Form 3230: Affidavit for Stamping Documents and/or Books

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To make an affidavit for stamping it is necessary to fill out a form. For this reason, we will explain how to work with the form 3230. Read on so you don’t miss a thing!

What is Form 3230 SII?

It is a document that is required of taxpayers so that they can stamp documentsIt does not matter if the taxpayer is a natural or legal person. With the form 3230 This management can be carried out, so the people who have to pay you first and second category tax

The stamp documents Its purpose is to legalize them, thus taxpayers have the opportunity to support the economic activities carried out. But with the stamping of the documents, the taxpayer can carry out various procedures by electronic means, thanks to the fact that with this operation several of the documents used in their activities will be authorized by Internal Revenue Service (SII).

To know how he form 3230 you can enter through this Internal Revenue Service (SII) pagein this way you can make the affidavit of stamping documents.

How to complete the Form?

Once you already have the document in your hands, you can see it indicate what information is needed to make the declaration. Well, so that you know how to fill out this form, the information will be indicated here so that you know what to place.

Date, stamp office and Unique Tax Role

They are the first boxes that appear on the form, only the day, month and year in which the procedure is being carried out must be placed. In case of Unique Roll Tributary (RUT), you should only place the name of the taxpayer who is making the sworn declaration for the stamping of documents.

It is also essential to indicate in which office the affidavit is to be made, of course there is a box to indicate this information at the top of the form.

taxpayer identification

Only the name of the taxpayer should be placed in the case that it is a natural person or the name of the company if it is the case.

Details of the stamping of documents and accounting books

In this part, everyone must indicate that the stamping is going to be done, in it all the documents that can be tribanjes will be specified, in addition the people who are filling out this form can indicate in what form the document is presented if in rolls , computerized boxes or checkbooks.

You can also see on the form the stamping time that the document will have.


The company itself has a legal representative who can be chosen by the partners of the company, here you must indicate the full name and the Unique Tax Role (RUT) of that person representing the company.

Person who performs the procedure

As all procedures can be carried out by a proxy or an authorized person, this part of the return must indicate who is responsible for processing the declaration of the document to be stamped, if it is the same taxpayer or if a collaborator of the same.

Only the full name and the Unique Tax Role (RUT) the representative is requested as well.

The signatures

Since this document must be signed to be valid, it must bear the signature of the legal representative and of the person who is going to pick up the documents once they are already stamped.


In case it is not clear to you how to carry out the procedure with the form 3230it comes with a small manual where the requirements to carry out the procedure are indicated, the code of the documents that must be stamped, the signatures of the people and finally there is a warning about how each company’s invoice should be.

What is it for?

The form 3230 has finished ringing the following:

  • Bills.
  • Honors ticket.
  • event tickets.
  • Credit notes.
  • debit notes.
  • Closeouts.
  • Cash register rolls.
  • Sales and service tickets.
  • Accounting books.
  • Invoice issued to sell products and services that will not be charged Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Bill of exchange.
  • Free formats with unique numbering.
  • Office Guide.

All these documents can be stamped throughout the year, that is, you can do it from January 1 to December 31. Of course, the procedure can only be carried out on working days of the stamp office, but this period of time is indicated so that the taxpayer knows that the days in which this procedure cannot be carried out are holidays

How to stamp documents?

Stamping a document consists of meet some requirements and follow some steps that are going to be indicated below, so that you already have a clearer idea of ​​what must be done to carry out this procedure. These are the requirements and steps that must be followed, in addition to the regulations by which this procedure is governed:


The requirements that a taxpayer needs to be able to declare the documents to be stamped are the following:

  • Unique Tax Role RUT.
  • Identity card.
  • simple power.
  • Form 3230.

  • Latest Forms 3230 (In the event that you have already carried out this procedure previously).
  • Worksheet of the monthly payment of taxes on the sale of products and services (Form 29).
  • The Documents that are going to be stamped, they must be organized, with numbers, either on the back, boxes or checkbooks as the case may be.

Steps to complete the process with form 3230

To ring with the form 3230 You only have to follow these steps, which are simple and any taxpayer can follow without problems.

  • Ask a printer to make the documents and you should be told the following:
    • Company name or name.
    • The Single Tax Role (RUT).
    • Tax Directorate.
    • The activities that are carried out in commerce.
  • search online for form 3230 or through the offices of the Internal Tax Service (SII).
  • After the form is obtained, it must be filled out carefully, it cannot have any amendments or deletions.
  • When the form is filled out and the requirements are completed, people must go to the ringtone area of ​​the office of the Internal Tax Service (SII).
  • After delivering all the requirements and the documents to be stamped, you must wait for the time indicated by the agent who is carrying out the process.
  • Finally, you only have to go on the indicated day with your identity card to pick up the documents that were stamped.


The rules by which the process of document stamping is governed are the following:

  • Law Decree 825this is the law on sales and services which governs the VAT tax.
  • Circular number 19 of 1995this circle refers to document stamping.
  • Exempt resolution number 18 of April 22, 2003it establishes that taxpayers have the authorization to make electronic and non-electronic tax documents.
  • Issuance and use of electronic tickets for schedules. This is governed by the rule 83.

  • Rule 86 with which taxpayers can carry out tax procedures electronically.
  • Now debit and credit notes, even export invoicing can be accomplished with the resolution 93.
  • When the purchases are electronic, the invoice can be made electronically thanks to the resolution 107.

With this information, you already have an idea of ​​how to use form 3230, which is an essential requirement to stamp documents, something that the Internal Revenue Service (SII) requires in certain documents used for economic activities.

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