Apply for Unimarc Card: What it is, Requirements, Benefits, How to Apply, Features and MORE

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Apply for Unimarc Card It will always turn out to be a good idea since with this card, we can enjoy many benefits, services, promotions, discounts, among others. Besides, the process to request it turns out to be quite simple, fast and above all easy.

That is why, in this article, we will tell you a little about the Unimarc Card, what it is, what its benefits are, what requirements do you need to request it, step by step and much mores Read on, this article is for you! Pay close attention!

What is Unimarc?

Unimarc is a Chilean supermarket chain that since its inception has been classified as an elite supermarket since it has several locations in the eastern sector of Santiago and a great variety of products, acquired by this part of the population.

Unimarc is a Chilean supermarket that is present in more than 150 communes of the country. This supermarket is characterized by being a neighbor and very close, so it can provide an easy and comfortable shopping experience for its customers. Likewise, they usually provide their clients with a quick solution and constant support in their work.

As a company, they rescue the flavors of each region, thus supporting the development of small local producers through their program. In this way, they create shared value between suppliers, Unimarc and their customers. Furthermore, Unimarc is considered to be the most inclusive company in Chile.

Its vision is to be recognized as one of the closest companies that provides the most appropriate solutions, products and services for each customer and purchase occasion. To be the best retail chain in each market that is present. Its mission is to simplify the lives of its clients, providing them with solutions every day.

The values ​​they handle allow the generation of trust relationships with different stakeholders with whom the company is related, which are identified with:

  • Honesty.
  • Closeness.
  • Increase.
  • Enthusiasm
  • Perseverance.

What is the Unimarc Card?

The Unimarc Card is a credit card that will allow card users to purchase products and services offered in stores and pay for them under the option of installments or revolving credit. The issuer in charge of this card is Unicard SA

Unicard SA is located at Av Apoquindo 4660, 8th Floor, Las Condes, Santiago.

This credit card can be used at all the Unimarc Supermarket chain stores throughout Chile to be able to purchase any product or service sold directly at the stores. Thus, as in businesses affiliated with the card payment system.

Users who use the Unimarc Card as a means of payment will be able to access different discounts and exclusive promotions. The validity and conditions can be known in the premises that are authorized and enabled or for greater convenience you can contact the call center that is available to customers.

Likewise, users will be able to make use of their credit line and sign the documents by means of an electronic signature using a fingerprint in those places where this modality is enabled. In this way, they can also request your Account Statement.

Yes, as with any credit card, the Unimarc Card also offers an Account Statement. Here, you will be able to observe everything related to the card movements. Also, you can verify if you have any debt or are in default with your credit card.

Requirements for the Application

At the moment of wanting request Unimarc Card You should be aware that you must meet a number of requirements in order to complete the application process. Next, we will let you know what are these requirements that you must present to obtain the Unimar card.

  • Be at least 30 years old and not older than 70 years and 364 days.
  • Have a valid identity card and without blocking.
  • Creditable, recurring and stable income.
  • Chilean or foreign nationality with a permanent accredited permanent stay for more than 5 years and with an indefinite term employment contract.
  • Proof of address.
  • Have an active cell phone.
  • Comply with the approval level contemplated in the risk assessment or analysis mechanism used by Unicard.
  • Not have delinquencies or current protests.
  • No record or record of non-payment or penalties at Unicard.
  • Not have been rejected for the Unicard card application in the 6 months prior to the application date.

You must take into account, and it is very important to clarify that all the documents are current and in good condition, since otherwise, at the time of the process, said documents may not be accepted by the personnel who are helping you.

That is why we recommend that you verify that all your documents are kept up to date in order to avoid this type of inconvenience. Also, when heading to the office, it is very important that these requirements remain in order, so you can carry them in a folder for your convenience.

In the event that you have any questions or do not have any requirement, you can contact the call center, in this way, the operator will be able to assist you, help you and clarify your doubts. This service is operational 24 hours a day, so you can take time to communicate.

How to make the request?

To request Unimarc Card, a series of steps must be followed to start the application process. These steps are extremely simple and easy to perform, but have a good Internet connection since part of the process is done online. We will let you know what these steps are below.

  1. You must select the web browser of your choice to then enter the Web page of Unimarc Card.
  2. After entering the page you should look for the option «Get your Unimarc Card».
  3. When you click on that option, a form will be reflected on the screen.
  4. You must complete the form with your personal data, for example:
    1. Single Tax Registry.
    2. Document serial number.
    3. Cell phone.
    4. Email.
  5. After completing all this information, you must accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Afterwards, you must select the option “I am not a robot”.
  7. Finally, you must click on «continue».

This form will only be part of the process. That is, this request must be approved so that later you can go to the office to deliver all the requirements. Staff must verify that all documents are correct and valid. Then, give you your Unimarc Card.

In all, it is an easy and fast process, but you must be patient. Since the staff must check that they have made the request correctly and have provided all the data, just like when they presented themselves at the agency. It is a procedure that takes time.

It is important to clarify that you must have a good Internet connection, since there may be certain inconveniences when completing this form. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the call center so that the operator can help you.


This chain has its own credit card, which we already know is the Unimarc Card. By having your own card, it offers us a wide variety of benefits, discounts, promotions and more. At the time of request Unimarc Card, you can count on these benefits:

  • Exclusive discounts (in regions VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIV and XV).
  • Buy with your footprint at authorized Unimarc stores: it is simple, comfortable and reliable.
  • You can request advances and super advances in cash.
  • You can pay for your card at Unimarc’s Unired self-services or online at no additional charge 24 hours a day.

From time to time Unimarc establishments usually place several discounted products or may launch some promotions, with the Unimarc Card you will be able to enjoy all these products and each time you make a purchase, you will have the option of making a small savings.

Card Features Unimarc

The Unimarc Card is a fully closed credit card, that is, it can only be used in the chain of Unimarc Supermarket establishments throughout the country. As we already know, this card operates on the basis of a line of credit.

This supports the modality of payments in installments or revolving credit. This can be used to purchase any product and service marketed directly at Unimarc stores. Next, we will tell you some characteristics of this card.

  • You can access cash advances and / or super advances, the amounts of which will be determined by Unicard, based on prior credit evaluation.
  • It will allow you to access exclusive promotions and discounts, the validity and conditions of which can be found at Unimarc stores.
  • You can request the authorization of additional cards.
  • You can request the account statement via email or by the technological means that Unicard makes available.
  • Customers will be able to use their credit line and sign the vouchers by handwritten signature or by electronic signature using in this case their fingerprint, in those places where this modality is enabled.

What are you waiting to request a Unimarc Card?

You already have all the necessary information to carry out this process!

We wish you the best of luck in your process.

Thanks for reading us.

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