Procedures and Requirements to be mayor in Chile

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Do you want to be an active member of your community? Participate in municipal politics? If so, being mayor is an option. If you have already considered the idea of ​​running for mayor in Chile of your municipality, we will teach you the requirements to be mayor in Chile.

Requirements to be mayor in Chile

The Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile establishes in its article 124 that the requirements to be Mayor are:

” Article 124. To be appointed mayor or governor and to be elected regional councilor, mayor or councilor, it will be necessary to be a citizen with the right to vote, have the other suitability requirements that the law indicates and reside in the region at least in the last two previous years at your appointment or election (…) ”

Therefore, to be Mayor in Chile, you need to meet the “suitability requirements established by law.” These requirements are found in the Organic Constitutional Law of Municipalities (article 73):

Article 73.– To be elected councilor [y alcalde] is required:

  • a) Be a citizen with the right to vote;
  • b) Know how to read and write;
  • c) Have residence in the region to which the respective commune or group of communes belongs, as appropriate, at least during the last two years prior to the election;
  • d) Have your military status up to date, and
  • e) Not being affected by any of the disabilities established by this law.

Anyone who is dependent on narcotic or illegal psychotropic substances or drugs may not be mayor or councilor, unless their use is justified by medical treatment. There are also the so-called conditions of incompatibility with the position. These conditions are given so that there are no people with two public positions.

Documents to be Mayor in Chile

To be mayor in Chile, you must present the corresponding documents that certify all the aforementioned requirements. Therefore, always keep in mind your requirements to be mayor in Chile. These requirements will also depend on the form of your candidacy, whether by a political party or independently.

Steps to run for Mayor in Chile

If you meet the requirements to be mayor in Chile, you must follow the following steps for your qualification:

  • First, make sure you meet the requirements and do not have any conditions of incompatibility with the position (Article 59, constitutional organic law of municipalities).
  • Municipal elections will be held every four years, on the last Sunday of October¸ so that the candidacies for mayors and councilors may only be declared until midnight on the 90th day prior to the date of the corresponding election. Said application may be made by political parties, or independent parties (Article 106 to 108 LOCM)
  • After its presentation, the candidacy will be accepted or rejected depending on whether it complies with the request or not. Task performed by the Regional Director of the Electoral Service (article 115 LOCM)
  • Later they will be registered in a special registry. From this moment on you are participating as a proper candidate. (Article 116 LOCM)

Do not forget to carry out your electoral campaign!

  • Once the voting day has arrived, and the process is finished, the candidate with the highest number of validly constituted votes will be elected mayor.

That’s how it is! These are the steps to run for mayor in Chile. Depending on your region, there is no difference as a general process at the national level and is regulated by the Electoral Service of Chile.

How are mayors elected in Chile?

The election of mayors in Chile, as in many democratic countries, is through universal suffrage. And so the municipal law establishes it.

Article 57.- The mayor will be elected by universal suffrage, in a joint vote and a separate ballot from that of councilors, in accordance with the provisions of this law. His mandate will last four years and he may be reelected.

The candidate who obtains a majority among the validly cast votes is elected, that is, without counting blank or invalid votes.

Functions of a mayor in Chile

The mayor or mayoress is the highest authority of the municipality and corresponds to the direction, administration and supervision of its operation. The municipality is responsible for the local administration of each commune or group of communes. Among its functions, two modes are distinguished, whether it does it unnecessarily in agreement with the Council or that I need approval from the Council:

Attributions of the mayor or mayoress in which it does not need agreement of the Council:

  • Represent judicially and extrajudicially the municipality;
  • Propose to the council the internal organization of the municipality;
  • Ensure administrative integrity within the municipality.
  • Manage the financial resources of the municipality.
  • Administer the municipal and national assets for public use of the corresponding commune.
  • Grant, renew and terminate municipal permits;
  • Coordinate the operation of the municipality with the corresponding State Administration bodies;
  • Coordinate with the public services their action in the territory of the commune;
  • Summon and preside, with the right to vote, the council; as well as calling and presiding over the communal council of civil society organizations;
  • Submit local administration matters to a plebiscite.

Among several other attributions mentioned in the Municipalities Law.

Attributions of the mayor or mayoress in which it needs prior agreement of the Council:

  • You must submit for the approval of the Municipal Council:
  • the communal development plan.
  • the municipal budget.
  • the regulatory plan.
  • the policies of the health and education services unit and others incorporated into its management.
  • the general policies and regulations on tenders, acquisitions, concessions and permits.

Among other powers mentioned in the Municipalities Law.

Tasks of a mayor in Chile

Since we know the requirements to be mayor in Chile, let’s not forget the tasks. The tasks of the Chilean mayor will be carried out in accordance with the functions assigned by law, in cooperation with the municipal councils. These tasks revolve mainly around collaborating in the organization and maintenance of the municipality.

Term of the mayor in Chile

The term of office is four years, but he has the option of being re-elected.

In case of being reelected, their mandate will be extended for four more years.

How much does a mayor earn in Chile?

The salaries of mayors vary according to the commune, considering the size of the municipality, the number of inhabitants and the annual income, among other factors.

Mayors can be between grade 1 and 6 on the income scale.

In general, the salary of mayors varies between 3 and 5 million pesos, approximately.

Laws that talk about being mayor in Chile

In what is the entire Chilean legal framework, you will find many laws that speak to you about mayors. But the main ones to know are:

  • Law No. 18,695, Constitutional Organic Law of Municipalities: which stipulates the requirements to be mayor in Chile, in its article 73. And that in its article 107 onwards talks about the candidacy of mayors.

To consult these laws you can go to the Library of the National Congress of Chile.

These are all the requirements to be mayor in Chile. Actively participate in your community, meet its public officials and work for a better country.

Mayors are fundamental in the organization of public administration. And it is essential that they comply with the established legal requirements. Do not allow bad practices to advance in elections.

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