How to recover a Falabella ballot

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How to recover a Falabella ballot, It is the doubt that arises when you are damaged or lost. Falabella also offers you various alternatives to obtain it.

Below we will indicate each of the forms of How to recover a Falabella ballot, and so you can have your ballot that you need so much to keep your accounts controlled.

How to recover a Falabella ballot

How to recover a Falabella ballot, It is a process as easy as when we make our purchases.

The famous Falabella, always thinking about how to provide services to its customers, makes good use of technology. It is not required to leave home, nor do queues to be well attended, since the entire process can be done online.

It is likely to do so, through your mobile phone smart, and also from your Pc or by a laptop, you can select the means that seems most comfortable to you, the result will be satisfactory for any of the mentioned alternatives.

When there are various documents, that is, amounts of invoices or ballots, the most common is that they are downloaded by compressed files, in moto ZIP.

In order to recover the Falabella ticket, in addition to a device with an internet connection, you need the RUT linked to the lost invoice, do not forget that when you make your purchase, the seller asks you for the RUT for the issuance of said ballot.

The steps to follow to carry out the process recovery of the ballots, we indicate them below:

  • You enter the Falabella web portal.
  • If you are already registered, you enter with your username.
  • In the alternative that indicates purchases, click the one that corresponds to the invoice you want to recover.
  • You choose the category of ballot recovery.
  • And you choose the option to print.

Also, it is possible to access the following link To Print Ballots, from the proposed alternatives you select the one you consider most suitable.

  • Consult with RUT.
  • And Consult by Invoice Number.

The latter is highly recommended, for when you want to keep a record of what was spent and the original invoice has been spoiled.

What is Falabella about

Deal with Falabella, is to refer to one of the largest and most solid companies in Latin America.

Since it is made up of a diversity of companies, among the best known: a Bank, with the complete services that this mode of commerce deserves, with the benefit that in case of having Bank cards Falabella, you become qualified as a customer of Falabella.

This way you can make your purchases in one of the stores FalabellaYou can also travel with Viajes Falabella, or take precautionary and protective measures, joining the Insurance Agency Falabella, or enjoy the services of Falabella TV.

As well as, you can count on the virtue of paying with credit instruments Falabella, in more than 20,000 businesses nationwide, such as restaurants, supermarkets, service stations, among others. Making purchases much more possible, by having the app available to download Falabella by the Play Store.

In a summarized way, you have to Falabella, was formed in 1889, a period in which Mr. Salvatore Fabella, originated the first great tailor shop in Chile. Soon after, Mr. Alberto Solari, who makes up the clothing store, is set up by including new products and more places for sale.

In accordance with the economic variants of the 1960s, companies Falabella, begins its expansion phase, both in Santiago and in other regions, starting its first trade in Concepción.

Twenty years later, extending their services and with the goal of satisfying the demand of their clients, they originate the CMR Falabella, that is, their exclusive credit card. Generating a simpler and more flexible payment method.

For more than 112 years, Falabella It is committed to improving the living conditions of the Chilean family, and the countries where they exist.

How to buy at Falabella

Falabella offers you diverse and varied methods for you to carry out your shopping, through the technology that is present in them. Regardless of the method you prefer, the quality of all services is the same, as well as the guarantees you get for each purchase.

The well-being and speed are preserved, the support and security according to the product purchased, the attention so that your purchase is achieved, is present in each of the methods shopping.

By phone

  • This service is at your provision From Monday to Sunday, you can contact the telephone numbers 600 390 6900, and from your cell phone at 02 – 390 6980. A sales executive will attend you immediately, who will attentively provide you with advice to advise you on what you want to buy, the means of payment and where you want it to be sent to you.
  • In addition to this, to ensure your purchase, you will be in Contact with them to validate the purchase and make the delivery, communicating with the contact number that we indicate.
  • And if you are outside of Chile, it is also possible for you to shopping in this way, with the condition that the dispatches are within the region of Chile. You can call 56-02-390 6980, being able to pay with your Visa, MasterCard or Diners credit card.

Buy via Online

  • From the Falabella website, you must be registered and start the session. If you are not already, Sign up.
  • Once you log in, you select your product and place it in the bag.
  • Choose the address where you want to receive your purchase, with the alternative of adding a new one or changing the existing ones.
  • You select the dispatch mode, choose the date and time arranged for you to perceive your product.
  • If you have a discount coupon available, you must activate it.
  • In this step you select the payment method for the purchase.
  • Confirm the information in the purchase breakdown.
  • Click on the alternative to pay.
  • At the end of the previous steps, you will receive a confirmation message and the receipt with the data related to the purchase made to your email address.

Payment methods and discount coupons

To make your purchase in Falabella, online or by phone, you have the following payment methods:

  • With the CMR Card: They accept CMR, CMR / Visa or MasterCard CMR cards, you can have exclusive prices and promotions. In addition to adding CMR points on all your purchases, and acquiring the most attractive interest rates on the market.
  • With Bank Cards: It is feasible to use credit cards issued both in Chile and in another country, with the limitation that the latter do not accept the payment method in installments.
  • Through Redcompra: You can pay for your purchase, using any Debit Card from the national bank. The process is very simple and fast, complying with the entry of your bank details and the pertinent passwords.
  • Through cash payment at Servipag branches: This payment instrument is available when you reserve your purchases online through, and later make the payment in cash at any of the Servipag offices nationwide.

Discount coupons

If you have discount coupons, you must be very aware that they have an established effective date, to use them by completing the following steps:

  • When you are choosing the payment method, click on the category that indicates the Discount Coupon.
  • In the next window, you activate the coupon, indicating the code and click where it says Add.
  • Once the discount coupon is incorporated, it will be applied automatically to your purchase.

Home delivery and shipping costs

When you make your purchase in Falabella, you have the alternative that your new acquisition be delivered to the address you specify, and at the date that suits you.

During your purchase process, click on the category “Home delivery”, will come out the various options regarding the dates and times available.

Just like him cost delivery, which will depend on the commune, the size of what was purchased and the place of origin of the product.

To extend the information in this regard, we recommend that you enter your Web page to know about the Dispatch and costs Falabella.

Falabella stores in Chile

Today the renowned Falabella has 46 stores in the extension of the Chilean territory, considering that they offer you a robust inventory of services, such as Travel and Falabella Insurance.

To know about the exact sites of these stores, and see their products you can enter the following link Falabella stores.

How to register in Falabella

To bring the Registration As a Falabella client, you are required to enter certain personal data, such as your name and surname, RUT, your mobile phone number, your email address. Create a password, according to the guidelines indicated, check the boxes accepting the terms and conditions, as well as the respective authorization for the use of your personal data.

By completely filling the form and send it, you can now start enjoying the exclusive benefits and offers that Falabella offers you.

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