Form 4415: Registration to the Unique Tax Role and/or Affidavit of Start of Activities

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There is a way to register the Unique Tax Role (RUT)That is why this time we are going to talk about what the form 4415. Read this article to find out everything.

What is Form 4415?

The form 4415 It is a requirement to enroll in the Internal Tax Service (SII) and so you can have the identity card Unique Tax Role (RUT)with which a common citizen becomes a taxpayer and in turn must indicate to the IBS the economic activities that are now going to be carried out.

In itself, it is a document for a person to officially register their economic activities.

What is Form 4415 used for?

As previously mentioned the form 4415 It is essential for a person to register as a taxpayer, which consists of register the economic activities of a person, it does not matter if it is legal or natural. In this way the Internal Tax Service (SII) it may be knowing where the taxes come from.

As is well known, any person who carries out economic activity within Chilean territory is obliged to pay taxes and for this reason it is necessary to register in Internal Tax Service (SII) and have your Unique Tax Role (RUT)which is an essential requirement for each taxpayer to be able to carry out all the corresponding tax activities.

For here you can know how he is form 4415.

How to fill out Form 4415?

In this part of the article it will be indicated what is to be placed in each box of the form 4415. This is what goes in each box:

Type of request

It is the first box that appears on the form, in which you must indicate which

will be the utility of form 4415since this spreadsheet can be used to RUT request, start of activities Y Request for the duplicate of the RUT.

Second box

In this box you must place the date when the procedure is being carried out, place the number of duplicates you want of the Unique Tax Role (RUT) and the way in which you want the documents you request to be delivered, if it is by the office or if you want the documents to be sent to you by mail.

Unique Roll Tributary

Only for those taxpayers who already have Unique Tax Role (RUT) and they just want to obtain a duplicate of this ID or to declare the economic activities that are going to start.

taxpayer identification

In this box you can identify the different taxpayers who can register their ID Unique Tax Role (RUT)from natural persons to legal persons and of course those foreigners who are going to start carrying out economic activities in Chile.

In this part of the form, you should only place the business name, full name, deed number, date the company was formed, the notary in which the company was managed, the type of visa, until when it is valid and the country of origin. Additionally, in this type of box you can also identify those organizations that also require a RUT which are published in the official journal of the constitution.

Domicile or headquarters

As it should be, it is necessary to know the location of the taxpayer, for this reason there are several boxes where you can enter a well-specified address, so there will be no problems when you have to send some correspondence or have to do an audit.

At the same time you can also place the necessary data of the taxpayers who are considered first class.

Branch office

This part of the form can only be completed if this document is accompanied by form 4416.

Only the address of the branch that the company is going to open should be specified, since this is one of the things that can be done with the form 4415.

Identification of partners and declaration of capital

When starting an economic activity it is necessary to have a capital that supports said activity, for this reason it must be placed when the business is starting.

Certainly there are businesses that are born from an association of people, if that is the case you should know it is necessary identify all the partners involved with their full name, their RUT numberthe contributions that it gives to the company and what are the profits that correspond to it.


In case there are other representatives of the company, it is necessary to place the full name and the RUT numberif you do not have it, you can place the Identity card number.

Person who carries out the procedure

You only need to place the Identity card number or the RUT numberthe full name of the person doing the processit does not matter if it is done by the taxpayer or by a person empowered.


In this last part is where the signatures of both the agent who is carrying out the procedure and the taxpayer requesting the service of the taxpayer are placed. Internal Tax Service (SII)

How to Start Activities in the Internal Revenue Service?

To start the activities in the Internal Revenue Service, it can be done by the office or by Internet, you just have to follow the following steps that will be mentioned below:

By Internet

  • Then a menu will be displayed where you have to select RUT and start of activities.

  • Then another screen will appear where there are other options, but you just have to choose start of activities.

  • Now in the start menu of activities where you have to select again start of activities.

  • After going through all those screens, it is when you finally enter the system where it will request the RUT number and key.

  • Once you enter the start of activities register, you must enter the information requested according to your case. When you have completed all the information, press the button continue.
  • Then the same system goes to show the information that I provided, verify it and if everything is correct, press the button Send.
  • You must now accept the terms of the evaluation remember to read the terms before accepting.
  • Finally you just have to clip on make start of activities and ready.

by the office

For those people who do not have free access to the Internet, this option can be useful, just follow these steps to declare the start of activities:

  • Gather all the requirements that will be mentioned later.
  • Go to the office of the Internal Tax Service (SII) closer to your home.
  • Indicate why you visit the office of the IBS.
  • Deliver all requested papers to staff IBS.
  • Carry out everything indicated by the staff to record the start of activities.
  • After the process ends, you must wait 48 hours for the start of activities to be registered and that would be all for this part.


The requirements that are needed to be able to register the Unique Tax Role RUT and the statement of activities are as follows:

Natural persons and residents in Chile

  • Identity card in original and copy
  • Notary poweronly if the procedure is going to be carried out by a third party.
  • Form 4415 already completed without deletions or amendments.
  • A Receipt of payment of any public service or a document where the address of the person can be validated.
  • VisaIn the case of having student visas, work, a document that accredits these activities must be shown.

People who are dedicated to transporting mining products

  • Documents that validate the transport of minerals
  • Accreditations of the address according to the following cases:
    • Taxpayers who make fee slips and are part of the second tax category.
    • At the same time there are also those taxpayers who belong to the first tax category.

Taxpayers with their own property

  • Current domain of the real estate conservator, original certificate.
  • Original of the appraisal in the name of the taxpayer.

  • Invoice of the property, issued by the corresponding entity.
  • Letter signed by the construction or real estate company that certifies the new owner.

Taxpayers with leased property

  • Notarized lease contract (must be in the name of the taxpayer or one of the partners).

Frequent questions

Surely in the process some doubts may arise, but the most common ones will be mentioned in this part:

Is it necessary to have an address to obtain the RUT in the SII?

Yes, it is necessary to have an address since it is one of the requirements that the IBS in order to grant taxpayers the Unique Roll Tributary.

How long does the process take to obtain RUT for companies?

Obtaining the RUT is immediate when it is done online, in the event that it is done by the office, you must wait for the time indicated by the agents in the office.

In the event that you want to receive a donation, do you have to present the start of activities if you are a cultural corporation?

No, as long as it shows economic activities that why a person must have a Unique Tax Role and declare the start of activities.

What should be done in the event that one data has to be corrected at the start of Internet activities?

In the case that it has to be corrected, you only have to enter the modifications and notices.

This does not apply in the event that it indicates it is of the first category when it is of the second category.

Work with he form 4415 It will not be so complicated anymore thanks to all the information that has just been shown, now you only have to follow these instructions if it is time to be a Chilean taxpayer.

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