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In Chile, as in many many countries, military service becomes a duty, an obligation in young citizensas a way of not only strengthening the military protection bodies, but also to implant the necessary values ​​in the youth, such as responsibility, discipline and love for the country where we were born.

Of course, any process of this type brings other legal benefits. This is the case of certificate of military status.

This same allows you to access the benefits of having participated in the military duty of each citizen, mainly the men of our country.

That is why in this article we will dedicate ourselves to explain everything you need to know about your Chilean military status certificatehow to achieve it, and some doubts that may arise at the time of the process.

What is the certificate of military status?

The certificate of military status It is a document that, as its name indicates, informs the applicant of his position and condition regarding the military service provided in Chile.

It is usually requested when applying for a job, to climb to public office, graduate from a post-secondary education degree, leave the country, process pensions and student scholarships, and including the application for a Visa.

It is a procedure issued by the General Directorate of National Mobilization under the Rules on Recruitment and Mobilization of the Armed Forces.

Who should request it?

As you can guess, the certificate of military status is a document that functions as a type of certificate for all those who have participated in military service compulsory (at least the masculine) in Chile.

Therefore, the demographic that can request it are the men and women participating in militia activities who are between the ages of 17 and 24.

You can carry out the process during all yearbut why wait?

How to get it?

Now we get to the heart of the whole matter. How can you obtain your certificate of military status?

As it is a simple, fast and efficient process, we will explain the two options you can take and the necessary requirements for both.

The truth is that, now, all the attention centers chile attends They are responsible for issuing a large list of certificates to citizens, including the certificate of military status, in addition to providing information for all legal processes for Chileans in the country and in the world.

This gives us the possibility of acquiring our documents and procedures in a shorter period and that does not make it compulsory to appear outside our communes, or, in the best case, from our homes.

You can easily go to any of the military service offices or cantons in your community or simply click on the ChileAtiende website and get your certificate.

If, on the other hand, you are abroad, obtaining your certificates is a process that It does not take more than one trip to the nearest Chilean consular office


  • Your unique password, a tool that allows you to authenticate your personal information. If you do not have one yet, enter the web, where you can buy one. this password allows you to access all state services as if it were a digital certification of your identity.
  • Your identity document, identity card or passportdepending on whether you are inside or outside of Chile.

Steps to follow

As we already established, you have two ways to submit your application: attending a Chile Atende office or a military service canton, or via the web.

Likewise, before jumping to these options, we believe that we have to dedicate a little moment to Chilean men and women who are not in the national territory.

The steps to apply at a consular office are as follows:

  1. Make sure you have your identification document in hand when presenting yourself at the consulate.
  2. Go to the office certificate window and Explain the reason for your attendance.
  3. Give your reason for requesting the certificate of military status.
  4. Give your personal data to the official who attends you.
  5. Finished! Your certificate of military status should be ready within four to five business days.

With this established, we can pass on the explanation that citizens residing in Chile need.

In office

In this case, the process is quite similar to the one described above, you just have to follow the steps below:

  1. Remember the requirements that we established before.
  2. Go to an office military service recruitment canton or a ChileAtiende office in your community.
  3. Explain the reason for your presentation and request your certificate in front of the receptionist or worker in charge.
  4. Give your personal data and show your identity document.
  5. Explain why you are applying certificate of military status.
  6. Wait a bit. Almost instantly they should deliver your certificate to you.


  1. Enter the following link:
  2. press «go to the online procedure»which takes you to this link:
  3. Enter your unique password and your number Unique National Role (RUN)which matches the number of your identity document.
  4. Fill in the required personal details below and agree to save your progress.
  5. You already have the result of your certificate of military situation! You can download it instantly.

Frequent questions

How much does it cost to carry out the procedure?

It’s totally freeas it is a document issued by the State in response to the military service provided by the applicant.

How long is it valid?

It is valid for ninety days. Since it is issued for specific purposes (to be used as a requirement for other procedures), it does not last very long. This also allows your status to be updated periodically.

What does the law establish regarding the certificate of military status?

All the information referring to the rules of recruitment and mobilization of the armed forces, and more importantly the issuance of documents in this regard, is registered in the decree of Law No. 2306.

