Form 50: Monthly Declaration and Simultaneous Payment of Taxes

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For all of us who carry out activities that generate profits, there are taxes that are mandatory. We must be on the lookout to avoid fines and sanctions by the authority in charge. The Internal Tax System or SIIhas provided a series of forms to facilitate compliance with these procedures.

Such is the case of Form 50 for the monthly declaration and simultaneous payment of taxes. Below we will find information in a simple way, to achieve an effective record of the activities carried out that are taxed.

What is Form 50 SII?

Through this Form 50, all those persons, whether natural/legal or taxpayers, who due to the activities carried out have generated the obligation to declare and pay taxes, What Withholdings from people without residence and/or domicile in Chilean territory, trade in fuels, tobacco, exploitation in games of chance and others.

This statement can be done onlineby going to the website of the SII Internal Revenue Servicewhen completed, the system will show Form 50 in such a way that it cannot be modified, with the registered amounts and the calculation of amounts for legal surcharges, if applicable.

A payment corresponding to the declared taxes will be generated, it may be canceled through the platforms of the different financial institutions available to make the payment effective, under the modalities of Online Payment with the charge to the current account known as PEL, Payment under mandate, according to a prior agreement with your financial institution or PEC and online payment charged to your Credit Card.

Once you have made the payment, the previously registered tax return is validated.

It can also be declared and paid with Form 50 on paper, that can be obtained free of charge in the different SII offices.

What is it for

Form 50 of the Monthly Declaration and Simultaneous Payment of Taxes, as its name indicates, It is used to make the declaration and payment of different taxes, according to the terms required by law according to each tax..

That is, it is used to comply with tax obligations, including:

  • On Income Tax Lawthat from the Regulations on the Withholding of Income Tax, mainly applied to people who do not have a residence or domicile in Chilean territory and have obtained income from the activities mentioned in the law, the tax rates established in said law must be withheld. law and declare the corresponding tax in the fiscal coffers within the established legal terms, these withholdings are:
  1. According to Art. 74 No. 4 first paragraph, Additional Tax Withholdings Income Law, for permanent establishments:
  2. Payments for patents, trademarks, formulas, consultancies, exhibition of TV and film material, author of books or publishing rights, for services abroad, for technical, cultural, scientific sports activities to foreigners. Shareholders without domicile or residence-Remittances, profit withdrawals. Maritime shares, commissions and freight.
  3. Art. 74 No. 4 second paragraph. Income covered by double taxation agreements and/or withholdings.

  • For the right to exploitation, Art. 6 DL 2.312-1978 ENAP
  • By Law No. 18502, 1986, taxes on fuels, sale of diesel oil and automotive gasoline, compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas for vehicles.
  • By the Law on games of chance, casino entrance, horse betting.
  • By the Single Tax Income Tax Law for programmed withdrawals for free placement surpluses, technical consultancies, pension funds and Single Tax of workers declared by the workers themselves.
  • By Decree Law 828, 1974, tax on tobacco, cigars, cigarettes. manufactured tobacco.
  • According to Art. 97 of the Income Tax Law for reimbursement of returns.
  • By Law No. 18211 Art. 11Ad-Valorem Zona Franca, import of foreign goods to the Extension Free Zone.
  • By Law No. 18,892 Art. 43 of the Specific Tax on commercial fishing and aquaculture licenses.
  • For the substitute tax on accumulated income.
  • For the sole and substitute tax on excess withdrawals.

Deadline for Form 50

The term for the use of Form 50 of the Monthly Declaration and Simultaneous Payment of Taxes are variable and depend on the tax to be declaredthere being the possibility in several cases of being able to be declared several times a month, because the expiration date goes hand in hand with the date on which the generating event was caused.

It is said that one late statement when it is presented on a date after the due date of the taxes that compose it.

Instructions to complete the Form

The processing of Form 50 of the Monthly Declaration and Simultaneous Payment of Taxes, It can be done online and in person. at the SII Internal Revenue Service offices.

If you choose to do it online, you must have a computer with access to the web, you must have a secret password, otherwise, process it through the Internal Revenue Service website, in the Taxpayer Registration option.

In case of doing the process in person, you must go to any of the SII offices and request form 50, which it has no cost.

A model of Form 50 can be downloaded in PDF format, to be used as a draft and familiarize yourself with filling it out, accessing the web by clicking click here either here for more information.

When entering online using your Rut and secret password:

  1. Select the period corresponding to the declaration: you can do it within or after the term
  2. Fill in the fields of tax bases, the taxes will be calculated automatically, indicating whether the form is complying with the mathematical and logical formulas according to the information registered.
  3. If you do not want to validate the declaration, you have the option of saving the data to continue at another time.
  4. In cases where the statement is made after the deadline, that is, with the deadline expired, the system will automatically calculate interest, fines or readjustment.
  5. When you are sure of the data entered and satisfied with the results, validate the form.
  6. You can send the declaration, the system will show you the different financial institutions available so that you can make the payment online, selecting the different modalities.

Payment with Form 50 SII

Pay on line:

  1. Having selected to do the process online and sent the statement, you can select the financial institution from the menu that is shown, choosing the one where you have a checking account or have a credit card, you must have the amount indicated on your statement available for make the payment online.
  2. Then confirm the personal data, the selected financial institution and the amount to be paid for the tax, which must be the same as the declaration.
  3. After this confirmation, the system will take you to the platform of the selected financial institution, where you must authenticate with the instruments accepted by your bank and complete the steps to make the payment effective.
  4. At the end of the transaction with your bank, return to the system and if the payment has been accepted, you can access the solemn certificate issuance option of the form 50 declaration.

If you select payment with paper Form 50:

  1. The declaration must be delivered to the Banks or Financial Institutions authorized to receive it, together with the money corresponding to the amount of the declared taxes, it can be with cash or a check payable to the «General Treasury of the Republic».
  2. Confirm that Form 50 is stamped with the filing date of the return, keep the copy of the stamped and dated form.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Form fifty

How to correct a payment for less than the tax declaration?
The declaration will not be accepted, having to carry out the procedure as new, the amount of the payment made in error can be recovered in the General Treasury of the Republic.
What are the modalities available for the payment of taxes by Form 50 online?
The Online Electronic Payment, with Agreement in Checking Account and with credit card.
Can the deadlines for filing and paying taxes online be extended?
Definitely not, they are legally established deadlines.

We hope the information has served you! Regards.

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