Apply for Cencosud Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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Request Cencosud Card, It is usually one of the best options for Chilean citizens, since it works like an ordinary non-bank card. In addition, the client can access exclusive benefits in various chains.

For this reason, in this article we dedicate ourselves to explaining in depth: what is Cencosud, what is the Cencosud Card, requirements to apply for the card, how to carry out said request, we mention some benefits, and we conclude by clarifying what can be done with the card.

What is Cencosud?

Well, before delving into the explanation of the requirements, types and services offered by the Cencosud card, we must first develop the meaning of Cencosud. Which, in a nutshell, is a type of open limited company founded in 1960.

Cencosud SA is a Chilean multinational business consortium. It operates in certain countries of South America, mainly in the retail sector, and is controlled by the businessman Horst Paulmann.

Likewise, this Chilean business consortium is one of the most popular, large and prestigious ratial conglomerates in Latin America. And, among the South American countries where they operate are: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

On the other hand, it is convenient to highlight an important aspect. And it is that, the purpose of Cencosud is become the largest retailer in Latin America, providing and offering the highest quality of its services to all customers.


In 1978, Cencosud inaugurated the first hypermarket in the country, called Jumbo. And, in the years that followed, he made the decision to expand his line of supermarkets and shopping centers. From then on, Cencosud begins its expansion in 3 (three) Latin American countries:

  • Colombia.
  • Peru.
  • Brazil.

In this way, Cencosud becomes one of the largest retail chains in all of Latin America. Cencosud stores have more than 3.1 million square meters of surface, and the income of said chain:

  • 41% comes from Chile.
  • 29% comes from Argentina.
  • Followed by 21% that comes from Brazil.
  • 8% from Peru.
  • And finally, 1% comes from Colombia.

Likewise, in 2006, the construction of Costanera Center, a 5 (five) level shopping center, two office buildings, two hotels and more than 4,300 parking spaces began. Costanera Center, opened in June 2012, being the largest real estate project.

Cencosud is a company with various businesses and with a large supply of square meters, due to the fact that they additionally develop other lines of business which complement the central operation.

Business’ units

Well, Cencosud has several business units which provide them with comfort and benefits. Among these business units are: Costanera Center, department stores, supermarkets, home improvement and construction, financial retail and shopping center.

  • In Chile, the supermarket chains belonging to Cencosud are Jumbo and Santa Isabel.
  • They are those that cover the national territory.
  • In Brazil, the following stand out: Gbarbosa, Bretas, Perini and finally Prezunic.
  • In Argentina, there are Jumbo and Vea and Disco.
  • Finally, in Peru there is Wong and Metro.
Department stores
  • Well, at the time Cencosud acquires Empresas Almacenes Paria SA, the businesses it also occupies are: retail sale of clothing, electrical appliances, electronics and technology products.
Shopping Center
  • Likewise, in Chile you can find:
  1. Rancagua Portal.
  2. Portal Temuco
  3. Florida Center.
  4. Viña Portal.
  5. Portal Valparaíso.
  6. Alto Las Condes.
  7. Portal La Reina.
  8. Portal La Dehesa.
  9. P. Rancagua.
  10. Portal Nuñoa.
  • In addition to including Costaner Center, in Argentina they have 17 (seventeen) shopping centers including: Format Factory, Strip Malls and Shopping Center.
  • Finally, in Peru they have 3.
Financial services
  • They are offered with the launch of the respective credit card known as Jumbo Más.
  • And, the More Paris and More Easy cards are included.
Home Improvement and Construction
  • At Chile Easy, it specializes in products and materials for the construction, decoration and remodeling of homes and gardens.
  • This brand also operates in Colombia and Argentina.
Costanera Center
  • Costanera Center, is the largest real estate project in Latin America.
  • It houses more than 280 shops, Jumbo, Easy supermarkets, Paris, Ripley and Falabella stores.

What is the Cencosud Card?

Once the explanation of Cencosud is finished, we continue this article offering a brief definition about the Cencosud Card. Which is nothing more than a non-bank card that allows the user to have access to exclusive benefits in the chains:

  • Disk.
  • Easy.
  • See.
  • Jumbo.
  • Blaisten.
  • Wide range of attached businesses.

