Requirements for Family Allowance: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking for the Requirements for family allowance in Chile, you have just entered the correct portal! Follow us and find out everything.

What is family allowance

This family allowance system is composed of 4 benefits, which are:

  • Household allowance
  • The maternal
  • Family allowance
  • And the maternity allowance.

This is assigned to people who have income, they also contribute to the pension system and can provide for their family without problems.

Who is entitled to the family allowance

These rights are for families that do not receive any type of income, therefore they do not have any contribution, in addition to this they do not have to support themselves economically.

The money to which they give the right of the allowances and each subsidy is legally paid to one beneficiary.

For each person who meets each requirement to receive this benefit.

Requirements for family allowance

The necessary requirements to be able to have the family allowance are the following:

  • Children who are minors, and Live on benefits, this also includes invalids of any age.

They also participate in the programs offered by the Ministry of Health for child care (up to eight years of age).

They should not receive any income that has the same value as the subsidy offered to them.

Children who are older than 6 years of age must be accredited in basic, middle and higher education (in addition to other equivalents).

Which must demonstrate that it is being studied in state establishments or that they are recognized by it.

If they are invalid it is not the case.

  • Mothers of minors who are living off their own expense are therefore paying family allowances.
    That said, the mother will be the sole beneficiary.
  • If they are pregnant, you have the right to apply for maternity allowance.
  • As stated in law No. 18,600, each person who has an intellectual disability, who is of any age, and does not benefit from the basic solidarity disability pension, can count on this allowance.

Required documentation

The necessary documents to be able to acquire the family allowance are the following:

  • You must have the minor’s birth certificate on hand.
  • Well-child control, a photocopy of this card, which must be up to date. (Under 6 years of age).
  • The regular student certificate for children over 6 years of age.
  • Identity card, photocopy of it. (Mother who is postulated in the maternity allowance).
  • Through the commission of preventive medicine and invadís, it must prove the corresponding condition of the person who has an intellectual disability, this must be carried out at the domicile of the corresponding beneficiary.
  • If you are pregnant, you must have a certificate that you are in the 5 month of pregnancy, this must be understood by a trained doctor or through the health service (the insinuations that have the authority of it).
  • When it is corresponded and they are minors, the quality of the caregiver must be accredited.

How do I apply for the benefit

To be able to request this benefit, you only have to do what we are going to mention below:

1-First of all, as far as possible, have all the documents and requirements that are necessary.

2-Now you must go to the municipality corresponding to your domicile.

3-Very well, once there, deliver all the requirements and documents that are requested.

4-Finally, as a result of all this process, you will have applied for said subsidy.
The answer if you qualify or not for the benefit will be given by the same municipality where this procedure was carried out.


  • The benefit has a duration of 3 years, which are counted from the first month it is received.
    The subsidy is until December 31 of the year the deceased has the maximum age of 18 years of age.
  • This benefit must be credited annually until the child is 8 years old, where he / she participates in the health programs of the Ministry of Health.
  • When the required requirements are no longer met.
  • When said benefit can no longer provide the background related to the people.
  • Due to the death of causing the benefit or the same beneficiary.

Amount of allowance and how it is paid

The amount of this family allowance has a value of 12 thousand 365 pesos, due to the family burden that it has.

On the other hand, the amount that people who have a disability costs double 24 thousand 730.

Each person who receives this subsidy has the right to medical and dental benefits free of charge.

This procedure can be carried out throughout the year.

They must present the subsidy to the corresponding municipality, this is in charge of verifying the quality of the benefit.

In addition to compliance to the letter of the necessary requirements and the background.

Thank you for always trusting us.

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