Apply for Rut Account Card: What is it, Requirements, How and Where to Apply, Processing Costs and MORE

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Apply for the RUT Account Card, is of great interest to any Chilean citizen. This is because clearly, it is a view account that includes a debit card with which you can access various benefits, as well as being able to manage your money in a safe and modern way.

If you are Chilean and want to know how to obtain this card, This article is for you!, in the following paragraphs we will explain in detail how you can request RUT Account Card, what benefits you can get from it and much more.

You can not lose this!

What is the RUT in Chile?

To begin with, the Unique Roll Tributary is defined as a recognition number unique and unrepeatable that is acquired by any Chilean citizen who resides or not in Chile. Also, of all foreigners who remain or reside in Chile temporarily or permanently.

To be a bit more exact, the RUT It is a unique identification number that symbolizes the tax registration of all the people of the Republic of Chile. In this sense, non-nationalized permanent residents and people with temporary visas are also assigned a specific RUT number.

Now the Internal Revenue Service, also known by its acronym «IBS», is the body in charge of assigning it. Likewise, it must be requested by a legal person, when we refer to legal persons we are talking about companies, agencies or other organizations that use the RUT as a tax identification number.

In such a way that, the RUT in Chile for legal persons It serves to individualize the companies in the Republic, clearly, each one of the companies are taxpayers. Therefore, when a company or association is legally constituted, it is granted a RUT while it manages the Start of Activities process.

Said Unique Tax Role that is granted to society, will be one completely different to which the people who make it up possess. This is because before the law, they are different people and each one must comply with their own obligations and privileges.

On the other hand, the RUT in Chile for natural people matches the identity card number and the Unique National Role (RUN). Which is granted by the Civil Registry and Identification Service to those born in the country at the time of registering the birth or to foreigners who were granted a temporary or permanent visa.

Requirements to Apply for RUT Account Card

While it is true, certain necessary requirements are needed. For example:

  • Possess the tax code granted by the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Be a Chilean or foreign natural person with residence.
  • Be over 18 years old.

Likewise, there is documentation required to manage the RUT Account Card process. Among them we find the following:

  • Identity card of the legal representative authorized by a Notary Public.
  • Company constitution documents.
  • Identity card of the agent and power of attorney.

In the cases of legal persons, they must provide the necessary documents that justify who are representatives or agents before the offices of the Internal Revenue Service. Likewise, all documents submitted must be original.

In the case of public deeds, only copies authorized by the granting notary will be allowed. In this sense, in no case will authorized photocopies be accepted. On the other hand, you must remember that your background will be revised by the Internal Revenue Service.

Indeed, said body can request new documents through your email, if necessary.

How and Where to Apply for a RUT Account Card?

Although it is true, over time new modalities have been incorporated that allow optimizing the management of procedures. With this, we refer to the digital tools that were integrated into the systems of the authorized entities that issued them.

Based on this, the RUT Account Card You can request it in two ways, it can be through an online system. On the other hand, you can go personally to the office of the Internal Revenue Service. Of course, the application method is entirely up to the applicant.

If you don’t know how request the RUT Account Card, Do not worry!, below we will explain in a brief and simple way how you can do it.

Pay attention!

Online application
  1. Enter the website of the Internal Revenue Service.
  2. Locate the option «Online Services».
  3. Clicking will bring up a menu of options. Select «RUT and Start of Activities».
  4. Then select Registration and obtaining RUT number.
  5. Write your RUT and password. If you are not registered, create an account.
  6. Complete the information requested below.
  7. As a result of the process, you will have requested the registration and will obtain a Unique Tax Number.
Application in person
  1. First, meet the necessary requirements.
  2. Go to the Office of the Internal Revenue Service that corresponds to the domicile of the taxpayer or applicant.
  3. Request registration in the Registry of the Unique Tax Role (RUT).
  4. List the requirements.
  5. By doing the aforementioned, you will have requested registration and will obtain a RUT number. As an accessory, you can manage the process of starting activities if necessary.

In the same way, below we will leave a step-by-step guide written by the Internal Revenue Service. You just have to do click here.

Cost of the Procedure

Registration and obtaining of Unique Roll Tributary, Is completely free. This is because it is a procedure issued by a public entity belonging to the Republic of Chile.

Who should request the Ruth?

Now, the procedure is aimed at entities and companies with or without legal personality and foreign natural persons without residence in Chile. Likewise, legal persons incorporated in Chile or abroad and other entities without legal personality. (Societies de facto, communities, among others).

They must meet the following requirements:

  • In the case of taxpayers acting through representatives or agents, the latter must be domiciled in Chile.
  • In the case of foreign leaders, they must have a visa that allows them to carry out activities in Chile.

When you need to register and request the Unique Tax Role (RUT), as a company, communities, non-profit organizations, societies, among others.

For non-profit institutions, they only need to register and obtain the number of RUT:

  1. Corporations, foundations, associations, unions and other entities with legal personality.
  2. Communities and inheritance, whose quality is clearly identified in the document you present.
  3. State institutions, municipalities and others (if this type of entity carries out commercial activities, they must give notice of the start of activities and issue tax documents for their sales or services).

What do I need to complete the procedure?

If you choose to carry out the procedure online, you will not need a history, you only have to have the data that is required to manage the application. In the case of legal persons, they must present at the offices of the Internal Revenue Service the different documents that prove that they are representatives or agents.

Whereas, if you carry out the procedure in person at the SII offices, you must complete the Form 4415, completed according to the following instructions.

  1. If it is a community or other entity without legal personality, the procedure must be carried out by all its members, each of them signing on the obverse. and displaying their identity cards.
  2. Natural persons must carry out the procedure personally or through their representatives or agents. The mandate must be authorized before a notary.
  3. Legal persons must carry out the procedure through the representatives who have the administration and use of the company name. If there is more than one representative, it must be verified whether they must act together or can do so independently.
  4. The representative (s) of the legal persons may delegate the management of the procedure, granting a mandate to do so, which must be in writing and be at least authorized before a notary.
  5. If it is an Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL), the form must be submitted and signed by the owner of the company, his representative in the articles of incorporation or a representative, both duly authorized.

Finally, if you want to take a look at the corresponding worksheet, we invite you to enter the following link. There you will find the direct link to Form 4415 in PDF format.

Why is the RUT Number Important for the Chilean Banking System?

Surely you wonder … What is the relationship of the RUT with the banking system? Well, anyone who resides in Chile knows perfectly that an individual requires the identification number RUT for opening a bank account.

Of course, for companies and organizations to open a bank account, they will also need the unique identification number in question. In effect, these numbers are irreplaceable, that is, each person has their own Unique Roll Tributary assigned.

Therefore, it means that said individual has a tax registration within the country. In such a way that, when accessing the history, you will be able to see the tax record of a natural, individual, or legal person.

Thanks for reading! We hope to have provided useful information about how request the RUT Account Card.

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