How to know if I have a water subsidy: Documents to access the subsidy

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Something extremely fundamental for the life of a human being is the waterit is because of that It is one of the most important problems for a nation. Today there are very few countries that do not have drinking water service.

Many of these countries that They do not have access or the necessary buildings for water treatment. For this reason, neighboring countries have made relationships by prior agreement where they can exchange the precious liquid for some other product.

Nevertheless Much of Latin America does not suffer from this problem since it has many water flows. But maintaining this supply comes at a price that for many people can be high.

In the case of Chile, a project has been launched to provide its citizens with the possibility of enjoying this service through a subsidy. This subsidy has been implemented for those people who do not have the minimum resources to make the full payment.

Thanks to this we have brought our readers a practical guide to process this subsidy in case you want to process it. In addition, we will tell you some tips and advice so that you can carry out your process successfully.

What is the Water Subsidy?

To start fully on this topic, it is essential that we be clear about what this subsidy consists of. Mainly this is based on the discount of the final payment of the monthly bill supply of drinking water service.

This subsidy not only establishes a water distribution contract but also sewerage and sewage treatment. Basically this subsidy is in charge of everything that should normally be done with water within a nation.

That is why in different countries this service is usually quite expensive, due to the number of processes and its delicate maintenance. But not only for this reason, in some countries the cost is so high, since it can be difficult to extract and distribute.

Who can access the help?

To enjoy this subsidized service, you simply must be the head of the family. Likewise, you must form part of the subsystem Chile Securities and Opportunities.

You should also enjoy the pipes for access and waste wateras well as a single meter. Which will inform the regulatory authorities about the amount of water use as well as the accumulated price that is carried monthly.

For this subsidy you simply must be residing within the national territory. Just as you must also prove the economic situation in which you find yourself, this will allow you to establish the percentage of subsidy that you will obtain.

Documents needed to apply for the subsidy

If you want to process your drinking water subsidy, you must gather certain documents which will allow you to start the application for it. Next we will tell you the requirements that you must meet to process it:

  • present the last water service bill issued by the regulator.
  • Document that exposes and certify the current socio-economic situation From applicant.

These are the documents that they generally request, although in reality the same they are assigned according to the region or zone where you reside Remember that these documents they can vary and they do not ensure the granting of this subsidy.

How much money does the subsidy cover?

It is necessary that you take into account how much money this service can cover, also remember to save water so as not to suffer suspensions of it. This subsidy covers financing or cancellation between 25% and 85% of the firsts 15 cubic meters of drinking water.

However, it is worth mentioning that the percentage granted is determined by the location and the socio-economic level of the beneficiaries. In case of belonging to the project Chile Solidario or the Chile Securities and Opportunities subsystem you can receive the 100% subsidy.

This is a benefit that is very useful since you must not pay the first 15 meters cubic of drinking water. These represent a large amount in relation to the costs of this service.

where can i apply

At this point it is important that you take into account who will be in charge of collecting and granting this subsidy. The administration and capital is governed directly by the Chilean government.

In the case of the regulatory and controlling entity, it is in charge of delegating the Ministry of Social Development and municipalities of the country. That is why you must visit the offices of this entity to make claims and requests.

Remember that to apply you must attend the offices specially arranged to carry out this type of procedure. In turn, applicants will only be received if they meet the due messages or requirements.

How long does the benefit last?

This promising and very useful benefit has a net duration of 3 years, when the years are over, the suspension of the same is proceeded. But you have the option to renew the subsidy.

Please note that this renewal it is not done automatically, so you must meet the requirements again and formalize your renewal. This is done in the respective municipality of the area where you are.

It is also relevant that you know that the renewal It will depend on the availability rate.. As well as it will depend on the existing quotas in each registered commune within the town where you reside.

Reasons why you can lose the subsidy

At the time of receiving this subsidy, they will begin to keep a record of both economic and monthly water expenses by the regulatory entity. This to be aware if the beneficiary breaks with the terms and conditions of the subsidy.

Below we will tell you the causes of suspension of this subsidy, so that you can take your precautions when receiving the subsidy:

  • In case you move from area or commune.
  • If you do not inform the municipality of the change of residence, either within the same communal area or in another area. Must be informed in advance 30 business days.
  • Do not cancel the payment of the non-subsidized part of the use of drinking water. This can only be passed for a maximum of 3 installmentsOnce the established quotas are exceeded, the subsidy will be suspended.
  • Not meeting the documentation or requirements requested by the local municipality. To then monitor the socio-economic conditions required for this subsidy.
  • Suspend voluntarily.

Subsidy for vulnerable families

This drinking water subsidy does not only apply to lower-middle class people. Currently, special plans and subsidies have been generated for extremely vulnerable families.

You simply must be correctly registered in the Social Registry of Homes. In addition, then the head of the family must present an application in the municipality according to the area of ​​residence.

“It is a benefit that is delivered to the most vulnerable families in the country and that can subsidize up to 100% of the value for a maximum consumption of 15 cubic meters per month. As a reference, last year an average of 78,000 monthly payments were made in Maule for an annual cost of 5,700 million pesos. It is also important to consider that you can apply all year round” Seremi Prieto.


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