Apply for Hites Card: What it is, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits, Where to Use and MORE

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Apply for Hites Card It will be a fairly simple and fast process since the system is made so as not to make the application process so complicated. This card will offer you a large number of benefits including exclusive offers at partner stores and installment payments.

Likewise, in this article we will take care of providing you with all the necessary information about the Hites Card, what it is, in which businesses it is affiliated, what are the requirements, what are its benefits and much more. Share this information if you think it’s necessary!

What is Hites in Chile?

Hites is a Chilean income company that for more than fifty (50) years has been in charge of satisfying the basic needs of the family. They have a successful multi-store model and it is until now, one of the most recognized brands in Chile.

This company is responsible for meeting consumer and financial needs. Hites, develops its different activities serving a group of clients, for this it uses as its main fund placement channel the retail sale of various accessories, clothing and household items.

This is achieved through its 15 multi-stores, mainly concentrated in the Metropolitan Region of Chile. Hites is one of the four most relevant income actors in Chile, so much so that his advertising face is a famous television host named Rafael Araneda.

Therefore, we can say that the Hites specialties are income and retail, financial products, department stores and multi-stores. Its mission is based on being specialists in delivering comprehensive solutions to the consumer and financial needs of massive segments of the population.

Empresas Hites’s main objective is to meet the needs of its clients, based on value-added proposals in services and products, focusing exclusively on the C3-D segment of the population. This will allow to know more clearly, through the analysis of their behavior, what customers are looking for.

What is Hite Cards?

The Hite Card is one of the first credit cards that Chilean foreigners can access. This card is normally offered to most of the people who make a purchase in a store just by dictating their Unique Tax Registry (RUT).

It is important to note that at the moment this card is not backed by VISA or Mastercard. That is, it cannot be used anywhere, but its use must be limited only to Hites stores and businesses associated with it (we will let you know what these stores are later).

It should be noted that this card has a credit limit and this will only depend on the number and amount of your AFP contributions. Of course, if you have a temporary visa, the limit of said card will be lower than that of a person who has permanent residence or Chilean nationality.

That is, the limit of this credit card will depend solely and exclusively on your nationality, permanence or temporary visa. In the same way, it is important to note that whatever the case, you will be able to get the most out of this card and it will be able to adapt to the Chilean financial system.

Likewise, it is important to note that since it is a credit card, an interest rate and commissions that are generated must be paid. The most advisable thing is that you make the payments on the days that correspond to you and or get into debt with her. In this type of card, it is best to use it to take advantage of the discounts that you can only access with this card.

Requirements to Make the Request

Surely you must be wondering if at the time of request Hites Card requirements are needed and the answer is yes! You must have a series of requirements to be able to carry out the process. We’ll let you know what they are below. Take note!

  • Chilean nationality or foreigner residing in the country.
  • If you do not have any of the above, you can request it with the temporary visa.
  • Have a minimum age of 21 years and a maximum of 77 years.
  • Valid identity card and without blocks.
  • Not present current delinquencies or have any current debt in the Hites Card.
  • Not have an income not lower:
    • At the current minimum wage for dependent workers
    • A $ 200,000 for independent accredited through Annual Income Tax Return
    • A $ 100,000 for retirees (accreditation of pension settlement)
  • Credit card, together with commercial house account statement or bank credit card, with quota of not less than $ 100,000, must be up to date and without refinancing products.
  • Verifiable addresses (home and work).
  • Present at least two verifiable telephones.

It should be noted that all the requested documents must be current and in perfect condition. Otherwise, the procedure cannot be carried out since the personnel who are authorized at that time will not be able to receive the requirements.

If you have any questions regarding any of the requested requirements, do not hesitate to contact Hites customer service by dialing the following number (2) 2726 5000 so that the operator can assist you and clarify all your doubts.

Likewise, you can go to the headquarters located at nversiones y Tarjetas SA, Moneda 970 Piso 5, Santiago, Chile. There will be the staff to be able to carry out all your doubts or inconveniences.

How to Apply for the Hites Card?

The steps to be able request Hites Card they will be quite simple to comply with. The important thing is that at the time of carrying out the application, you have a good Internet connection since you will have to fill out a form with information that only you should know.

