Process your certificate at MINEDUC as a priority student in Chile

A reality from which you cannot escape (especially on this side of the world), is the inability of some children and adolescents to integrate into the educational system from his country due to lack of financial resources or difficulties in access to said education by the community in which he was born and grew up, factors that are not in his control and for which he must suffer certain deficiencies.

Education for all human beings regardless of their origin, identity or monetary capacity has been a basic right for a few decades now, and all countries (at least in the West) they have an obligation to ensure that their citizens have access to basic education.

That is why, today, Chile has a system for the integration of children in unfavorable conditions, which allows them to acquire the initial knowledge required for their development.

This system was created by the Chilean Ministry of Education in conjunction with other State institutions that provide the necessary information to carry out this process.

That’s when you come into play certificate of priority student in Chilealso issued by the MINEDUC.

We will show you how to obtain it, its primary function, the benefits that the system brings and some other relevant information so that you can request your priority student certificate in Chile.

What is being a priority student?

Priority students They are all those young people who are in a family and socioeconomic situation that prevents or makes it difficult to access a correct process of institutional education.

During 2019, priority students are evaluated according to prekindergarten or preschool up to the 4th year of secondary educationbut only if the institutions they attend are part of the Preferential School Subversion or SEP.

You can find out if your educational institution is part of the Preferential School Subversion you can enter the page of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Chile:, where you can find a box where you can find out about it.

This process is voluntary of each instituteand the incorporations are made during August of each year.

If the young person is not in a registered establishment, they can be part of the proposal if they belong to the Chile Solidario Social Protection System or the Ethical Family Income Program or if you are part of the 30% vulnerable population established by the Social Registry of Households.

How do you decide who are priority students?

This decision is left to the Ministry of Education of the Government of Chileunder the criteria that we will mention later, established in the SEP Law or Law No. 20,248.

However the MINEDUC take as sources Ministry of Social Development, the National Health Fund, the National Institute of Statistics of Chileamong other bodies that evaluate the living conditions of the Chilean population.

How to get the certificate?

Since later we will explain step by step how to get your priority student certificate, it seems to us that you should at least take into account if you are qualified to be part of these priority students.

To do this you must enter the link that we give you here: www.ayudamineduc.clchoose the «Online certificates» option within the main menu, go to «Other types of certificates», and there you will see the option «Priority student certificates 2019».

Once you enter all these options, they ask you to write your number Unique National Role (RUN) and your date of birth.

If the student is qualified as a priority student, you can download the corresponding certificate.

On the other hand, if you are not listed as a priority student, but meet the conditions to be considered one, there is usually a process to appeal to a review of the case so that the proposal is reconsidered, giving a justification for the request together with the personal data of the person represented. (your date of birth, telephone, email and everything that they ask for there).

The results of this review process are issued around 20 business days once the request is made, in the same way that it is made.


In order to be included in the group of priority students and be able to obtain the certificate that attests to this, participants are asked to meet at least one of the requirements that we give you below:

  • You must be part of Chile Solidario Social Protection System, the Ethical Family Income Program or the Security and Opportunities Systemthat ensure your participation as a priority student.
  • Be part of the 30% vulnerable population established by the Social Registry of Households (RSH) annually.
  • Being within section A of the National Health Fund (FONASA).

If you are not in any of the above groups, the following information is taken into account:

  • The monthly or annual income of the representatives of the child or youth.
  • The degree of education of the father, mother, representative or legal guardian of the student.
  • The rurality of the area in which you reside.
  • The degree of poverty of the community from which it comes.

We must bear in mind that all these data are analyzed and evaluated in conjunction with the Social Registry of Households annually, so if the student’s living conditions change and they are no longer in the aforementioned groups, they are left out of the system for priority students and their place is taken by another child or young person who needs it.

Steps to follow

  1. Enter the following MINEDUC website:
  2. press “Other types of certificates”the option where they tell you that you can request your certificate for both this year and the two previous years.
  3. Select which year it corresponds to, if the current one, or the two previous processes.
  4. Enter the information requested: the student’s RUN, his date of birth and an optional email where you can send your results.
  5. Wait a bit! Almost at the moment the data of your certificate should appear if you are part of the priority students.
  6. If you are not part of the priority students, you have the option of having the data mentioned above re-evaluated, and that if these are used to qualify, they will send you your results in a period of approximately 20 business days.

What benefits do priority students get?

Once as a student you begin to be part of this system that already benefits hundreds of Chilean children and youth, You have automatic access to the following benefits:

you are immediately exempt from any financial charge that corresponds to your integration into the Chilean educational system.

That is, you must not comply with the payments that come with the application, admission or permanence in any college or secondary school that is part of the Preferential School Subsidy (SEP).

They do not charge you tuition or monthly fees, and if they have asked you to pay somethingthey must return any expenses you have made with respect to your studies or those of your client.

What is being a preferred student?

Students who are members of families that belong to the 80% most vulnerable in the nation (data determined by the Social Registry of Homes), and who do not have their priority student certificate are considered preferred students.

In other words, what really changes are the living conditions of the young person or child, which in this case are less extreme.

You can verify if you are part of this group by entering with the RUN number of the applicant and his date of birth, in the same way that you do with the certificate of MINEDUC to be considered a priority student.

If you are going to appeal a review, you are allowed to do so at any time of the year, under the conditions established by the Ministry of Education, unlike priority students, whose process for this 2019 It closed in July 2018.

Legal base

All the previously explained and exposed data are part of what is commonly referred to as SEP Law or Law 20248.

It establishes not only the conditions under which priority and preferential students are selected, but also shows to which organizations and how changes in the situation of students, the acquisition and loss of beneficiary status, and the benefits that apply to children and adolescents of the Republic who are participants in this system.

Agreements with voluntary educational institutions are also specified, such as communication between the State, the representatives and the school or secondary school, disclosing to students the information regarding the educational establishment and its regulations, both in their particular case and in general with the rest of the student body.

This system works in turn as a way to establish communication between the State and the school (through agreements) so that periodic evaluations can be carried out, especially on the technical-pedagogical aspect within the classrooms, so that they can create improvement and development plans, the internal functioning of our schools and educational establishments is known.

You can read everything covered by the Law in each of the articles by entering the National Library of Congressspecifically in the link that we leave you:

The State must ensure that the smallest are integrated into their school activities even if they do not have the financial means to do so. Opportunities must be provided for the nation’s boys and girls to educate themselves and thus improve their family and economic situations in the future, and thus guarantee a greater scope and development at other levels.

The Chilean State, seeking this inclusion, has managed to give many minors the opportunity to take advantage of these opportunities.

We hope this article has given you the necessary instructions and information to get certified in this process.

What are you waiting for to request your priority student certificate and access the benefits?

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