Make the certification of your studies in the MINEDUC of Chile

Overcoming each educational level is a challenge for many, a journey for others, but at the end of the day, we all rejoice and celebrate the achievement of having completed each stage. what better way to demonstrate our progress before an authority of any kind (an employer or institution) that with a certificate issued by the Conditionso that there is no doubt about it?

That is precisely the function that study certificates fulfill throughout Chile.

That is why here we will show you how to obtain your certificate of studies, where and what it will serve you in the future. We hope you enjoy it

What is a study certificate?

The certificate of studies It is a document that certifies that an individual has successfully completed some level of education in Chile.

It is usually used to demonstrate and report the academic courses that we have gone through throughout our lives, whether at the primary, secondary or higher level.

What is it for?

Mainly, being used more than anything to show that you attended high school or equivalent, the certificate of studies It allows us to accredit this in front of higher education institutions, so that you can enroll in them confirming your basic knowledge.

It also works if you haven’t finished a year or academic level, allowing you to apply for continue or resume from the beginningespecially in institutions of baccalaureate, professional training, artistic knowledge and even general basic education.

It is a useful tool when filling out our resume, since in this way the employer to whom we apply can recognize the studies we have and the institutions we have gone through without fear of being scammed.

It is also an essential requirement if we wish to make a transfer from one school to another, because it works as insurance for the levels that we have already completed and that we still have to start. This occurs very frequently in high school, technical schools and universities, where students can withdraw and resume their studies at other institutions.

for the top level (technical or university), this certificate allows you to obtain your degree or title certificate. In addition, since these usually take time to be issued, during this time your study certificate fulfills the function of demonstrating that you have completed your training, more than anything when you want to start in the workplace or when you want to apply for plugins for your education, such as postgraduate degrees or even exchanges.

count on your certificate of studies It allows whoever hires you to verify your educational level based on this document, and since it is reviewed by the Ministry of Education, it guarantees the veracity of your educational commitment, which occurs mainly with people with specialized studies.

Even if you do not have such specialized studies, the certificate of studieseven if it is from your secondary level, it allows you to apply for jobs that do not need such specific knowledge, but only something more general, such as the subjects that are seen in high school.

Who issues it?

The ccertified of studies is a document issued by the MINEDUCsee, the Chilean Ministry of Education.

This is the State body in charge of promoting development at all levels of the education in Chilein a free, stimulating and current way, and that watches over the rights of students, both in the public and private sectors.

It is the one that, together, is in charge of designating the conditions to practice education within the country, including the safety of educators and members of the administrative staff of the different private institutions.

The MINEDUC It is the State body to which a young person or a teacher can turn when a problem arises in an educational institution of any kind. From irregular situations in the logistics and methodology in the institutions, to demands and claims that are made to those responsible for them.

Its main mission is to ensure inclusion in the classroom and the quality of academic training in a secular, respectful and that promotes solidarity and equityalong with expanding the possibilities for students to remain in classes, despite situations of poverty or isolation, providing aid such as bonuses and other benefits.

It is also in charge of the educational development of the country through the creation of policies and regulations within the educational system, from the lowest to the highest levels, in public or private institutions.

How to request it?

Currently, there are three services that the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) presents to citizens so they can get their certificate of studies and these are:

  • Via online.
  • In office.
  • By phone.

In all three cases, the information and documents required to maintain the security and personal nature of the process must be submitted.


In the three presentations of the service to get your certificate of studiesa series of data must be taken into account to ensure the veracity of your identity and your information regarding your education.

These requirements are:

  • Your Unique National Role (RUN).
  • Your full names and surnames.
  • Your date of birth.
  • The course up to which the education must be accredited.
  • The year in which the course was taken.
  • The name of the educational establishment to which you are affiliated.
  • The address (community) where the establishment is located.
  • If free exams were taken, and if they were not taken, explain the modality of the studies.

Annual Study Certificates

The annual certificate of studies is a document issued by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) which proves that a citizen passed a certain year or course.

