Carry out the tax appraisal of your property and obtain your certificate in Chile

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Do you need to carry out the tax appraisal of your property? What are you waiting for? Follow the steps and requirements and obtain your tax assessment certificate in Chile.

First of all, do you know what an appraisal is? Next we explain!

What is the tax appraisal?

To better define it, according to the internet, an appraisal is:

Estimation of the commercial value of a property or article reflected in monetary figures, through its physical characteristics, use, research and market analysis, taking into account the physical and urban conditions of the property.

In other words, it can be said that it is a document with an appraisal for non-commercial purposes, whose purpose is to evaluate or value and determine a tax or contribution to a given property, property or real estate is less than the commercial appraisal.

In addition, supports specific information on a property and provides us with knowledge and general characteristics of a real estate on aspects such as the value that has been stipulated. The appraisal role numbering, property address, owner data, property associated with a RUT, if contributions must be paid.

Who issues the certificate?

The Certificate is issued by SII Internal Revenue Service body in Chile.

Why is it necessary to obtain this procedure?

This procedure is extremely necessary for various reasons. Publicly endorses the value of a real estate, which means that they are legally recognized. Likewise, they are accepted by any financial entity and by state entities. And they are very functional since they specify the value of a property.

In addition, this appraisal for non-commercial purposes is carried out by a tax authority whose purpose is to value or value and determine a tax or contribution to a specific property, property or real estate. As a general rule, the tax appraisal is lower than the commercial appraisal.

It is necessary to know how much a property is worth, with the help of the SII regulations with technical definitions and value tables. The appraisals of the land and buildings are added to form the tax appraisal and, starting from there, calculate the land tax.

This procedure is carried out through the multiplication process between the corresponding unit value by the land area of ​​the property, which is indicated in the SII land value plan.

On the other hand, the unit value of the land starts from the multiplication of the price of the square meter of the area in which the property is located by the adjustment factor indicated in the plan, for the block of property in which the property is located.

How is the tax appraisal requested?


By means of the official page of the SII Tax Appraisal Certificates of a property can be issued.

The information contained in the certificate is generally of the property, for example, its location, name and Rut of the owner according to the files of the SII, its state of affection or exemption from the payment of contributions (Land Tax).

Tax appraisal certificate It is easy to obtain, once you enter the SII page, locate the Region and the Commune where the property of your interest is located, enter the Real Estate Appraisal Role and press the «Search» option.

In the event that, for any reason, you cannot access the Appraisal Role number of the real estate, through the list of properties that are linked to the RUT in the Internal Revenue Service repertoire. After this, continue with the next step and if authenticated is not taken into account, enter your RUT and Secret Key.

The Fiscal Appraisal Certificate, detailed online, can only reach the hands of the owner registered with the SII. For this procedure, you must access the official website of the SII, select in the Real Estate menu, option Fiscal Appraisal Certificate, Detailed Fiscal Appraisal Certificate. For this type of operation, the owner must have a secret key before the SII.

There are two ways to do it, the first is online and the second, by going to the offices.

For online procedures:

  1. already inside the official website, Enter the option of your interest.

  1. Enter “go to the online procedure”.
  2. Fill in the requested information.
  3. List the transaction, cause or request for certificates or the consultation of appraisals.

Through an office:

  1. Go to an office of the Internal Revenue Service (SII). You can check by doing click here.

  1. Clarify the reason for your visit, whether it is the consultation or the request for the certificate.
  2. Product of the procedure, you will obtain your certificate or other requested background.


The fiscal appraisal of a property is the product of the addition of the buildings on a piece of land, plus its appraisal.
  1. For its calculations it is required to have the cadastral information that the SII registers of your property.
  2. To obtain this information, first enter Property Information Query.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select the Consult revalued properties section.
  4. After that, validate with your RUT and SII password.
  5. Place the data of the commune and appraisal role number of your property (Manzana-Predio). Select the Search option.
  6. Detailed information, both land and construction, that the SII registers on your property will be displayed.
  7. This information is exclusively accessible to the owner of the real estate.

What is it for?

serves for know the value of a property, ruling by the SII, current legal regulations, technical definitions and updated value tables. For the application of the land tax, the fiscal appraisal is composed, in turn, by the sum of the appraisals of the land and buildings.


As we said, the Appraisal has a great synthesis of benefits.

The time to complete the process is really short

  1. Thanks to this, it has the regulations established by the National Banking and Securities Commission, the Federal Mortgage Company and all Local Regulations.
  2. They also cover the valuation of machinery or equipment that is used for different purposes.
  3. It allows to know how much a property is worth, with the help of the SII regulations with technical definitions and value tables.

Process your Tax Appraisal certificate as soon as possible, you will need it!

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