Form F 30: Request for Certificate of labor and social security records

Do you need to obtain the certificate of employment and social security records? You’re lucky. You came to the right place. The procedure for your request is through the Form 30 Application for Certificate of labor and social security records.

Below you will find the various options for you to select the one that best suits your needs. The steps are simple and free. You can automatically access labor and social security conduct from the employer to present it to public or private organizations.

Form F30

Form F30 corresponds to the Document of Application for Certificate of Labor and Social Security Background. It is issued by the Labor Directorate, so that it can be presented in both public and private organizations. ANDThis request must be made by the employer or a person who is duly authorized.

With this Form F30:

  1. You can apply for certification only.
  2. Also the Registry.
  3. Obtaining the access code to the Web portal of the Department of Labor

This request can be made online or in person at the labor inspection office that corresponds according to the physical location of the company.

There is no time limit for making the request. May take place at any time of the year. D.according to the need to obtain the Certificate.

How to fill out the f30 form

The Form 30has three parts:

  1. The first part: Of the documentation to present. corresponds to the Basic applicant information. As the number of the Unique Tax Role Certificate. The name of the company/employer and the number of the Cédula de Rol Único Tributario and name of the Legal Representative, if applicable.
  2. In the second part of Individualization of the Applicant. Enter in detail the address of the parent company, street, number, commune, region, telephone and email address.
  3. In the Part No. 3 of Individualization of the person in charge of the procedure before the inspection. SThe data of the person who is going to carry out the process of obtaining the Certificate of employment and provisional records is placed.
  4. Check the procedure to carry out between Requesting the Certificate or both procedures. The Legal Representative must sign in the corresponding space.

Differences between form f30 and f30-1

The difference between these forms is that the Form F 30 corresponds to the Application for the Certificate of Labor and Social Security Background. The specific identification data of the applicant is placed there, who may well be a contractor or subcontractor.

Also the specifications corresponding to the owner of the company, work or work where the services are carried out and the data of the person who carries out the procedure before the labor inspection.

The Form F 30-1 is the Certificate itself, where the situation of the fines that are pending payment and do not appear in the offender bulletins is shown. The pension debts are also shown according to the offender’s bulletin and the corresponding resolutions for the fines.

How to obtain the labor record certificate

  • Via internet:
  1. Enter the website of the Work address
  2. Select Procedures and Services
  3. Enter the Employer Service menu
  4. Locate Certificates
  5. select Certificate of labor and social security records
  6. You will get a screen with information about the process
  7. select perform online
  8. Write your RUT and password, and click enter. If you are not registered, sign up.
  9. Click on the labor and social security record certificate and write the requested information.
  10. Select the generate certificate field.
  11. The Certificate will be issued immediately.
  • If you carry out the procedure through the Labor Inspection office:

Submit the requested documents and indicate your requirement to the official, make the corresponding payment, deliver all the documentation and wait for the certificate to be delivered.


To carry out the procedure via the Internet, you must have a Unique Tax Role Certificate and keythat is, you must be registered on the portal of the DT Labor Directorate, as an employer.

In case you are not registered, create an accountwhich will provide you with access to carry out online procedures related to: the registration of contracts for private home workers, registration of the notice letter for termination of contract, making requests for Certificates of Labor Compliance and Exceptional Hours, among many others. services.

The data you enter must be reliable, and may be reviewed by supervisory officials of the Labor Department.

To process the Application for a Certificate of Labor and Social Security Record by the officeshall present the Form F-30 Request for a certificate of labor and social security recordswith the correct information in each of the requested spaces.

He too Unique Tax Role RUT corresponding to the legal or natural person.

In the event that the process is carried out by a person representing the employer, present a simple Power of Attorney, stating their authority to carry out the process.

For this procedure, electronic transfers are not accepted, so the document that evidences the payment of the rights must be presented, these must be made at the State Bank, in the Current Account No. 9021574, in the name of the Labor Department.


Emphasizing what was said in previous paragraphs, The application process can be done at any time of the yearsince there is no limited term to be carried out, only the need to be presented to other organizations.

From its issuance, the Certificate of Labor and Social Security Background is valid for 15 consecutive days.

Cost of the procedure

Remember that there are two options, when selecting the option to carry out the procedure by via internet or online, will not have any economic charge, that is, it has no cost.

While if you select the option to manage the certificate of employment and social security records at the labor inspection office that corresponds according to the address of the company, you must pay $2,500.

Success! We hope the information has worked for you. Get your Form F 30.

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