Form 22: Annual Income Statement

Every year you have to pay a tax, but since there are several, each one has its own form to process. In this opportunity it will be explained How is it handled? form 22? Y What is it for?

What is Form 22?

It is a form with which the income tax is processed with which taxpayers process this tax, as established in the Law of income tax. It must be remembered that this tax must be processed once a year, just when it is the closing of the fiscal year.

If you want to know how the form can be entered by hereso when you have the document in hand you will know that the correct form

What is it for?

The utility of form 22is to be the instrument that the Internal Tax Service (SII)so that taxpayers can process the income tax, a tax that must be declared and paid every fiscal year even if the taxpayer allows filing movements.

In a nutshell the form 22 It is used to declare and pay more than the entire income tax, a procedure that taxpayers must carry out every year. Of course as long as their activities are governed by tax law.

How to complete form 22?

Like any form, it has each part identified, so that the person who is filling it out knows what information is needed to declare the income tax.

These are the boxes that will appear in the form 22:

Types of rents and discounts

This part of the form is to show the type of income that the taxpayer has throughout the fiscal year, which can be national and international.

The reductions those obligations that the taxpayer has to pay, which can be certain taxes, pensions and international salaries.

Additionally, in this part of income and reductions, there are the credits that the taxpayer has, either by IUSC or by the global tax. These are credits that are imposed on the tax.


As it should be, this part of the return shows the taxes that the taxpayer has paid throughout the fiscal year, but it should only be indicated according to what is established in the Law of income tax. Of course, in this part of the return, it will be indicated which of all those taxes must be taken into account for this type of declaration.

Taxpayer data

When managing the income taxthe Internal Tax Service (SII) You need to know who is making the declaration for obvious reasons, in part of the return you must write the RUT of the taxpayer, full name or company name and tax address.

Remaining deposits in checking and savings accounts

It may be that for some reason the tax is paid a little more than it should have been paid, for this reason the taxpayer can enter the data of his bank account, which are the account number, the type of the account and of course the bank Where is this account registered? This way Internal Tax Service (SII) You can return the excess to the taxpayer.

In addition, the amount that must be returned must be indicated in these boxes.

additional boxes

Box 1 fees: They are all the fees that the taxpayer had to pay during the entire fiscal year.

Determination of higher or lower obtained in alienations of real estate located in Chile, carried out by natural persons that the IDPC does not determine on the effective income box 2: This statement is self-explanatory, which should be considered this active that was made before making the statement.

Accounting balance box 3: One of the things that the tax declaration requires is a general balance of the taxpayer. The box has several boxes where all the information necessary to make a general balance or, in the case of natural persons, a personal balance appears.

Informative data box 4: This box shows a little more specific information on economic activity, where taxpayers must show effective capital, income, assets, expenses owed, among other things.

Surcharge for declaration out of range

There are taxpayers who for different reasons cannot declare the stipulated time for this, therefore there is a penalty which they must pay for the delay, for this reason this box requests the necessary information for this type of fine.

What tax is paid on Form 22?

This type of document should only be used by those taxpayers who must process the global, complementary or additional tax, in addition to the income tax.

How to present my annual income statement?

Submitting the annual income statement can be done in two ways, which are online or through the office, here it will be indicated what must be done to use the form 22.

By Internet

Making the declaration prevents the people forced to declare from having to go to several places just to make the declaration, so follow these steps in case you have Internet access:

  • Select the option online services where a menu will be displayed, where you must choose to declare for rent.

  • After making the selection, another screen will appear where you will see several options that can be done online. You have to select the button that says Declare Income (F22)

  • Now you can enter the system with Unique Tax Role RUT Y the key.

  • Once inside the system, you must select the tax year.
  • When selecting the tax yearthe rental information will be displayed, which must be modified if necessary, if everything is fine, press the continue button.
  • Now the other part of the declaration is displayed, it is verified if this part of the template is correct and the send button is pressed.
After the declaration and the tax must be paid in the banking entities, there are also the entities that also collect this tax in case it cannot be paid by the bank.
In the case of taxpayers who cannot pay, they can request a deferred payment of the tax to the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

by the office

To make the declaration through the office you can do it by following these steps:

  • go to office Internal Tax Service (SII) close to your home.
  • Indicate to the agents why the visit is being carried out, say that you are going to declare the income tax.
  • Do what the staff that is attending you tells you.

And this is all that must be done to be able to make the declaration through the office


There are several things that must be done now in this year 2019, which taxpayers must do in this new fiscal year. This is what’s new in income tax:

  • People who work independently quote: Surely it is thought that because they are independent workers they should not carry out this type of procedure. But those independent workers who make annual fee bills or people who receive 4 minimum wages per month. Independent workers must contribute 80% of the gross income indicated by the income tax law on the fees they make in the year, of which 10% will be retained.
Women over 50 and men over 55 are exempt from this tax.
  • More financial information should be shown: Large companies must show more financial information, this refers to the fact that now the information on the prices of the transfers they make must be shown, in order to request the history of the accrued interest on loans.
  • Now there is a assistant for those taxpayers who presumptive income regime.
  • There is a new platform for taxpayers to enter the corresponding affidavits. According to the Tax Regime registered as of December 31, 2018.

Application to declare income tax

Now you can process the income tax from your smartphone, which allows you to manage this tax when you want and at the time you want, without the need to sit at the computer or go to the tax office. Internet Tax Service (SII).

in this new app e- Rent the following operations can be performed:

  • You can accept and review the proposal sent by the Internet Tax Service (SII).
  • Make provisional quotes.
  • If you overpaid the tax, you can enter your bank account details to get your money back.
  • check the declaration status.

The good of form 22 it is that it is only ready to place in numbers all the information that must be declared, making the taxpayer or in any case the public accountant only indicate his calculations of all the financial activity of the taxpayer.

At the same time, this form is on the Internet and even in an application, to make the income tax declaration easier.


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