Likewise, it is important to mention a certain aspect in particular about this type of card. And it is that, as we have mentioned previously, it offers a series of facilities to its clients. For this reason, we invite you to pay attention to the following list:

  • First, earn Jumbo Plus points.
  • Also, you will receive a summary to your email address.
  • The customer can recharge his cell phone.
  • Up to 3 additional free of charge.
  • You can receive exclusive promotions by joining the Cencosud Directo Card and much more.
  • Finally, the client can adhere to the Automatic Payment service.

Requirements to Apply for Cencosud Card

Generally, to obtain any type of document, entities or organizations require or require certain documentation, in addition to the fulfillment of some steps. Applying for a Cencosud Card is no exception, but don’t worry because we will list the requirements demanded below.

Well, to obtain the Cencosud MasterCard or Cencosud Visa Card, the user must know that they will have various benefits, and at the same time, they can make purchases at the Cencosud stores: Paris, Jumbo, Easy, Santa Isabel and Johnson.

In addition to the above, you should also keep in mind that having these cards will allow you to carry out Cash Advances in Cencosud Stores boxes, or through the Cash Advance option found on the official web platform.

Opening Requirements
  • First, the applicant must be over 21 years of age.
  • Likewise, it is your responsibility to present your respective valid National Identity Card.
  • However, foreigners must present a permanent stay.
  • An address verification is included through a service ticket in your name. It is important that it is current.
  • Finally, you must credit a minimum monthly income of $ 360,000 liquid.

On the other hand, we must clarify how to accumulate Cencosud points. And, one of the most common ways is to accumulate 50% more points than with other means of payment when making purchases, either at: Easy, Johnson, Santa Isabel or Jumbo.

  • Johnson – Earn 1.5 points for every $ 125.
  • Paris: accumulate 1.5 points for every $ 125.
  • Easy: accumulate 1.5 points for every $ 125.
  • Jumbo: accumulate 1.5 points for every $ 125.
  • Santa Isabel: accumulate 1.5 points for every $ 125.
  • Rest of Chile and the world: accumulate 1 Point for every $ 500.
  • Other Cencosud stores: accumulate 1.5 points for every $ 125.

Now, if you want to know how many points you have in Cencosud, you must follow a few steps. First, you must access the official web platform of Puntos Cencosud and then you must select the section: How many points do I have. Finally, you must enter your RUT and code.

How to Apply for the Card?

Now, to give continuity to this article, it is up to us to explain in detail how to carry out or how to apply for Cencosud Card correctly. Likewise, it is convenient to clarify that, requesting it is quite quick and easy.

Well, as we have mentioned previously, Cencosud is one of the main retail stores in Latin America. The same, in alliance with Scotiabank, offers its customers the Cencosud Card, a non-bank card that offers various benefits.

However, it is important to emphasize that this particular type of card can be requested in two different ways. The first is personally attending any of the Financial Spaces in Cencosud Stores, and the second option is through the Internet.

Apply for Cencosud Card online
  • First, the interested party must access the official web portal of Cencosud.
  • Then, you have to click on the option: Request your Card.
  • Finally, you must follow the instructions that appear on the screen and voila, you will soon have the Cencosud Card.

Benefits of Applying for Cencosud Card

In another vein, for our team it has been important to include the different and numerous benefits offered by the Request Cencosud Card. However, it is also necessary to mention that it also has some disadvantages.

  • First, you can make advances and super cash advances at Cencosud store checkouts or through the official web portal.
  • Also, you can make payments over the Internet.
  • Likewise, the user can make online purchases on the Cencosud stores’ websites.
  • It includes being able to buy in Cencosud stores both in Chile and abroad. In addition to associated businesses.
  • You can accumulate 50% more Cencosud Points for purchases made in stores: Jumbo, Easy, Santa Isabel, Johnson and Paris.
  • In turn, the customer can: purchase insurance, obtain additional cards and receive their account statements by email.
  • Finally, you can pay your statement online and get benefits and discounts on a large number of products and services.

What can be done with the Cencosud Card?

Now, to end this article, it is up to us to clarify what can be done with the Cencosud Card. It should be noted that having it provides a series of benefits and facilities to users, so we recommend ending with reading.

  • In the first instance, the user can make advances and super advances of cash in Cencosud Stores boxes.
  • You can also make payments over the Internet.
  • Also, you have the possibility of buying in Cencosud stores both in Chile and abroad.
  • And, it includes being able to make online purchases on the web portals of Cencosud stores.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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