Form 1816: Notice of Sale of Vehicles

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By the time we want to transfer a vehicle to a third party, outside of a company, society or institution, the process can be late and tiresome.

To prevent our cargo or passenger transport vehicle from being outside the Registry When a transaction is made, the Internal Revenue Service has created a perfect tool to keep the movement information organized and clear.

If you do not know what use to give it, here we will explain everything you need to complete your vehicle sale notice form 1816.

Form 1816

The form 1816 It is a document that must be filled out by companies or owners of cargo or passenger transport that sell, donate or transfer ownership of their vehicles To thirds.

This form is maintained under the regulations of the circulars no 17 Y no 29 of the year 1994 regarding the change of ownership of cargo vehicles or passenger transport.

No matter how you intend to deliver the document, you can access this download link where you can access a copy of the vehicle sale notice form 1816.

The form 1816 is available in the Internal Revenue Service website. Clicking on the section “Forms”and entering «General Procedures» you will be able to obtain this document to complete on your own.

Instructions for completing Form 1816

To complete the form 1816 you must go through the process of filling in the following sections of said document. Here are a series of clear and simple steps that will allow you to complete it smoothly and quickly:

  1. Describe your identity document number. To do this, if you are the owner of the form, you must also present your identity card.
  2. If, on the contrary, you serve as a representative of the holders, you must deliver your identity card, along with the RUT and taxpayer identity document and an accreditation to go through the process.
  3. In the Section A (call «Seller ID») you must fill in the boxes with the paternal and maternal surnames, the names, the address, population, the commune, among other specific data of the location.
  4. If you appear as a representative, you must provide the information of your RUT, along with the surnames and names.
  5. to end the Section Ayou have to enter the “Buyer Identification” the same information as in the two previous cases.
  6. In theSection Byou begin by entering the date of the start of the activity and the date of sale of the vehicle.
  7. Next, write the price at which you sold the vehicle, accompanied by the name of the notary and the number of the directory in which the declaration of the purchase and sale was agreed.
  8. In the section C You must put the registration number in the Motor Vehicle Registrationthe type of vehicle (whether it is a car, a truck, a bus, etc.) and the make, model and year of production.
  9. If this is the case, those who declare that they will continue as a first category taxpayer or owner according to the Income Law must mark with a cross the box that says Yes. This corresponds to those who still have to carry out the Turning Term or who are part of the system of Presumptive Incomewhich gives up all its vehicles.
  10. Likewise, those who are part of (non-anonymous) companies, are natural persons who transfer ownership or are related to the Presumptive Income, they must fill in different data from the sale utility determination section. In said boxes they must establish the sale price of the vehicle, the issued invoice number, the losses or profits and the depreciation of the vehicle with respect to its exploitation period.
  11. Finally, the owner or representative of the transaction must sign the document before it is delivered to the Internal Revenue Service.

In what cases is the 1816 form presented?

The form 1816 It occurs when a transfer of a motor vehicle is made from one company or natural person to another, as long as said vehicle falls into the categories of cargo transportation or passenger transportation.

The regulations governing the form 1816 determines that as long as the transport is intended for exploitation consistent with its designated use (such as handling third-party cargo or transporting third parties), the owner of the company is obliged to go through this procedure when transferring the vehicle to another user.

The form 1816 must be submitted for each sale of a private vehicle.

How to make the notice of sale of vehicles

Before buying a car, the new owner must request the Certificate of Registration and Valid Annotations of the Civil Registry. In this way you can make sure if there are legal problems associated with the vehicle or impediments to making a clean transaction.

This type of transaction must be in writing in all cases. To go through the vehicle sale notification process, it is important that the user has all the documents that prove the sale. This can be a document signed in front of a public or private notary or a consensual statement.

Once the transaction is complete, and with the form 1816 already completed and delivered, the new owner must proceed to register their acquisition at the Motor Vehicle Registration at any of the offices of the Civil registration.


