Apply for Injuv Card: What it is, How to Apply, Benefits, Discounts Obtained with the Card and MORE

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Apply for the Injuv Card it is of great interest to young Chileans. Surely you wonder … Why? Therefore, this card works as an accreditation document through which young people can acquire specialized benefits according to their age and needs.

If you want to know more about this useful tool for young citizens, We invite you to read this article!, below we will mention how you can apply for Injuv Card and what benefits and discounts you can get from it.

You can not lose this!

What is Injuv in Chile?

Before mentioning what the Injuv card is and how we can request it, it is important to define what Injuv is in Chile. Well, it is the National Youth Institute, which is known as a public and decentralized body that has legal personality and its own assets. This is related to the President of the Republic of Chile through the Ministry of Social Development.

Likewise, said Institute is known by its abbreviation «Injuv». Its foundation dates from February 16, 1991 and was founded under the decree of Law 19042. Since then, this body has been responsible for providing tools and instruments for the management, evaluation and creation of public policies aimed at Chilean youth.

Based on this, a series of studies is carried out that reflect the situation of a certain group of young people in different areas of society. Of course, the investigations carried out are in charge of achieving an optimal relationship between young people and the State.

In this sense, the National Youth Institute is responsible for disseminating public and private initiatives that guide young people. This is done through seminars, workshops and projects that motivate adolescents to learn. Likewise, it promotes their participation in spaces for citizen intervention such as educational projects, job training, among others.

What is the Injuv Card?

Now the Injuv Youth Card is an extremely useful instrument through which the National Youth Institute, grants a series of benefits and specialized agreements for young Chileans.

In fact, you will be able to access excellent options in the market that can satisfy your needs, in addition to having preferential access to products and services associated with discounts in different sectors of interest, for example: culture, health, education, sport, among others.

It is important to mention that this card is given free of charge to young people among the fifteen and 29 year old. Also, the card expires when young people turn 30 years of age.

On the other hand, the National Youth Institute has generated important agreements in order to obtain regional benefits, which allow young people to enjoy the regions of Atacama, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Paranicota and Arica, among others. In effect, this public body seeks to concatenate efforts so that the country’s youth are strengthened in knowledge that allows them to develop skills.

How to apply for an Injuv Card?

While it is true, the application process for the card in question is not complicated at all. In fact, it is something you can do in five minutes. Below, we will briefly explain how you can start your application process. As long as you follow the steps we mentioned, you won’t have to worry.

  1. For apply for the Injuv card, first of all, you must access the Web page of the National Institute of Youth.
  2. Enter your RUT number and email address.
  3. In case you are already registered as a user, you will be redirected to the card request form. If not, you will have to complete the registration form.

You see?, it is not complicated at all. However, the request method can be of the form digital or physicalThis is clearly up to the young applicant’s choice. In the same way, we will explain how you can apply for the Injuv card in the two corresponding modalities.

  • Physical Injuv Card: You just have to complete a form and submit it to any regional office of the National Youth Institute. Of course, in the form you must reflect your personal data, for example, contact telephone number, marital status, occupation, nationality, areas of interest, among others.
  • Injuv Digital Card: You will only have to download the Injuv Youth Card application on the electronic device of your choice, be it cell phone or tablet. Once the application is downloaded, register and enter your personal data, so that you will automatically generate the injuv card in a digital version.

Regarding the process, you must complete the required data in the form and then select «Send». You will then receive a receipt of the application with the office of the National Institute of Youth in which you will have to collect the document. Once the application has been processed, you can withdraw the card with the receipt, your identity card and the date of birth.

How to Use the Card?

Using the youth card is quite simple. When acquiring a promotion or accessing any type of discount in the sectors that are of your interest, you will only have to show your injuv card, either in physical or digital format, along with your valid identity card. That easy!

Discounts that can be obtained with the card

As mentioned above, we know that discounts can be obtained in different sectors with the help of the injuv card. Also, to access them you must show the youth card along with the identity card. So you can find promotions and discounts in sectors that are of interest to you.

In this sense, below we will mention in which sectors you can obtain discounts and promotions.
  • Food and clothing.
  • Sports, entertainment and culture.
  • Health and education.
  • Tourism and transportation.

Card Benefits

The INJUV Youth Card is a tool with outstanding characteristics: it is free, universal and with wide national coverage. In addition, it has government support and offers benefits in different areas of interest to young beneficiaries.

Indeed, the injuv card allows you to enjoy without measures the excellent conditions offered by the National Institute of Youth. In short, it is about that said institution uses all the resources at its disposal to benefit young people and that they can function in an atmosphere of peace and joy.

As we well know, the injuv card has a variety of benefits nationwide. Among them we find the following:

  • 15% discount on Pullman Bus.
  • 20% discount on ISIC (International Student Identity Card)
  • 20% discount at Cpech, the Chilean high school.
  • Los Leones Professional Institute (20% discount)
  • Savittar Yoga (15% discount)
  • Bernardo O’Higgins Postgraduate University (15% and 20% discount)
  • Uno Dental (55% discount)
  • China Wok (Promotions)
  • 18% discount on USACH Training (University of Santiago de Chile).
  • International Student Identity Card (20% discount)
  • Cpech High School (20% discount)
  • Usach Training (18% discount)
  • Conaf (50% discount)
  • Confucius Institute UST (50% discount)
  • Bandera Dental Clinic (60% discount)
  • 50% discount at CONAF, Protected Wild Areas.
  • 55% discount at Uno Salud Dental
  • Various promotions in China Wok
  • Light promotion in Dominoes, soda fountain.
  • 5% discount on EF (Education First).
  • Virgin mobile
  • Pacific Dental Clinic (10% discount)
  • Defense Group (35% discount)
  • Domino (Light Promotion)
  • Education First (5% discount)
Also, to access the benefits through your smartphone, you must Do the next:
  1. Download the Injuv Chile app on Android or iOS.
  2. You can generate the card from the application.
  3. Then present the card to participating businesses to validate the discount.

Frequently asked questions about the INJUV Youth Card

Can a family member withdraw my INJUV youth card?

In case you have requested your card but cannot go to withdraw it, a third party can make the withdrawal only if they have your identity card and a simple power of attorney that accredits it to withdraw the card. Said power of attorney must be handwritten or printed and, in turn, must contain the name and RUN of the holder of the youth card and RUN of the third party who withdraws it.

If my Injuv Youth Card is lost or stolen, what can I do?

If this happens to you, you don’t have to worry. You can apply for the card again at any of the regional branches of the National Youth Institute. You can also request the card online through the Tarjeta Joven mobile application.

How can I download the Card on my cell phone?

To obtain the card in digital format, you must have an electronic device with internet access that can download the “INJUV Youth Card” application, which is available for iOS and Android. Once you have downloaded the application, enter your data, complete the registration And ready!

When does the INJUV Youth Card expire?

Remember that the youth card is available to Chilean citizens who are between 15 and 29 years old. Therefore, upon reaching 30 years of age, the card expires.

What do I need to do the procedure?

To obtain the injuv youth card in digital format, you only need to have a valid identity card or ClaveÚnica. However, in case you have problems with the data you indicated in your registration, you can write directly to the email address enabled for this type of inconvenience.

The mail is:

Thanks for reading! We hope to have provided useful information about how apply for the Injuv Card.

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