». Through these sections, you can confirm what are the requirements and documentation necessary to obtain the type of card you want and have selected.

How to Apply for a Banco Estado Card?

On the other hand, the process of applying for Banco Estado cards is extremely simple. You just have to collect the requirements and the necessary documentation. In addition to having an electronic device that has internet access. The steps to follow are quite simple, you don’t have to complicate yourself, You will see!

  1. Enter the next link.
  2. Next, a tab will open where the Visa and Mastercard credit cards offered by the Banco del Estado de Chile will appear.
  3. Select the credit card you want to obtain.
  4. Next, the complete information of the credit card you selected will appear.
  5. Once there, locate the option on the screen called «Request» and click on it.
  6. Next, an additional tab will appear in which a form can be found.
  7. Enter the data that the system requests.
  8. Make sure the information you provided is correct.
  9. Once you have completed the form, select «Submit Request».

It is important to mention that, this process is general. That is, any card you select will present a form that must be completed with your data. So, This is the easiest part!, be sure to follow the steps and read the form before completing it and submitting the application.

Benefits and Characteristics of Banco Estado Cards

Although it is true, each card fulfills a certain function that characterizes them. And, in case you didn’t know, each of them offers Benefits of which the holder can enjoy once he joins Banco Estado and requests any of the cards.

It is important to mention that the benefits and features will depend on the type of card it is. If you have no idea what they are, Do not worry!, We will explain it below.

Features and Benefits of the Standard Mastercard Credit Card

The Standard Mastercard Credit Card offers payment flexibility and includes services that allow you to optimize your purchases in Chile and abroad. In turn, you can buy in various stores, pay bills or services, make purchases online and much more. Likewise, you can keep a detailed control of your operations, this is reflected in the monthly Account Statement.

Among its benefits we find the following:

  • You can request additional cards at no cost and define a quota differentiated for each card you request.
  • You access BancoEstado’s Todo Suma points program. Each time you use your card you will accumulate 0.67 points for every $ 100 spent on both national and international purchases.
  • MasterCard offers 24 hour assistance service. for cases of: Theft or loss, card replacement, emergency cash advance, location of ATMs, among others.

Benefits of the International Chilean Visa Credit Card

The International Chilean Visa Credit Card, you can use it within Chile or abroad in a comfortable and safe way. In fact, it is the only card that has a quota in pesos to make national or international purchases. This can be in person or online. In turn, you can request cash advances in Chile and abroad.

Among some of its most outstanding benefits we find:

  • You can select a fixed monthly fee, depending on your payment capabilities.
  • Flexible payment to negotiate your fixed monthly fee, a maximum of four times a year.
  • It offers free Relief Insurance, This covers the total debt in the event of the death of the cardholder.
  • Access to make money advances at any ATM, ServiEsdtado or CajaVecina. These advances are with or without fees.
  • Pay bills for basic services, for example, electricity, water, gas and commercial houses through automatic payment with your international Chilean visa credit card.
  • Access to discounts and interest-free fees in participating businesses.

SMART Credit Card Benefits

Through the SMART credit card you can obtain points through TodoSuma and, in addition, you will have access to permanent benefits when shopping in Chile and abroad.

  • You get tickets at preferential prices. You can even pay in six or twelve installments without interest.
  • Greater accumulation of points for purchases in JetSMART. It also offers improved conditions for the exchange of points for tickets.
  • Save from 40% buying your seats in Zona BancoEstado.
  • Promotions implemented by the Bank together with various businesses.
  • Additional cards at no cost.
  • Relief insurance at no cost, which in the event of death pays the debt up to a maximum insured amount. of UF 1,500.
  • Visa assistance services for the traveler.

Thanks for reading! We hope to have provided information of interest about how apply for Banco Estado Card in Chile.

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