Form 10: Fiscal Income Direct Payments

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The Treasury Servicetogether with other entities of the ConditionAs the Internal Revenue Servicehas developed a tool that allows all Chilean citizens to declare their tax income and make their direct payments in no time.

Through the option Declaration and Simultaneous Payment and its generator of the same process, Chilean men and women will be able to make the declarations and deposits corresponding to all types of fines, income, subsidies, patents and many more.

And the document that we are going to discuss today, the form 10 tax income and direct paymentsis where all this information is collected, from the personal data of the taxpayer to the confirmation that you made all your payments.

form 10

The form 10 is a declaration that allows direct payment to be made. You do not need the mediation of the service that makes the transfer.

Thanks to him, the charge and payment are made at the same time and the leases of fiscal or private properties, bills that are not located in the bank, patent rights, trademark registrations, fines, etc. can be cancelled.

You form 10 is a service delivered in the offices of the General Treasury of the Republic or made through its web portal.

Taxpayers are obliged to comply with their fiscal and tax obligations through this declaration and the simultaneous payment of the form 10 of tax revenue direct payments.

The information that you can declare through the form 10 of tax revenues and direct payments is the next:

  • Aeronautics.
  • Maritime concessions.
  • Money
  • Municipal common fund.
  • fonasa.
  • Income of funds from family allowances (social security reform).
  • miscellaneous income:

Other services

Internal Revenue Service.

  • Fines applied to casinos, public services, the National Television Council, immigration, courts, Transparency Law, SUBTEL.
  • Risk works.
  • Geothermal patent.
  • Reimbursement of tax contributions, state guarantee to minimum pensions.
  • SERNAPESCA payment of INFA environmental report.
  • Subsidy of Law 20,378 and 20,696.

The Fform 10in all its forms, is issued as a notice-receipt that is granted by the service of the General treasuryeither online or in an office.

Instructions for Form 10

Thanks to «Simultaneous Declaration and Payment Generator» taxpayers will be able to get their notice of receipt, see, the result of their form 10.

This will show the declaration options mentioned above and so you can make your form 10 (depending on your case) and make the payment of the income to be determined.

The information and the process that you must begin to declare is the following:

  1. enter the selection service for form 10 declaration and simultaneous payment.
  2. Choose the presentation form 10 that you need to declare and obtain.
  3. Press that option. This automatically sends you to another screen, where you can start filling in the information requested.
  4. You are given an automatic folio number, as well as the expiration date of the form.
  5. You must enter your Unique Tax Role.
  6. Continue filling in the boxes that request the following data: the business name or paternal last name, the maternal last name, the names, the address and the name of the taxpayer’s commune, the number of the resolution or decree that covers the process together with the date of the same and the code of the fine.
  7. Finally, it generates total that you must pay in Chilean pesos of the fine.
  8. Finished! All that remains is for you to make the payment (we will explain it later) and you will get your form 10.

What is the Aliens Form 10?

We will explain, as an example, one of the options on form 10:

The form 10 Immigration is the document that gathers the sanctions and fines applied for failing to comply with the laws of the Immigration Legislation. Said laws are those established by the Immigration Departmentadded in the declaration under the code (for the form) 619.

The fines determined by the immigration department that must be declared in form 10 are those that are without payment or that the term for the same has expired.

Through the service of form 10whoever has the fine in his name and his own Immigration Department may go through the process of completing the infraction collection form, entering the menu «Declaration and Simultaneous Payment» of the web service General Treasury of the Republic of Chile.

Payment of the fine is made directly to the Ministry of Interior in the name of its owner.

How is direct payment made?

Once the instructions to enter the user data to the form 10it is time to make the direct payment of the fine or contribution to be declared.

To do this you can follow these simple instructions:

  1. When the owner’s data is confirmed, you must press the option to pay.
  2. This button sends you to Treasury Servicewhere you are shown the banks, banking institutions, business houses and debit and credit card services that have agreements to allow you to make the payment.
  3. This screen allows you to choose the institution of your choice and takes you to the online service of it to make the payment, or it allows you to print a notice-receipt so that you can do it in a office from the authorized collection company.
  4. If you are a natural person, you can get the notice-receipt of payment and do it at any office of the Treasury in the country with the requirements that we will show you below, personally or through an authorized third party.


Depending on the way you plan to file and pay your form 10the requirements you will need will be different.

Pay on line

  • Through the web portal of the General Treasury of the Republic You do not need to prove any document or key, since the process at the beginning asks you to enter with your RUT.
  • Entering the pages of the banks and authorized collection institutions You only need to attach your RUT and have a company card or checking account.
  • From the website of the Internal Revenue Service You just have to enter your account with your RUT and unique password and look for the collection payment option.

face-to-face payment

  • If you go to the bank that corresponds to you, you must have the payment document or notice slip on hand.
  • In case of being through the Citizen Participation in the SEIA you need to sign a power of attorney with the bank where you have your checking account.
  • If it’s for the service simple or the NEOPAG You have to have your commune or root address on hand. and RUT and pay with a debit or credit card.
  • And finally, when using the service of Neighbor Box of State Bank You will have to present your current payment voucher or notice.

Income Calculation

The Simplified Taxation System You have created a procedure and formulas to perform the monthly closing calculations. Likewise, determine the tax bases and tax losses as follows:

  1. The calculation is done automatically. Making a difference positive or negative. Result of the subtraction of the income and expenses of the exercise or occupation without applying any reset or update.
  2. By having the information for each month at the end of the month, the system calculates the tax bases and tax losses for the end of the year.
Important information
  • This information is entered in the system in the first year of graduation.
  • Entering in she is ready you will be able to determine the type of transactions that must be registered as income or expenditure in the Simplified Taxation System.
  • For more information about the detailed calculation process, you can download this document and inform you depending on the tax document or transaction to declare.

where to pay

The service that allows you to obtain the form 10 puts in your hands the various options where you can make your payment.

The main way to make the payment is automatically after you have gone through the process of completing form 10 on the General Treasury websitein the option of «Declaration and Simultaneous Payment»where you enter through the menu Collection and then in the box Payments.

In the same way, you can go to one of the offices of the General Treasury of the Republic in the national territory and enter your data and request form 10 right there.

And if you are not convinced, you can always use the services of authorized bank collection institutions. This service has two presentations: through the online options of each national bank or by presenting yourself at an authorized office of the same.

Said institutions authorized with agreements to make payments of taxes, fines and others are the ones that we list below.

  • Credit and Investment Bank.
  • Condition.
  • Chili.
  • Bice.
  • CorpBanca.
  • Scotiabank.
  • International
  • Santander Santiago.
  • Itau from Chile.
  • The Bank of Tokyo.
  • Security.
  • falabella.
  • BBVA.
  • Development.
  • bci.
  • HSBC Bank.
  • International.
  • Edwards.

Any of the above is a perfect option to make the direct payment of the fines or contributions that correspond to the users.

Thanks to the implementation of form 1 taxpayers will have the opportunity to save a lot of time and money in the declarations they make of income and their corresponding payments.

Just by getting a copy of the form 10which works like notice-receipt To declare your tax commitments, it will be easier for you to carry out your processes as a legal or natural person.

Access the benefits of form 10 tax income and direct payments!

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