How to know my Entel number: Everything they haven’t told you

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Entel was initially born providing long-distance telephone service. However, it extends its telephone service nationwide. Are you looking for how to know your Entel number? Keep reading!

What is Entel in Chile?

ENTEL, means National Telecommunications Company; in Chile It is the largest company that provides telephone service and information technology. It groups the largest number of users in mobile and fixed telephony.

It was founded in 1964 after the 1960 earthquake, when the government recovered the telephone service.

Entel was initially born providing long-distance telephone service, extends its telephone service nationwide and finally builds a satellite station for the transmission of the data and to provide the Internet service.

It is the first mobile operator in the country. Its affiliated companies include:

Entel Fone, Entel Telephone Services SA, Entel Inversiones SA, Entel Call Center SAWill SA, Enter Business Services SA, Entelfonia SA, Data Com SRL.

Services offered by Entel

The National Telecommunications Company in Chile, Entel offers its clients the services of:

  • Fixed and cellular telephony. Local and long distance.
  • Broadband internet and for the mobile phone.
  • satellite signal transport of tv and radio.

Within these services, presents different plans in mobile and fixed telephony, and in television and internet services; so that the client has the possibility of selecting the one that adapts to his possibilities and his needs.

In mobile telephony it presents the following plans:

  1. 13 GB of navigation, 350 minutes for calls and 400 SMS.
  2. 25 GB of navigation700 minutes for calls and 500 SMS.
  3. 35 GB of navigationunlimited minutes for calls and 700 SMS.
  4. 45 GB of navigationunlimited minutes, 700 SMS and 50% discount online.
  5. 60 GB of navigationfree minutes, 1,000 SMS and 50% discount online.
  6. The Free Navigation Planwith free minutes, unlimited SMS and 50% discount online.
  7. The Free Plan HD Free Navigation, with unlimited minutes and SMS and 50% discount online.

On the internet it presents the following plans:

  • Single Double Pack. Up to 10 Mbps download, simple internet, satellite TV with 85 channels of which 42 are HD. The installation has a cost apart from the plan.
  • Pack Pro. Internet Pro, up to 30 Mbps, satellite TV with 85 channels, including 42 HD. The installation has a cost apart from the plan.
  • The Double Pack Fiber 150. Internet Fiber 150, up to 150 Mbps, satellite television with 85 channels, including 64 HD. Installation is free of charge.

In fixed telephony it includes the following plans:

  • unlimited minutes for calls to a fixed network and 128 minutes for calls to a mobile phone.
  • Fiber Telephony . Unlimited minutes for calls to a fixed network and for calls to a mobile phone.

The Internet on mobile phones Broadband:

  • 9GB with a normal fixed charge.
  • 18GB with a fixed monthly charge.
  • 25GB with a fixed monthly charge.

For Roaming. Travel Plans and Programs

  • The 1-day Plus: With free navigation, 30 minutes for calls and 30 SMS. VAT is included.
  • The Pro 500Mbps: An extra fee for WhatsApp, 500 MB, 20 minutes for calls, 20 SMS plus 50 MB for WhatsApp. VAT is included.
  • the lite: Includes free browsing in traveling APPS, up to 1 GB per day. VAT is included.
  • for whatsapp 500 MB, voice services, messaging, document service, photos and videos.

Branches of Entel Chile

Entel Chile offers its services throughout the country. If you need to know the location of an Entel branch in Chile; close to the place where you are; visit the following link and you will get the information you require.

How to know my Entel number?

From the mobile, having a positive balance:

You can call the person who is near you, and then ask him to show you the number that appears on the screen of his phone.

If you don’t have anyone around, call or send a message to a family member. or friend and that they return the call or message indicating the number from which they received the same or the same.

From the mobile, if you do not have a positive balance:

For the subscription customers or prepaid customers You can call 301, select option 2, select option 2 again and finally option 12. There you will be given the information about your Entel number. If you are a controlled account customer you can call 103 and follow the operator’s instructions.

From your device

If you own an Android phone, select Settings or Configuration, then Device Status, continue with Status and lastly SIM Status. There the required information will be reflected.

Other methods to know your Entel number

If you have not been able to find your Entel number With the above recommendations, you can:

  • See the purchase invoice of the number of Chip Entel.
  • Look in the phone packaging.
  • Visit an Entel customer service agencywith your identity document.
  • calling *1#or simply by calling number 1 and the information will appear on the screen of your phone.

How do I make a claim to Entel Chile?

PTo make a claim in Entel Chile, you can attend one of their agencies or ; calling 123 from your Entel cell phone, selecting option 5; if you are a postpaid customer. If you are a prepaid customer, call 144.

How do I check my Entel balance?

To check the balance of your Entel mobile phone you can call the number 123, selecting option 1, if you are a postpaid customer; There you will find information about consumption and the rate plan.

If you are a prepaid customer and have a plan with cut; by calling 144 and selecting option 7, balance verification.

Other telephone numbers to contact Entel.

  • To lock the phone, call the number 103 or to the number 800367626, Customer Service.
  • Mobile Technical Service, call number 104 from a mobile phone or a landline or 6003700104.
  • Request Customer Service, call number 103, if it is from a mobile phone; to number 107 if it is from home, or to number 6003600103.
  • From the province you can consult by the number 080011110.

How to pay my Entel bill?

To pay your Entel bill you may.

  • In person Going to one of the agencies authorized Entel.
  • You can access the My Entel page online. Then select Pay Online. Then you select if it is mobile or landline. Enter the Unique Tax Role of the Company and the Unique Tax Role of the Administrator and your password.
  • You can also cancel your Entel bill, online, but through the page of your bank. following the instructions presented by each entity.
  • To cancel your Entel Internet bill, Go to the My Entel Hogar page, select the Online Payment option, and meet the requirements that are requested there.
  • Pto facilitate your online payment of the Entel bill, you can request that the monthly bill be sent to your email.
  • If you pay your Entel bill up to date and without delayyou will avoid the cut of the service, you will save for the extra payment of the reinstallation and you will avoid the inconvenience for the lost time, while it is reinstalled.

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