How to know if I receive family allowance: Documents to process it

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Within the primordial pillars for the development of a country is the family, within it the customs and teachings will be created. Many things that affect the social level depend on the family, which is why this issue must be treated with great care.

The support and maintenance of these generally They are in charge of 2 adults. In many cases there may be more, this will vary depending on the number of members it maintains.

Within the vast majority of countries Governments have been concerned about the economic situation of their inhabitants. Given this and to improve the quality of life Different family allowance plans and projects have been created.

Chile has not been the exception to this idea, since it has created its own family allowance. Therefore, today we have brought our readers a small and practical guide for the processing of said subsidy.

What is the family allowance?

To start, it is necessary to know what it means and what the operation of this subsidy is based on. well basically It is an economic aid provided and sponsored by the Chilean government.

This subsidy also known as Single Family Subsidy (SUF) is directed to those inhabitants of few or scarce resources. It is also specially designed for citizens who cannot access the benefit of the maternal or family allowance.

Mostly the applicants are workers affiliated to a provisional system. Once this subsidy is granted, the person begins to receive a remuneration according to their situation.

In addition, they not only receive financial aid but they will also have the possibility of enjoying different benefits. Among which stand out medical benefits both preventive and curative and dental for free.

Who is the family allowance for?

This benefit is granted to all those citizens who are not in a position to provide or maintain themselves. Much less contribute to the support of minors or older adults.

The people or applicants with priority for the granting of this subsidy are the following:

  • With the parental authority of disabled people.
  • Have minors under guardianship 18 years.
  • People applicant’s dependents indefinitely.
  • Citizens in extreme vulnerability.

The aforementioned characteristics are generally the cause of the delivery of this subsidy. In addition, they are usually the causes for which thousands of Chilean citizens request this benefit.

Documents to complete the process

At this point in the article you must be wondering what documents you must gather to start the application for this subsidy. Below we will detail each of these requirements:

  • certificate or birth certificate of the minor
  • copy of card certifying healthy child control. It must be updated and will only apply to children under 6 years of age.
  • Accreditation of the regular student certificate, this only applies to those over 6 years of age.
  • A copy of the Identity card or ID of the applicant, either of the mother if she wants to apply for maternity allowance.
  • Certify by the Commission for Preventive Medicine and Disability (COMPIN) the condition of people with intellectual disabilities. Which will be done by means of a declaration corresponding to the domicile or residence of the deceased.
  • If it is a minor, the quality of the good treatment of the person who has the parental authority of the minor must be certified.
  • When she is pregnant, she must process a certificate certifying the state of pregnancy from the fifth month of pregnancy. The same processed by a doctor or personnel within the Health Services or institutions authorized for these services.

We recommend our users to find out about the requirements on the web pages of the managing body. Because these requirements usually vary depending on the area where you reside or the type of applicant.

How to apply for family allowance

Currently, this procedure cannot be carried out via the web, therefore you must go to the offices of the competent entities to carry it out. Below we will detail the steps you must follow to process this subsidy:

  1. Gather the documents previously mentioned which are required to start the application process.
  2. now shall visit the municipal offices corresponding to your residence. In the following link you can consult the offices near your town Local Offices.
  3. Once inside, you must explain to the internal staff the reason for the visit; in this case, request the Family Subsidy (SUF).
  4. shall deliver to the people indicated to receive the requirements the collected documents previously.
  5. To finish you must await the response from said offices. Which you can obtain within the same offices where you make the application for the subsidy.}

The aforementioned steps may vary depending on the area where you are. We remind our readers to inform themselves with the people of attention to the public within these offices.

Cost of the procedure

To start the processing process You will not need to make any type of payment. Since this document is simply intended to benefit citizens without receiving any type of profit.


The duration of this subsidy is 3 years which will start counting from the month of issuance of the same. It should be mentioned that the competent authorities will keep track to verify that the beneficiary still meets the economic requirements to maintain it.

In the event that there is an improvement within the socio-economic situation of the subsidiary. The managing body or government You will have the right to cancel the enjoyment of the subsidy.

The grantee must certify annually that the deceased, in this case a minor, attends and participates in health programs. It is important to note that this must be done until the minor meets the 8 years old.

Payment dates and amount of family allowance

The payment of this subsidy will be made annually or monthly, for a current total amount of 12 thousand 364 pesos for family burden. It is worth mentioning that if it is the case of a disabled or invalid, the amount will be 24 thousand 728 pesos.

This will be awarded by the Social Welfare Institute (IPS). Which is governed and administered by the Government of Chile for its sustainable development.


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