The requirements and documents (although they are not many) when processing and delivering the form 1816 for the notice of sale of any vehicle are:

  • The owner’s identity document.
  • The identity document and RUT of the third party that is in charge of the process on behalf of the taxpayer.
  • An affidavit declaring that this representative can fulfill the role of link between the Condition and the taxpayer.

It is important to remember that those who have the obligation to present the form 1816 They are the owners of cargo or passenger transport vehicles, without legal commitments, who transfer ownership of this property to a third party.

step by step procedure

To make the transfer of a cargo or passenger transport vehicle, you must present yourself with any of these documents at an office of the Civil registration:

  • The contract of sale of the property, signed by both the seller and the buyer. By the way, it must be verified by a notary.
  • A consensual declaration made in the same office of the Civil registration. For this, both the seller and the buyer must be present.
  • The bill of sale of the vehicle at public auction, issued by a public auctioneer.
  • The property transfer deed by donation, capital contribution, liquidation, etc.
  • The corresponding judicial sentence that assigns the property rights of an individual vehicle.


Each and every one of the above documents must have the full names of the previous owner and whoever bought the property, their RUT or RUN numbers, the patent, type, brand, model, year of manufacture, color and engine number of the vehicle, and the declaration of the transfer tax of the same.

Once this is determined, you can make your transfer in two ways.

Going to a Notary

  1. Go to any notary office in Chili. You can find different options here.
  2. Submit the document of sale of the vehicle and the indicated requirements.
  3. Wait a couple of weeks.
  4. Ready! Soon you will be able to withdraw your vehicle ownership document.

attending the Civil registration

  1. Remember that this option is valid only when the transfer is made to an individual and not to a company or company.
  2. Introduce yourself at an office of the service of the Civil registration.
  3. Bring the documentation already established.
  4. There they will enter the information into the database. Registration of Motor Vehicles.
  5. Filled! Your ownership of the property has been successfully updated in the Civil Registry.

Frequent questions

How can I make a consensual declaration?

To go through this part of the vehicle transfer process, those involved must present the following documents at an office of the Civil registration:

  • Identity document of both parties.
  • The certificate that proves the registration of the vehicle in the Registration of Motor Vehicles.
  • The legal representation document, in case an individual is involved on behalf of a company or institution.
  • The form 1816 notice of sale of vehicles, if the vehicle to be transferred is used for the transport of cargo or passengers.
  • A power of attorney for either party if the attendee is a representative or third party.

In this way, the person in charge of handling the case determines the transfer tax so that the parties can make the payment. Finally, the asset can be seamlessly transferred from one user to another.

What should I do to register my new vehicle in the Motor Vehicle Registry?

You must attend an office of the service of the Civil registration with the purchase invoice, the customs documents that correspond to the acquisition of the vehicle and the sentence that orders the registration in the Registry of the same.

With these documents, the full name and RUT of the updated owner of the vehicle must be attached, as well as the brand, type, model, year, color and chassis and engine numbers of the vehicle.

Once the payment for the Motor Vehicle Registration For the procedure, the above information must be submitted in its original format.

What is the certificate of registration and valid annotations?

It is a document issued by the Civil Registry that identifies the vehicle by its:

  • Patent number.
  • Kind.
  • Brand.
  • Issue year.
  • Colour.
  • Model.
  • Engine number.
  • Chassis number.
  • General information of all its owners.
  • Legal limitations of its use.
  • Fines.
  • Among others.

This is requested through the Civil registrationgiving a manager the patent number and demonstrating the legitimacy of ownership in the name of the user.

With the form 1816now you have a way to collect information regarding the seller, buyer and the good itself that is going to be transferred, in a clear and simple way.

These details will facilitate any other records you need to make regarding the ownership or use of your most recent acquisition.

With this quick and easy guidewe hope you were able to fill in your form 1816 without any problem.

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