Apply for Tricot Card: What is it, Requirements, Benefits, How to Apply and MORE

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Request Tricot Card, It is usually one of the best alternatives for Chilean citizens, since it offers a series of important benefits. However, it is essential that the interested parties comply with the procedure and documentation requested.

For this reason, in this article we dedicate ourselves to explaining in depth: what is Tricot, what is the Tricot Card, requirements to apply for the card, how to carry out said request, we mention some benefits, and we conclude by clarifying where the card can be used.

What is Tricot?

Well, before delving into the explanation of the requirements, types and services offered by the Tricot card, We must first develop the meaning of Tricot. Which, in a few words, is one of the most recognized chain stores that specialize in textile sales in Chile.

Tricot, is so well known in the national territory that, to facilitate the acquisition of each of its products, in addition to offering comforts to its users, it offers the Tricot Card.

Likewise, Tricot is a family fashion chain that is made up of 92 stores throughout Chile and is still growing. The collection of this company is aimed at women of any age and includes everything from underwear to accessories to accompany the garments.

On the other hand, this particular chain promotes an inclusive culture among its employees, in order that there are job opportunities for everyone. In addition, at Tricot they are convinced that they must be a stupor to society.

In the same way, they are aware that the management of the company goes far beyond the service provided in the stores. Therefore, a Labor Inclusion Project, for those people who have a disability.

In this way, and through the Labor Inclusion Project implemented, the company allows to give real work options, thus improving the validity of personal, family life and work of each and every one of the company’s employees.

In addition to the aforementioned, Tricot works in a parallel way in providing opportunities to immigrants, integrating their skills and experiences to the company.

Finally, the idea for the company was born from the constant concern for the Chilean family’s clothing, which has made them a specialist fashion company with an important focus on women, Tricot’s main clients and buyers.

What is the Tricot Card?

Once the explanation of the Tricot chain is completed, we continue this article offering a brief definition about the Tricot card. Which is nothing more than a good alternative for Chilean women who wish to enjoy multiple benefits.

As we have mentioned before, Tricot is one of the chain stores that specializes in the sale of textiles most recognized and named in Chile. Likewise, this chain directs its target mainly to the female public.

In addition to this, the chain is so popular that, to facilitate the acquisition of its products and articles, in addition to providing comforts to its customers and users, it also offers the Tricot Card. Which gives them various benefits.

The Tricot chain of stores maintains its focus on the sale of the latest fashion in clothing, this ranges from clothing to accessories and footwear.

Continuing with the previous text, the sale of these items for the female audience gives them the opportunity to find everything they may need in terms of clothing and the best accompaniments and accessories for it. For this reason, the Tricot Card is generated.

In this way, customers or users can enjoy various benefits. Among them we have: special promotions on certain products, discounts for purchases made, which can be made in Tricot stores in the country.

Requirements to Apply for Tricot Card

Generally, to obtain any type of document, entities or organizations require or require certain documentation, in addition to the fulfillment of some steps. Applying for a Tricot Card is no exception, but don’t worry because we will list the requirements demanded below.

  • First, the applicant must have Chilean or foreign nationality with their respective documentation up to date.
  • Also, valid identity card and without blocks.
  • Likewise, the holder must be between 23 years old and 77 years old at the most.
  • Now, people who are 23 years of age or older, have to prove income above $ 250,000 gross, which they must demonstrate through social security contributions.
  • The approval of the current risk analysis assessment is included.
  • It is important that the applicant does not have a history of current debts.
  • At the same time, it is up to you to present accredited and verifiable home address documents.
  • Verifiable home phone, cell phone or landline.
  • Finally, it should be noted that this card can be requested at any of the Tricot or Tricot Connect stores.
Requirements to apply for Visa Tricot Card

Well, if you are interested in requesting a Visa Tricot Card, it is your responsibility to go personally to any of the 90 branches of the company that are located in the national territory, or call the service number: 26-506-500.

  • First, you must be a Chilean citizen or foreigner with a temporary or permanent visa.
  • Likewise, you must be between 23 and 77 years old.
  • If your age is between 23 and 40 years old, you must present a certificate of income greater than 250,000 gross pesos.
  • Immediately afterwards, it corresponds to him to consign a receipt of service, either of water, gas or light.
  • Also, you must have current risk assessment approval.
  • And finally, you must also have a verifiable landline or cell phone number.

To conclude, we must mention that this type of card can only be delivered at the branch where the request was made. Here, the password is included to consult your account through the web platform or request the report at the same branch.

How to make the request?

Now, to give continuity to this article, it is up to us to explain in detail how to carry out or how to request a Tricot Card correctly. Likewise, it is convenient to clarify that, requesting it is quite quick and easy.

Well, if you are interested or interested in applying for the respective Tricot Card, it is your responsibility to attend in person at any of the 90 branches of the company. Or, a second alternative is to call the customer service number.

Benefits of Applying for a Tricot Card

In another order of ideas, and to culminate, it has been important for our team to include the different and numerous benefits offered by the Tricot Card Request. However, it is also necessary to mention that it has some disadvantages.

Tricot Cards, as such, are like any other credit card. However, the results are convenient for frequent customers, this is because it has great benefits for the owner or owner of it.

  • If you are a customer with a Tricot Card, you can get a 25% discount for the first purchase at any of the Tricot stores.
  • Added to this is a 5% discount at any of the Tricot Connect stores.
  • You also have the possibility of requesting an additional card at no cost.
  • Also, you can access purchases of services over the Internet in both national and international stores.
  • On the other hand, the owner or owner will have the opportunity to carry out purchases financed in 8 installments with an interest of 6%.
  • It is important to mention that there are approximately 130,000 commercial establishments that are affiliated with the Tricot chain, where you can make your purchases.
  • It has the possibility of requesting or requesting advances of all the availability of the credit.
  • And finally, no maintenance fees will be charged if the card has not been used.

Where can you use the Tricot card?

Now, to end this article, it is up to us to clarify where the Abcdin Card can be used. Likewise, at first it is convenient to emphasize that this type of card in particular can be used in almost any establishment in the country and abroad.

All owners of the Tricot Card can carry out their purchases both in physical stores and in online stores.

On the other hand, it is important to mention a relevant aspect. And, in the case of the Tricot and Tricot Connect stores, the owners of these cards can make their purchases on credit, even when they do not have plastic.

Frequent questions

Can the payment date associated with the card be changed?
  • The owner can request a change of date at the Customer Service Desk, and only if she does not have a debt at the time of making said request.
What happens if the card is damaged or broken?
  • If this happens, you can also make your purchases on credit at any of the Tricot stores.
  • This is thanks to the fact that each of the stores has a biometric identification technology.
  • Therefore, you just have to put your fingerprint and wait a few seconds for the payment to be approved.
  • You also have the option of reordering a new plastic.
What to do if the card is lost or stolen?
  • In both cases, it is your responsibility to make direct contact at the number: 800-200-700.
  • It should be noted that this call has no cost and is enabled 24 hours a day.
  • Once the report is finished, your card is automatically blocked so you must request a new one at the Customer Service Desk.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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