Apply for Polar Card: What is it, Types, Requirements, How to Apply, Benefits and MORE

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Request Polar Card It will turn out to be a fairly simple and quick process if you have all the requirements. In addition, once you have it in your hands, you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits, discounts, promotions, among others. So yes, it is a good option!

Therefore, in this article we will take care of providing you with all the necessary information regarding the Polar Card, what it is, what its benefits are, the step by step to request it, what are the requirements and much more. Share this information with your friends, colleagues and family!

What is Polar in Chile?

Empresas La Polar SA is known as a Chilean corporation, which is in charge of managing the chain of large La Polar stores. This has a presence in different cities throughout Chile. This company had stores in Colombia until 2014.

Year in which it had to be closed due to debts and various financial problems. At present, so far the company has a total of 10,436 employees throughout the Chilean territory. La Polar was founded in 1920 as a tailor shop in what is now known as Central Station.

This company had an expansion within Santiago and in other regions in the following decade. Thus being able to reach twelve (12) stores in 1998. Allowing hundreds of users to use their credit cards and enjoy their spaces.

The Polar company in Chile is a company that participates in the retail industry, this mainly covers the C3-D socioeconomic segments and is supported by the financial business through its closed cards La Polar and Blanc La Polar. They also have an open card called VISA La Polar.

The main activity of this company is to retail all household products, clothing, accessories for men, women and children, among others. La Polar is currently one of the four main players in the Retail sector in Chile.

Currently, it has 38 branches nationwide. One of the strategic objectives of the company is to develop and maintain a value proposition to its clients that generates bond and loyalty. This, based on the development of recognized brands offered in the multi-channel field.

This as long as they consider continuous improvement in processes and key systems, paying special attention to people management, supported by the development of a culture focused on the client and on the performance of excellence.

What is the Polar Card?

The Polar Card is a credit card offered by this business so that its customers can make use of it. So far, the La Polar chain of stores has two types of cards: The La Polar Card and the La Polar Visa Card. At the time of request Polar Card you will be able to decide which of the two you want to obtain.

The Polar Card will allow you to access to a number of benefits, promotions and services offered by their stores. In other words, you will get benefits on your first purchases, exclusive offers, cash advance and deferred payment. Likewise, you will also have the option of being able to request the Visa La Polar card, since it will be free of commissions.

In addition, with this card you can manage your purchases abroad, without additional consumption fees. It is important that at the time of request Polar Card you take the time to evaluate the number of installments that you are going to choose each time you make purchases in the national territory.

It is also important to clarify that you are going to have an Account Statement, which you must review monthly since it will reflect your purchases and your debts with respect to the Polar Card. Therefore, you should check it to avoid becoming delinquent on your product.

You can review the Account Statement from the comfort of your home, with a good Internet connection. You will only have to enter the La Polar page, enter all the information that it requests and thus you can verify your Account Status and you will be able to keep up to date.

Requirements to Make the Request

As expected, when requesting a product we must have a series of requirements, and the requirements to be able to request Polar Card They are very simple and very easy to obtain, since you already know most of the information that you must provide.

Likewise, it is very important to clarify that all the documentation that you present at the time of making the application must be in good condition and must be updated. In this way, we can prevent the personnel who are going to carry out the procedure from returning the documentation to us because it is in poor condition or in the worst case, expired.

Next, we will let you know what the requirements are for request Polar Card Attention!

  • Be Chilean or foreigner with permanent residence in Chile.
  • Be between 25 and 75 years of age.
  • Present your own phone number.
  • Present the valid Identity Card and that it is not blocked.
  • Creditable home address in Chile.
  • Creditable income over $ 350,000 liquid in the last 4 months, the last 3 months with the same employer.
  • The promotion and offer established by Inversiones LP SA to access the granting of credit that it requests, if applicable, according to Risk analysis, is in force.
  • Do not submit negative business reports.
  • Comply with the minimum level of approval foreseen in the Risk analysis.

All these requirements must be presented at the office on the day you decide to carry out the process for applying for the card. You must bear in mind that all documentation must be properly presentable, if possible, carry a folder for convenience.

Note: The granting of La Polar Card is subject to credit evaluation.

How to make the request?

After you take the time to verify if you meet all the basic requirements, you must enter the Polar Card website in order to apply. For this, you must complete a form with basic information that only you know.

The fields that you must complete at the time of the form will be the following:

  • Single Tax Registry.
  • Both names. In case you only have one, you must provide it anyway.
  • Maternal surname and paternal surname.
  • Detailed address of your home.
  • Region and commune.
  • Landline phone and cell phone.
  • Email.
  • Service branch where you can contact to complete the process.

Once you finish with the completion of the boxes, you must click on the «Send» option. The staff in charge will take the time to evaluate your request and will send you an email with their response. If approved, instructions will be indicated in said email.

It should be noted that you must have a good Internet connection to be able to carry out the form, this is recommended so that at the time of starting the process there are no problems that hinder the process and the page does not take the data correctly.

Polar Card Benefits

As we have been saying, the fact of being able to count on the Polar Card will make us enjoy incredible benefits, discounts, promotions and much more. Next, we will let you know what are these benefits that the Polar Card offers us.

Polar Card.

  • First purchase benefits. On your first purchase with the card you can get:
    • 5% discount on electronics.
    • $ 10,000 discount for purchases over $ 30,000 in clothing and footwear (selected brands).
    • 10% discount on telephony.
  • Exclusive offers at La Polar Stores.
  • Shop with your footprint at La Polar Stores: safer, faster and easier.
  • Special promotions in other associated businesses.
  • You can request cash advances at Tiendas La Polar boxes.
  • Make purchases online in national stores.
  • Security: PinPass for face-to-face transactions, secret key for online purchases and card blocking in case of loss, theft, robbery or capture at ATMs.

Polar Visa card.

  • 0% Commission on all your purchases International.
  • First-time benefits:
    • 30% discount on clothing, footwear and sports. Only in own brands.
    • 20% discount. blank textile.
    • 10% discount. in telephony.
    • 10% discount. in electro, techno, bedroom and furniture.
    • 50% administration expense for the first 3 months.
    • All promotions apply to the offer price.
  • Discounts every day in shops outside of Tiendas La Polar.
  • Exclusive Offers at La Polar Stores.
  • Shop with your footprint at La Polar Stores: Safer, faster, easier.
  • Advance in cash at La Polar Stores boxes.
  • Internet purchases in national and international stores (Netflix, Uber, Spotify, among others).

These Polar Cards have security to avoid any type of fraud, scam, misuse of the card, among others. That is, they have a Pin Pass system that is a four-digit code. The Internet password, which is also a four-digit password that will allow you to make purchases online, pay your bills and access the website.

The Chip, which minimizes the possibility of face-to-face fraud and card misuse. Contactless technology and card blocking in case of theft, robbery, loss, capture at ATMs, among others.

Types of Cards

Currently, La Polar chain stores only offer two card modalities, the La Polar Card and the La Polar Visa Card. Both have totally different characteristics, offer different benefits, discounts, and promotions, among other things. You can make payments on your cards at:

  • La Polar stores.
  • Chileexpress.
  • Polar website.
  • Simple.
  • Servipag.
  • Large number of associated businesses.

What are you waiting for to request a Polar Card?

You already have all the information you need to carry out the process!

We wish you the best of luck.

Thanks for reading us.

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