Requirements for child voucher: Everything you need to know

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What is the child allowance

East bond per child is a benefit for all women in Chile, whether for a living child born or for an adopted child.

Which is added to the pension, once you are retired, which is divided into the corresponding months.

Who can receive it

This bond, which you have all rights women.

Whether or not you have had a pension, since it is a right as a mother, as a woman and as mentioned above, for the child born alive or for any adopted child.

Requirements for child bonus

The necessary requirements to be able to access the child voucher are the following:

  • Be 65 years of age or older.
  • You must have a stay in Chile for a period of 20 years (this must be continuous).
  • Have resided 4 years of the last 5 years before requesting the benefit
  • Exiled women will have their time abroad computed as received in Chile.
  • The pension from July 01, 2009.

Take into consideration what we are going to mention below:

If you decide to have an adopted child, the benefit of this bonus will be both for the biological mother and for you who decided to adopt this child.

When you have this bonus, it is impossible to renounce it, it is irrevocable.

Apart from everything that we have mentioned, you should know that this benefit will not be paid at the time the child is born.

If not, in the corresponding installments with your pension.

How to access the benefit

In order to have access to the benefits you must be about to retire.

Amount of the child allowance and how it is paid

This bonus is paid in monthly installments, it is also a unique benefit for women and increases the bonus for their pensions.

This bonus is awarded to mothers who have or have not contributed to the pension system. In addition, they must not be affiliated with another pension scheme, they must take this into account.

If the woman requesting this voucher is affiliated with AFP, this bonus will be incorporated into your training accounts, you must bear in mind that this is totally individual.

This will be considered as a bonus balance for the children born alive that correspond to it.

In this particular case, the result of the amount will be added to the solidarity pension contribution, whichever corresponds to it.

How and where to do the procedure

How and where you can process the child voucher:

Women who meet the necessary requirements, which were mentioned above.

They should go to anyone IPS (branch)It is important that they bring their identity with them, which must be fully valid.

If the procedure is carried out by someone other than the mother, you must bring a power of attorney.

What is the profitability of the child bond

In this case, it has a rate of return for each of the full months. This must count from the first month you are born.

And it should continue like this until the mother reaches the corresponding age (65 years). This profitability will be equal to the profitability of the annual payroll of each fund is type C.

The amount of the bonus is inheritable

First of all, it must be distinguished in the following:

  • In the event that the woman has not yet reached the age of 65 corresponding to this bond, and fails, the bond will not be part of the remaining inheritance.
  • If said woman is already 65 years old to have the bonus, and that is increased in her pension, the bonus if it were part of the inheritance.

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