How to know which AFP I am affiliated with: Steps to follow

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Since people usually initiate some of the employment contracts, they should be fully aware that joining a Pension Fund Administrator it is one of the most important options you can have at that moment. What is known by its acronym? AFP? How do I know which AFP I am affiliated with?

This is one of the most important options that will be very useful for each and every one of the companies in which said person is working. This is where people must pay each of the mandatory contributions that they provide at that time on a monthly basis.

In those cases where people do not know in which AFP are you registered, is not a reason to worry or despair. Here each one of the individuals will be able to observe a small manual to consult it for free, easy and fast.

Now if you wonder How do I know which AFP I am affiliated with? You are in the right place, because you will be able to know what are the steps to follow to determine it. You will also learn some curious facts that perhaps you did not have in mind.

If you want to know which AFIP you are affiliated with, you just need to keep reading!

How to know which AFP I am affiliated with

For those people who do not know, with the RUT each one of the individuals could reach Check your AFP.

In the same way, each one of the people has an AFC in which each of the parts of the Unemployment Fund Administrator. It is also here where people can get a digital membership certificate in PDF.

As a second option, what people should do is be able to go to one of the main pages of the Superintendency of Pensions. These can be known by their initials of SP. Likewise, it can be highlighted as one of the most relevant web portals; Similarly, people should only enter by right-clicking to open a new tab hereyou can go to their website.

Keep reading this article before entering the web. You should know the following information before.

People will be able to see in detail each of the options shown in the blue menu. That is why people should click apart from User Support in the part of the top tab. They must also click on the query part of one of the affiliations in the button that follows it at the bottom.

From here is where each of the individuals must be completely redirected based on the tools of AFP query as long as these are provided by the SP.

In the same way, the individual must:

  1. Can enter with your RUT inside each of the boxes. Without the need for other types of characters that are special, such as hyphens or periods, to be presented.
  2. After people have entered the system with their RUT, they must be able to validate each of the security keys. Those are usually the ones shown in a picture. You can choose to confirm through an audio, as long as it is authorized.
  3. Likewise, each of the individuals must press the button of Seek. To find out if they are in the afip affiliation.

Once the person has seen if they are registered, if they belong to one of the lists, the same system will be in charge of granting one of the certificates of the AFP affiliation in pdf format.

It should be noted that in the membership certificate each of the people will be able to see their full name and their assigned RUT number. Throughout the system, people can see in a more specific way In which AFP branch are they included?. Especially from what date they are registered. In addition, they can get to know their savings balance, as well as the commissions and each of the contributions generated to date.

In the same way, the system gives the person the opportunity to simulate their retirement pension. In case the job where you are is going to assign one.

Those people who plan to change their AFP branch, you can make some type of transfers related to the funds and more. This document can also be saved or printed in order to have it at your disposal when necessary.

In those cases where people have tried to consult their AFIP number or account, and an error has occurred, they can remember that the main offices of the same entity are always available, so it is recommended to attend in case of occurrence A fail.

Another way in which people can report a bug is through their customer service. Where it is very useful for those people who cannot go to one of the central branches.

In the same way, any of the phases are extremely important, so that the client can recover his account at least to know if he ever had one.

What to do when I’m already a member

Those people who are already affiliated only have to keep in mind what they want to do with respect to the account. Whether to keep it as a savings base, or if they simply want to change to another type of modality or account that can allow them to be more efficient.

Likewise, once people are inside the AFIP system, what they mainly have to do is create a savings method with respect to each of their funds. Even so, the same organization is the one that has the saving methods, with respect to the user’s pensions.

What is an AFP

The Pension Fund Administrator, better known by its acronym AFP, can be defined as one of the organizations that works directly with the collection of taxes in an autarkic way. Where they are directly related to the Argentine State, which is characterized by being dependent on the Treasury.

It is one of the organizations in charge of the applications. As well as its perception, collection and, of course, its control. Based on each of the incomes and taxes around the national level. Both internally through the General Tax Directorate, and on payroll through the General Directorate of Social Security Resources. As external through the General Directorate of Customs.

Likewise, and within its powers, it is responsible for regulating the obligations and rights of taxpayers.

How to change my AFP

In the case of the person who, for their part, knows that they are affiliated with one of the AFP accounts they can enter the main page in one of the virtual branches. They may also have the option of change AFP branch.

Likewise, people can be allowed to make any type of transfer of their funds and many more things.

Although before the same users have the possibility to switch, they must manage to take into account in the first place if the same branch exists in their country. That it is nearby to address when required.

In the same way, people must be able to take into account, before being able to change, the quality of each of the services that customer service can offer. As well as each of the information and advice that may be provided to said AFP user.

It can be said that capitalization and profitability are one of the main factors that are mainly used to achieve improvement based on the savings plan of said pensions. For that moment has the individual.

Since many of the branches can manage differently, each of the administration costs. It can also be said that each of its actions are subject to change.

The Pension Funds Administrator It is characterized by presenting in the first instance each of its belongings in an old way, likewise each of them is fully capable of accepting the change, this will let the person know that through the means of communication that they presented at the time of your affiliation either change, they can be effective.

Once the change has been made successfully, the new Pension Fund Administrator will inform you within a couple of business days,

It should be noted that people are also fully responsible for each of their payments, with respect to the current contributions; In the event that the user is a dependent employee, they are the ones who must deposit each of their quotas in the new sued branches.


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