Next, we will let you know which are the boxes that you must complete in order to carry out the form Pay a lot of attention!

  • Full name.
  • Single Tax Registry.
  • Telephone number (this should contain approximately nine (9) numbers).
  • You must select the corresponding date of birth.
  • Email.
  • Promoter code (this box is optional).
  • Local (this box is optional).

All the boxes in which the sign of

  • They will indicate that the requested information must be mandatory. Next, we will explain what are the steps you must follow in order to fill out the form. You must enter the web browser of your choice and then enter the Web page
  • of Hites Cards.
  • Once you enter the page, a series of options will appear at the top right, among them, “request card”.
  • After you click on the option, the form that must be completed with the information indicated above will be reflected on the screen.

Finally, when you finish completing the form, you must click on the «Send Request» option.

After you submit the form, you will receive an email with some information. After this, you must go to a nearby office with all the requested requirements and carry out the process. Thus, you can get your Hites Card, quickly and easily. It is very important that you verify that all the information provided is correct. This, to avoid future inconveniences when completing the process forrequest Hites Card , so we recommend that before submitting the information,


Where to use the card?

There are many businesses that are affiliated with the Hites Card, from supermarkets to service stations. Thanks to this, you will be able to count on a series of benefits (which we will tell you later about) and also, you will be able to take advantage of certain discounts.

  • Next, we will let you know where you can use your Hites Card Read carefully!

    • Supermarkets
    • Romanini.
    • Unimarc.
    • Santa Isabel Cencosud.
    • Montserrat.
    • 10 wholesaler.
    • Alvi Wholesale Club.
    • Cugat.
    • The Clover.

  • Eltit.

    • Personal care.
    • Maicao.

  • Preunic.

    • Service stations.


  • Health.

    • Avansalud Clinical Health Network.
    • Vespucio Clinic.
    • Dávila Clinic.
    • University of Chile Clinical Hospital.
    • Professor Hospital Clinic.
    • Bicentennial Clinical Health Network.
    • IntegraMédica.
    • Integral Life.
    • Megahealth.
    • Sonorad.
    • UC Christus Health Network.
    • One Dental Health.
    • Bupa Santiago Clinic.

  • Hardware and construction.

    • ChileMat.
    • Construmart.
    • MTS.
    • Master Point.
    • Prat Centro Ferretero.
    • Weitzler.
    • Higuerillas hardware store.

  • Restaurants.

    • McDonald’s.
    • Telepizza.
    • Burger King.
    • KFC.
    • Pizza Pizza.
    • Pizza Hut.
    • Doggis.
    • Tarragona.
    • China Wok.

  • Travels.

    • Services Pullman Bus Costa Central SA

  • Footwear and. shoes.

    • Hush Puppies.
    • Coat.
    • Glove 1928.
    • Cat.
    • House.
    • RKF.
    • Shoe Express.
    • Belsport.
    • Skechers.
    • Patuelli.
    • Funsport.
    • Sparta.

We must remember that these businesses are distributed throughout the country. That is, you can go to any of these stores to be able to make your purchases and enjoy the benefits, discounts and services that each one offers.

Benefits offered by the Hites Card

Thanks to the different businesses affiliated with Tarjeta Hites, there is a wide variety of benefits, discounts and advantages. That is why it will always be a good option to have this card. Next, we will let you know what are the benefits that this card offers.

  • Exclusive offers (exclusive pricing opportunities in stores)
  • Cash advance.
  • You can get immediate money from $ 5,000 to $ 600,000.
  • Advance by minimum amount. You have the option of paying part of the fee and refinancing the balance.
  • Differentiated payment (buy today and start paying after 3 months).
  • 3 installments of cash price. You will make your purchases in Hites stores in 3 installments without interest and without commission with the first one standing.
  • Extracuation. Additional quota that is applied automatically when buying from 3 installments in Hites stores.
  • Additional cards.

What are you waiting to apply for a Hites Card?

You already have all the necessary information to carry out this procedure!

We wish you the best of luck in the process.

Thanks for reading us.

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