You can find out more extensively by entering the Library of National Congress, through the link that we indicate here:

What offices are there that I can go to and ask for my certificate?

In addition to the offices of Chile attendsthere are the country cantonal recruitment officeswhere you will probably find less trouble making your request.

For this reason, we have prepared a list with the main cantons to which you can apply if you wish to purchase a copy of your certificate:

  • The Arica Cantonlocated in said city, on Avenida 7 de Junio ​​No. 188, Local 2. It serves the communities of Arica, General Lagos, Putre and Camarones.
  • Iquique Cantonin the same city, located at Almirante Latorre No. 434. It receives applicants from the communities of Iquique, Pozo Almonte, Pica, Colchane, Alto Hospicio and Camiña.
  • Calama Cantonwhose address is at Avenida Nueva No. 2669. It serves people from the communities of Calama, Ollagua and San Pedro de Atacama.
  • The Antofagasta Cantonin the city of Antofagasta, Esmeralda No. 2399. This office receives applicants from the communes Antofagasta, Mejillones, Sierra Gorda, María Elena, Baquedano and Tocopilla.
  • The Vallenar Canton, located in this city, in the Plaza de Armas, Floor 1 of the Provincial Government Building. This caters to people of Vallenar, Alto del Carmen, Freirina and Huasco.
  • The Copied Canton, located in the city of Copiado, at Carreras No. 700, office 4 in the Public Services building. In this, young people from the communities of Copied, Caldera and Yellow Earth.
  • The Canton La Serena, in that city, located at Avenida Manuel Antonio Matta No. 461, in office 100 of the Public Services Building. Here people from the communes of La Serena, La Higuera, Vicuña, Paihuano, Coquimbro and Andacollo.
  • Chanaral Canton, from the city of the same name, located at Calle Biun No. 460, Esquina Templo, in the Provincial Government Building. People from communities of Chañaral, Diego de Almagro and Tal Tal Make your requests on it.
  • Canton Illapellocated in the city of Illapel, at Avenida Ignacio Silva No. 98, office 74. People from the communes of Illapel, Canela, Salamanda and Los Vilos.
  • The Ovalle Cantonin the city with which it shares its name, on Avenida Santiago No. 230. It is in charge of receiving those who come from the communes of Ovalle, Monte Patria, Hurtado River, Combarlabá and Punitaqui.
  • Quillota Canton, located in the same city, at Avenida Bernardo O’Higgins No. 320, 2nd floor of the Public Services Building. It serves the communities of Quillota, Calera, Nogales, Hijuelas, La Cruz, Limache and Olmue.
  • The Canton La Liguain said city, located at Avenida Diego Portales No. 367. Here they take charge of the cases of the communes of La Ligua, Petorca, Cabildo, Papudo and Zapallar.
  • San Felipe Cantonin the city of San Felipe, on Avenida Traslaviña No. 972. People from the communities of San Felipe, Putaendo, Llay Llay, Panquehue, Santa Maria and Catemu.
  • Vina del Mar Cantonin this city, on Avenida Oriente No. 1021. This is in charge of the dependencies of Viña del Mar, Quintero, Quilpue, Con Con, Villa Alemana and Puchuncavi.
  • The Pudahuel Cantonin the city of Pudahuel, located at Avenida Teniente Cruz No. 758. This office receives applicants for Lo Prado, Quinta Normal, Cerro Navia, Curacavi and Pudahuel.
  • The Santiago Cantonof the capital of the country, located at Avenida Vergara No. 262. It is in charge of the attendants of the dependencies of Santiago.
  • Conchali Canton, in this same city, located at Avenida Descartes No. 3040 in Recoleta. This canton is responsible for the cases of the communities of Conchali, Recoleta, Huechuraba, Colina, Quilicura, Renca and Independencia.

Is there a phone number I can contact for inquiries?

Of course! If you have any questions regarding the processing process, you can call an office in Chile Answer the number +56 224-413-871.

With everything clarified, we say goodbye hoping to have been helpful in guiding you to discover the steps to follow to obtain your certificate of military status in Chile from wherever you are, in the easiest, fastest and most uncomplicated way possible.

Good luck and see you later.

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