Apply for Fashion Park Card: What is it, Benefits, Requirements, How to Apply, Security Aspects and MORE

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Apply for Fashion Park Card It will turn out to be a fairly simple and fast procedure if you have all the requested requirements. In addition, having this credit card will be a great advantage since it offers different benefits, promotions, discounts and much more.

That is why in this article we will explain everything related to the Fashion Park Card, what is it, what are your requirements, like apply for Fashion Park Card, what are its benefits and much more Keep reading this article, here you will find all the necessary information!

What is Fashion Park in Chile?

Fashion Park is known as a chain of stores with national coverage, which specializes in wardrobe for the whole family and has more than 35 years of experience. In the market, the company has managed to understand all the needs of its customers and offer them attractive product proposals that combine a wide variety of models and prices.

This chain basically started as the business of a family of Chinese immigrants, who arrived in Chile in the eighties, in search of better opportunities. Currently, the members of this family are the ones who make up the Group’s Board of Directors.

The first store opened in 1994 and since then approximately 65 stores have been opened, distributed from Africa to Chile. In which they have more than 1707 collaborators who help the store to be more recognized for the quality of its garments and the low prices.

Currently, the company has promoted a great strategy of high growth and enhancement of all its business segments and product lines, thus being able to establish complete coverage in terms of current market standards.

His mission is to offer a highly valued experience to his clients and his vision is to make people happy, and fashion is the best way to do it. Its specific objective is growth, profitability, and sustainability. Therefore, they also want to double the value of the company in a sustainable and profitable way in 4 years.

The values ​​establish a way to guide the behavior of its collaborators, which will be based on:

  • Integrity: being transparent and acting fairly.
  • Respect: respecting the people around and the workers of the company.
  • Teamwork: they support others and collaborate with each other, creating better results.
  • Perseverance: each of the employees is focused on meeting all the company’s objectives.

What is the Fashion Park Card?

Fashion Park has managed to become and has managed to consolidate itself as one of the strongest ecosystems in Chile. Well, apart from being a fashion store, it also offers its customers the opportunity to have a Fashion Park card.

The Fashion Park Card It is one of the most used cards in the entire Chilean territory and with it exclusive purchases are achieved. Also, it will offer you a diversification of payment, the acquisition of items quickly and much more.

With this card you can become a regular customer and thanks to this, you can enjoy hundreds of benefits, promotions, discounts and more. Therefore, it will be a great advantage to be able to perform the process to apply for Fashion Park Card.

Like all credit cards, this must be paid from time to time, since if not, we can generate debts or worse, fall into default. This, in the long run, could affect us since you will not be able to make purchases if the due payment of the corresponding card fee is not made.

The Account Statement will be a way of knowing the different movements with your card in detail. It will not only reflect the purchases and the money spent, but you will also be able to know a little more about administrative matters and the use of promotions or discounts in the different operations with the card.

In case you have a doubt with what your Account Statement reflects, it is best to contact the call center so that the operator in charge of attending you can review and explain what is reflected on the screen. In this way, you will be able to clarify your doubts.

Requirements to Make the Request

To apply for Fashion Park Card It should be taken into account that a number of requirements must be met in order to start the process. These requirements are very easy to achieve and meet. We will let you know what these requirements are below.

  • Valid Identity Card (If you are a foreigner, you must have a definitive stay).
  • Have no business record.
  • Applicants must meet minimum target levels established in the risk models.
  • Cellular landline phone.
  • Work landline phone.
  • Be over 25 years old and under 75 years old.
  • For dependents:
    • An annual income tax declaration will be requested.
    • Last three VAT payments.
    • Tax status to 3rd.
  • In the application, the personal and employment history must be filled out.

As you could see, all the requested requirements are very easy to achieve. It should be noted that the documents that must be presented must be current and in good condition, since otherwise, the personnel in charge of generating the process to obtain the card will not be able to accept it.

To avoid this type of inconvenience and that you waste your time, it is recommended that you verify that all the requirements are in force. Once you do, you can calmly go to start your process since you will not have any problems.

If you have any questions about the requested requirements, you can contact an operator so that they can clarify your doubts. You can also go to the store and the authorized personnel will help you and clarify any questions you may have. Have patience!

How to apply for the Fashion Park Card?

Sure at this point you must be thinking that apply for Fashion Park Card It must be very complicated but… It is not! As long as you have the requested requirements, the procedure will be easier than you think. A great advantage is that if you are a recurring customer of the store, the process will be much faster.

It is important to clarify that it is very possible that during your visits to the store you will receive an email with a request to be able to obtain the Fashion Park card. Otherwise, it will only be enough to have a good credit history, as well as carry your identity card.

Currently, it is possible to apply for Fashion Park Card by phone, as well as you will be able to know if your Fashion Park credit has been approved, by calling the customer service number or by going to any store near your home.

  • To apply for Fashion Park Card You must call the following number 800123490.

If you want apply for Fashion Park Card in a nearby store you should follow these steps:

  • Check that all documentation is current and in good condition.
  • Go to the store closest to your home.
  • Tell the staff that you want to carry out the procedure for apply for Fashion Park Card.
  • The staff will take your details and ask for all the requirements. (We recommend that you keep them in a folder).
  • Once the staff verify that everything is in order, they will begin the process of creating the card.
  • Finally, you will be awarded your Fashion Park card.

Once you have your Fashion Park Card You must proceed with activating it by dialing 800 123 490 and requesting to speak to an operator. Then, the operator will proceed to ask you for a series of data, and then activate your Fashion Park card.

Benefits offered by the Card

All credit cards offer us certain benefits, which is why the Fashion Park chain could not be left behind and created a card called Fashion Park card. This credit card will be in charge of providing you with hundreds of benefits, discounts, promotions, advantages, among others.

This will happen as long as you keep up with the payment of your fees and avoid spending so much time without paying the card and avoid being in default. Next, we will tell you what are the benefits offered by the Fashion Park card.

  • Discounts of 10 to 20% on each purchase.
  • Cash advance.
  • Promotions every month.
  • Unemployment and employee insurance.
  • Access an additional card.
  • Cancel the purchase of the card for 8 monthly installments.
  • Immediate mobile phone recharge.

Safety Aspects to Consider

It is very important to be clear about certain aspects before apply for Fashion Park Card. Faced with any possible scam or deception using electronic means, the following information should be taken into account. Pay close attention and share this information if possible!

  • The company does not use door-to-door collectors.
  • Laos payments of the Fashion Park Card They must be carried out through the following means:
    • Simple web.
    • Neighboring Bank of BancoEstado.
    • Unired web.
    • Unimarc Supermarkets Totem by Unired.
    • Ok Market Totem by Unired.
    • Wholesaler 10 Unired Totem.
    • Khipu.
    • Fashions Park stores.
  • Your password to the Web page It is personal and non-transferable, do not communicate it to third parties.
  • If you believe that you have been the victim of a deception or attempted deception, you should call 800 123 490.

What are you waiting for to apply for Fashion Park Card?

The process is very simple and easy to do!

We wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for reading us.

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