To achieve this, the same procedure is followed as with its similar ones, and some conditions must be taken into account.

To keep in mind:
  • All applicants who have completed their studies in or during the year 2002 can request their certificate of studies by the Web page of Ministry.
  • If this is not the case, the applicant must attend an office of MINEDUC or of chile attendsor call 600 600 26 26 and request your certificate.
  • Chilean citizens or those who studied in Chile who are not in national territory, have the option of requesting their annual certificate of studies calling the service specially authorized for your cases, through the +56 2 2406 66 00.

You can carry out the procedure throughout the year in any of the aforementioned options, free of charge (as it is a procedure issued by the Condition, without the need for transport or search in physical records). By doing it online, it can be sent directly to your email.

The annual certificate of studies has a validity of 90 daysas its use is so immediate, so if this period expires you will have to request it again.

Secondary Education Licenses

A high school license It is a document also issued by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)which demonstrates only that the holder completed this level of education.

It contains the information of the establishment, the year in which the course was carried out and the modality of the study, all this in relation to the mid-level studies of the person.

It is expressly addressed to all those who completed high school in their entirety, and consequently, basic, so that they can accredit both levels educational in a single document.

It must be requested under the same process as its peers, including the option to process it online. You can do this by entering this linkwhich will take you to the website of the MINEDUCwhere you can apply for your secondary education license.

To keep in mind:
  • The online application can only be made by people who finished fourth grade during and after nineteen ninety five.
  • If you do not fall into this category, you can call 600 600 26 26 to access your teaching license or secondary education.
  • Chilean citizens or those who studied in Chile who are not in national territory, have the option of requesting their high school license calling the service specially authorized for your cases, through the +56 2 2406 66 00.

You can go through this process at any time of the year, taking into account that it is valid for 90 days followed. That is why we recommend that you submit it as soon as possible, so that you do not have to go through the process over and over again for not measuring your times.

Steps to follow

There are three options for you to get your certificate of studies, each one more practical and simple than the previous one. Here we will show you how to carry out the process:


  1. Enter the MINEDUC website.
  2. Click on the window «study certificates».

  3. Write your Unique Tax Role (RUT)date of birth and email if you are the owner.
  4. Add the code they send you to confirm your identity.
  5. Select search, and find the option for the certificate of studies.
  6. Ready! The certificate will be sent free of charge and automatically to the mail that you have affiliated with, with its digital seal.

In office

  1. Go to any of the offices of Help from MINEDUC or of ChileAtend.
  2. request your certificate of studies in front of the official in charge of serving you.
  3. Deliver the information and documents already mentioned.
  4. You finished your application! The person in charge will tell you the estimated date of when you can pick up your certificate and will return your documents.

By phone

  1. mark the 600 600 26 26 if you reside in Chilean territory.
  2. mark the +56 2 2406 66 00 if you find yourself living abroad.
  3. Indicate that your call is to request the certificate of studies, without explaining the reason (this information is not required).
  4. Submit your personal data: your Unique Tax Role (RUT)full names and surnames, institution you attended, etc., and an email.
  5. Check your email! The response to your request should appear promptly in it, accompanied by your Certificate of studies from Chile.


The certificate of studies It is a requirement to achieve different benefits given by the Condition Chilean, such as student vouchers, especially for students who live in the most remote areas, discounts on some services, such as public transport, among others.

Not only this, you certificate of studies it will enrich your resume (especially for higher levels of education), demonstrate the validity of your courses and work as rprerequisite to climb the educational levels.

Both inside and outside the country, it is important and very useful that you keep your documents at hand, and that be on the lookout of those that have a shorter validity period, so that your request does not take you by surprise or delay the rest of your processes.

The certificate of studies it is the purest instrument we have to demonstrate our knowledge. It is the key that opens the doors for us to demonstrate our abilities as professionals in the field that we have specialized in.

Therefore, tell usHave you already got your certificate of studies from Chile?

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