Form 29: Monthly Declaration and Simultaneous Payment of Taxes

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Nowadays, carrying out a procedure requires certain documents required by the institution where said process is to be carried out. One of them is the Form 29.

Form 29

This document has the function of being an instrument that requests the SII Internal Revenue Service to process tax. Like any tax procedure, it is necessary to have a document with a specific format that can only be used for it.

To know how he is form 29, you can enter by here. In this way, when you see the form at the moment the official gives it to you, you will know that it is the correct form.

What is it and what is it for?

The form 29 It is a form that taxpayers need to declare and pay simultaneously the Value Added Tax (VAT)tax that has to be declared and paid every month by taxpayers, which are those people who work with the sale of products and services, where at the time of receiving the charge for said activity, they receive an extra percentage in the payment for the SII Internal Revenue Service.

Additionally, with this form and the ID, the requirements to process the Value Added Tax (VAT)a tribute that is necessary to pay since it is one of the state’s requirements, for all those merchants and people who carry out an economic activity within Chilean territory.

Therefore, taxpayers should approach the tax offices SII Internal Revenue Service closest to your home to purchase this form.

In order to declare and pay this tax on a monthly basis, you will carry out the procedure at the office.

Guide to declare with Form 29

Declaring with this return can be done in two ways: They are available according to the taxpayer’s need, but they will be explained in detail below:

available shapes

There are two ways to declare the Value Added Tax (VAT) before the institution SII Internal Revenue Service.

Those two ways is: by Internet Y by the SII offices.

In this way, taxpayers can manage this tax effectively depending on the availability they have to carry out this procedure.

How is the proccess?

How do you know what are the ways in which you can use the form 29in this part it will be explained what should be done in both cases, in this way it is easier to know which of the two options can be used.

By Internet

First of all, you have to have your Unique Tax Role (RUT). ANDIt’s one of the requirements to enter the system page. if you have the RUT You can follow this step to carry out the procedure online:

  • option is selected Online Serviceswhere a menu is displayed in which the option monthly taxes must be selected.

  • Once you enter the page you must place the number of RUT and place the key in the corresponding box.

  • After you are already inside the system, you must enter the month and year that the tax will be declared.
  • Next, information on the tax to be paid will be displayed, it must be reviewed and if everything is fine, press send declaration.
  • Finally, the information on the declaration and the amount that must be paid for the tax will be displayed.

By office

When it is done, it must be declared and paid at the offices of the SII Internal Revenue Service. You must take the identity card or a Notary power and of course, the form 29, In the event that a proxy has to carry out the process of the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Once you have already had this requirement, follow these steps:

  • Once you have the requirements just mentioned, the taxpayer can go to any of the offices of IBS.
  • When you are already in the office, you must tell the agents the reason for your visit.
  • All the papers requested for the procedure are delivered to the staff that is tending to you
  • Then you must do everything that the staff tells you.
  • In the end, the tax declaration will have been made.

Who should submit it?

The people who must present the form 29are all those taxpayers who must comply with the sales and services tax law. In addition, they must not have carried out taxable or exempt activities for one or more tax periods.

It also applies to those taxpayers who must declare other taxes, where they show movements, which may be those that have fees withheld, declare income tax or other unique second-category taxes.


To pay the tax with the form 29 It can be used on each day of the current month, these are the days with which this document can be used:

eleventh day of the month

It is the last day of the month that you have to present the declaration form and simultaneous tax paymentwhere it can be paid by Electronic Payment of PEC Accountonly in the case of general taxpayers.

twelfth day of the month

On this day it is only the last day to make tax payments over the Internet with Online payment, for the payment of the tax on paper with payment and when it is declared without movements and without payment.

twenty-first day of the month

For those cases where it has to be declared by PEL Online Payment that are in the following conditions:

  • When you declare and pay for the page of Internal Tax Service (SII).
  • In the case of those taxpayers who meet the first category of the Law of income taxalso with the second category of this same law and those that issue electronic fee receipts.

twenty-second day of the month

Until this day there is an extension to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) through online payment with the form 29. Of course as long as it meets the following conditions:

  • If you declare and pay through the official page of the IBS.
  • It is also for taxpayers who with the first and second category of the Law of income taxin addition to those who make electronic payrolls.

Twenty-eighth day of the month

And this would be the last day of the month that taxpayers have to declare, but only if they do not have no movement and they can only make the declaration online, where they only have to declare since they do not have to pay anything.

In the same way, the procedure can also be carried out by a Smartphone, for in both cases you must use the form 29.

How to fill form 29 when in Excel?

You may get the form in Excel format, so it will indicate step by step what this document must be filled out:

Step 1

In the first box you must place the Unique Tax Role (RUT)It does not matter if the taxpayer is a natural or legal person.

Step 2

Then each box must be filled in according to the information indicated in it. What you can request the name of the taxpayer, the tax address, what you must pay for the tax among other things that the document requests.

The good thing is that each box is identified with the information you need to process the monthly tax.

Step 3

There are some boxes where the type of percentage that is charged for the tax is specified, which is related to the article 84 of the law on sales and services tax.

The form 29 It is more than anything a form that must be filled out by people, who are obliged to declare and pay VAT, a tax that must be processed every month of tax time. With this, the entire process that must be carried out by taxpayers governed by the law is formalized sales and service taxes.

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