How to know my RUT: Documentation and requirements

You ask yourself How to know my RUT? Well, here you will be able to know everything about the documentation and the requirements you need in order to process this document satisfactorily.

If you want to know more about how to know your RUT, you just have to keep reading!

What is the RUT

The RUT or as some people usually call it, Single Tax Registry, It is characterized mainly by efficiently constituting each of the administrative mechanisms that are within the organization of the DIAN.

Is is one of the tools They were usually assigned to to be able to identify, locate and classify each of the functions of the persons and entities within the tax system.

Knowing that in the same way you can take into account each of your economic, commercial activities, patrimonial values, contributions and consumption. Clarifying and endorsing whether they can become filers or non-filers on the line tax.

Once people have been able to obtain the RUT, the DIAN by his part, its main function is to assign the user a Tax Identification Number or NIT.

Based on each of the functions, it can be said that the individual way of the person or the company, in general aspects, is the fact of being able to avoid classification errors. Since with it you can obtain a much clearer control over economic activity, in order to comply with other tax activities.

The RUT is one of the tools that is responsible for dividing people and other organizations. According to their economic and commercial function, these can be broken down as follows:

  1. All those people who have been taxpayers I are tax filers on said income.
  2. The Non-taxpayers declarants on each of the respective income and assets.
  3. those who are Withholding agents.

It should be noted that these are the people who, for their part, can take out the RUT tool, as long as they can comply with the purposes, which are established.

What is the RUT used for?

How to know my RUT? Why is the RUT necessary? These are some of the essential questions that people often ask to determine. the RUT is one of the most important tools for Chilean citizens.

We can say that the RUT, It can be one of the methods where it is possible to specify the identification and endorsement of each of the shares of each person or organization that may carry out commercial and economic activities within the country, acquiring in turn obligations with the Colombian State.

The main functions that the RUT tool can have are the following:

  • Being able to identify each of the commercial and economic activities that are registered in the RUT. By third parties with whom a commercial, labor or economic relationship is maintained.
  • It allows you, as the owner of the rut, the fact of being able to accredit and identify the different economic activities before third parties with whom a commercial, labor and economic relationship is maintained.
  • With the RUT, each one of the people can come to have knowledge about Customs and Exchange Tax obligations (TAC).


People should take into account that they do not always have the necessary economic activity to be able to be part of said activity. Therefore, only those people who meet the requirements mentioned below, are the ones who can enroll in the RUT.

Now, it can be said that these are the people who, thanks to the regulations present are those who must participate and register in the RUT:

  • All those Persons and organizations that for their part comply with the quality of the various taxpayers filing the income tax.
  • Those people who meet the Autonomous estates.
  • The people who occupy the positions of Foreign investors.
  • All Branches of legal persons or contrary to foreign entities.
  • Natural people that for their part can act based on the quality of legal representatives.
  • Any type of Persons and entities non-taxpayers of income and assets.
  • Natural and legal persons of the simplified consumption tax regime.
  • Persons responsible for the sales tax belonging to the different regimes that are held in common or simplified.
  • All those Persons or entities that on their part not responsible for sales tax.
  • Responsible for each consumption tax.
  • Persons who in turn become responsible for national taxes on gasoline and ACPM.

Any Chilean citizen should know what the RUT is and what it is for. It is extremely necessary for all citizens of said state, to know and be able to handle each of the functions that this entails.

Based on the fact that each of the functions sometimes does not usually identify and comply with the tax obligations of the income tax, of which they are assigned.

It has had to allow each of the agencies of the DIANthe fact of being able to maintain one of the controls that are related to economic activities and compliance with each of the obligations of each citizen with respect to the Condition.

Methods to search for people in Chile and find their RUT

If you are one of those people who is looking for a person in the Province of Chile, this is the perfect method to find it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a relative, a friend, an acquaintance or any person in particular. With whom you have a work relationship.

Here you will be able to know a little about each of the aspects that are extremely necessary to obtain each of the information regarding the services provided by the civil registry. Of course the identification.

However, this is something that is not always very easy to consult. In some kind of data in such an institution, in general, people usually deliver the data of another person can be something illegal.

Similarly, it can be said that the civil registry, is characterized by being one of the broadest mechanisms. Regarding the different tools that have as main function the fact of saving or containing the largest possible data.

This is done so that each of the citizens who are in the country can have as a general goal to provide each of the data that is directly related to the government. In order to promote transparency and identification of the same citizens.

In the event that the person has the RUT from someone else and you want to find some data about that person:

You can do it without any problem. You only have to enter through the following website. You can enter with the RUT code of the person.

Once the person has already entered the system, they may obtain personal and private information, such as your full name, residence address, date of birth, gender, age, religion, profession, and marital status, among others. In the same way, each of the people will be able to find more information, as long as it has been published by that person.

The web address that was mentioned before is fully available for several Latin American countries.

However, it can be said that currently it is not for Chile. Due to the policies of the Data Protection Law personal.

How does it work

This is one of the most interesting tools that Until today they have been debated, since they have multiple functions.

However, the method to find people in Chile is not yet available, for this Chilean citizens will have to wait another year, to see if it can be used in 2020.

But even so, this is a type of mechanism that is usually used to search for a person, it consists of entering the portal of the web page and with it being able to find a person by your identification number, name, surname, the address of your apartment, among other things.

In general, this is a type of procedure that people use when they are traveling or simply when they are lost.

What is the provisional RUT

As many people don’t know the provisional RUT It can be defined as a kind of wild card where people can obtain a work permit and remain in the place where they are, as long as it is a Latin American country.

In addition, it serves as an account style where companies that meet with AFIP, can pay directly to your RUT address, no need to have a bank account.

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