How to recover Junaeb Card

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The JUNAEB Card is a benefit provided by the state of Chile, to the approximate number of 550 thousand students who are studying in higher education. A fundamental contribution in this period of health crisis, due to the unexpected pandemic of the coronavirus. Due to various circumstances, many students today wonder Do youHow to recover Junaeb Card?

For your peace of mind you are the ideal place to know How to recover Junaeb Card, We have for you the information about the process, to clarify your doubt and the steps to follow for the process.

How to recover Junaeb Card

The Food Grant for Higher Education It is an aid provided by means of an electronic exchange card, to be used in a network of stores for the sale of food products and supermarkets.

Its main objective to support the permanence and discharge of higher education of those students in vulnerable situations, through the delivery of this card for their food.

The BAES Scholarship designation is exercised through the Ministry of Education (Mineduc), only for current students between the 1st to 6th level of income, and that from the year 2019 are chosen with the following Credits and Tariff Benefits programmed by the Ministry of Education and the Entrance Commission.

Also supplied to first-year students in courses superior that are benefited from the help of gratuity.

However How to recover Junaeb Card, in a situation of loss or theft of this beneficial card:

  • You must make the Blocking of your electronic card by means of a phone call to the Sodexo Call Center number (800 646 155, option 1),
  • You can also block it by entering the official website of JUNAEB.
  • When you already have the lost or stolen card blocked, Sodexo will produce a new card, which will be delivered to UAH after 10 business days. As well as, they will send you a notice by mail indicating when said card arrived at the university.
  • You will have to go to the DAE after the ten business days have elapsed, to obtain the new
    card, supplying your CI. They will make you sign a record of awarding the scholarship.

What is the Junaeb Card and how is it used

Due to the contingency at the national level due to COVID-19, various students they wonder how to use their Junaeb card during this circumstance.

In response to the issue, Sodexo has established two modalities that will make it easier for you to use your benefit, without having to expose yourself to possible infections and without having to depend on having your card in your hands:

In-person payment with rout and dynamic password

  • Indicate your RUT to the cashier and then supplies the dynamic password that originates from the SODEXO App, “Payment” option, or on the site, alternatively “Dynamic password”, or also by calling the toll-free number 800 646 155, after pressing your Purchase PIN ( key made up of 4 numbers with which you buy in the rest of the various shops).
  • Important: You have 90 minutes to use it. You can originate it before starting your purchase or in the queue. Since it allows you to use it only 1 time.
  • You can use it to validate the payment in shops Santa Isabel, JUMBO, Mayorista 10, Unimarc, ALVI, OK Market and AbuGosh supermarket (Punta Arenas).

Online payment

  • This payment system is made in the Sodexo App, and it allows you to pay in various restaurants and online stores so that you can make purchases without leaving your home (for Santiago and Bio-Bio, for the moment). For the latter, you have at your disposal:
  • OLMAX, online market with services of boxes of merchandise, fruits and vegetables.
  • Language Out, with merchandise boxes and promotional products.
  • Tatio Store, with available products without or low in sodium and merchandise.
  • Natural Station, healthy food supermarket, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan products.

We want you to take care of yourself, and it is everyone’s duty to avoid the spread of this virus, so we suggest you take all possible precautions and follow the government’s instructions to avoid further infections.

Arcos Students

If you are a student of Arcos Institute and you have questions about obtaining and / or receiving your card, we encourage you to seek contact with those in charge of the DAE, through the emails and

How to activate the Junaeb Card

With the card in your possession, activate it in SodexoApp in your web address, supplying your RUT and your password received in your consigned e-mail.

The platform will deploy a form that you must fill in with your personal data and your card will be activated.

How to unlock my Junaeb Card

If by mistake or carelessness you left blocked up the card, do not worry because you have the possibility of unlocking it, but always when this process is carried out immediately after blocking.

You must go to your study center and ask to be communicate Contact your Sodexo executive to complete this process. Otherwise, you must wait until the 10 days are up and go to the DAE Secretariat to remove the new plastic.

Replenishment time of my Junaeb Card

The waiting times are 10 consecutive days. Once this period has elapsed, you must contact the telephone number 2274125, to find out if your new JUNAEB card has arrived at the PUCV.

Your new card will be delivered to the Benefits Unit – DAE, located at Yungay Street No. 2872, second floor, in Valparaíso.

What can I do if I forget my password after activating my card?

If you forgot your password, you can get it back on the website of JUNAEB. With a Sodexo operator or if you prefer directly on the official website of SODEXO, in the category of recovering your password. By choosing this option, you will automatically receive a new password to your personal email, which you must modify to use your card.

Junaeb Scholarship Amount

In order to support the registered students In higher education, a variety of scholarships and benefits have been created for students in vulnerable situations.

One of these is called Food Grant for Higher Education or BAES Scholarship, a benefit awarded by means of an electronic exchange card, to be used in commercial premises that sell food and also supermarkets.

This scholarship is made up of an amount of $ 32,000 monthly. It is delivered to students between the 1st to 6th income decile, and who, as of 2019, are chosen with the following credits and benefits:

First year students:

  • Bicentennial Scholarship
  • Juan Gómez Millas Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • PSU Score Scholarship.
  • Scholarship for students who are children of Education Professionals.
  • University Credit Solidarity Fund.
  • New Millennium Scholarship
  • Technical Excellence Scholarship.
  • Teacher Vocation Scholarship
  • Articulation Grant.
  • Credit with State Guarantee.

Students of higher courses:

  • Bicentennial Scholarship.
  • Juan Gómez Millas Scholarship.
  • Scholarship for students who are children of Education Professionals.
  • New Millennium Scholarship.
  • Articulation Grant.
  • Credit with State Guarantee.

The BAES Scholarship is also awarded to students from first year and higher courses that they have gratuity.

Reasons for losing the Junaeb Scholarship

Students presenting any of the following situations will lose their BAES JUNAEB (JUNAEB Higher Education Food Grant):

  • When the student cannot withdraw his card within a maximum of 30 days, or do not use the balance of your JUNAEB card for a period longer than the 60 days.
  • When the student relates more than 4 reruns of your electronic JUNAEB card, during the course of the same school year.
  • Due to the decrease in quality regular student, as in cases of graduation and / or graduation, academic suspension or permanent withdrawal from their academic studies.
  • By end of term of the Scholarship or end of the maximum period of enjoyment established for the BAES Scholarship, in connection with the duration of the degree. One year in those careers whose study plans are extended by 8 semesters or more.
  • In the case of the student career change or from the Institution of Education from the second year onwards (in higher education).
  • If the student is penalized for using inappropriate of the Scholarship. In cases such as: consumption of Alcohol, Cigars or other products that do not belong to the food category.

Remember that if you use the BAES in supermarkets, you must buy only necessary food, since the acquisition of utensils for hygiene, personal hygiene or others outside the food line is strictly prohibited.

How long is the maximum benefit time while I am at the University?

The maximum duration of the BAES Scholarship will be indicated according to the duration true of the career at the time of having the benefit, always having the Scholarship or the Credit that gives source to the BAES assignment.

The maximum time this lasts benefit is regulated as follows:

  • Professional careers up to 8 semesters in length: it will be extended for a maximum additional period of 2 semesters to the official duration of the profession.
  • Professional Studies of 9 and more semesters in duration: it is extended for a maximum additional period of 2 semesters, linked to the formal duration of the degree.

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