Requirements to be a firefighter in Chile: Everything you need to know

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Within a good administration of the State there must be different entities in charge of it. And that these work in turn together, in addition to provide security, stability and response to an emergency.

However how will you know life It is surrounded by circumstances and unforeseen events. For this reason, governments have chosen to create different organizations to solve or deal with any emergency.

Regardless of the case; yes natural or provoked, it should be noted that they are exposing his life to help others. One of them is the city firefighters who take care of emergencies that threaten the lives of citizens.

For this reason, drunk with his fundamental work, we want to provide you with a guide on what you must do to be a firefighter in Chile. In addition to all the requirements that you must meet and some tips that will be useful when you process an application.

Requirements to be a firefighter in Chile

If you want to be a volunteer firefighter you must meet certain requirements that will dictate the aptitude to exercise it. Below we will provide you with all the necessary requirements that you must meet prior to applying:

  • Have met or be among the 17 and 35 years old. In the possible event that a minor (17 minimum) You want to apply you must process a notarized authorization from your parents and / or legal guardians.
    • If the applicant is older than 35 years of age the application will be presented with the 2/3 of those present with voting rights. This will have an exception in the case that the applicant has belonged to the ranks of the Republic Fire Brigade.
  • Fill out an application for admission which is provided and delivered by the Company, according to the model already established in the Regulations of the Chilean Fire Company.
  • Be in good health with the statutes suitable to carry out work as a firefighter.
  • Be or have taken the 4th year high school or its equivalent. In the case of having already done them, the bachelor’s degree will be presented, if it is still studying as the case of applicants from 17 years present proof of studies.

Required documentation

In addition to the minimum requirements that you must Present to be able to process your request to firefighter you must bear in mind that you must also attach certain documents. This will legally guarantee to be admitted into the Chilean fire brigade.

Below we will mention all the documents that you must take into account before submitting your application:

  • The medical certificate itself must prove that the applicant has adequate health to perform functions as a firefighter (issued by a surgeon).
  • Degree of studies or certificate of studies (depending on the case).
  • (3 three ID photos with formal clothing showing the full name RUT and on a white background.
  • Criminal record with no more than 30 days since its issuance.
  • Blood group presented in a certificate.
  • Certificate of address or residence (in some cases they accept utility bills) with no more than 30 days since its issuance.
  • A notarized authorization from their parents and / or legal guardians (in case of being a minor).
  • Proof or certificate of drug use.
  • In the event that the applicant has previously served in the fire department, he or she must report to request the Service Sheet.

How to apply to be a firefighter

Yes, you have already met all the documentation and requirements to be able to apply as a firefighter for the Chilean Fire Department. It is essential that you formalize your request. Below we will show you step by step how to apply:

  1. In the first instance, you must gather all the documents and go to the fire station closest to your locality or region.
  2. Next, you will be provided with an application form which you must fill out and deliver together with the documents and requirements.
  3. Once this is done, you simply have to wait for the confirmation of entry from the fire administration.
  4. Ready!

Remember that it is possible that do some supplementary activities to check your skills as an applicant. So the entry process may vary or consist of more steps as the case may be.

What is firefighting ethics?

As you know or have heard, ethics is a part of the philosophy that shows or specifies morality, good manners, respect for social, civic, law and coexistence norms.

However in the case of firefighters it is based on the honor of volunteers who wish to practice this profession. As well as the traditions, lifestyles, self-denial, honesty, and the example that these people transmit to the community.

This is a common thought that is instilled in the entire fire department in order to exercise their work in favor of the good of the population. Since one of their functions is servile to the people.

Requirements that a firefighter volunteer must meet

Finally it is important say that not everyone who applies to be a firefighter is a volunteer. Those that are, must and are required to comply with certain aspects.

This was imposed due to the different cases presented for having pyromania, so the volunteers are subjected to a comprehensive psychological test. In turn the The admission selection process must be more rigorous and strict to prevent volunteers from entering with signs of this disease.

It should be noted that this type of problem began to appear thanks to different cases of firefighters who started fires. So the directors of this body took measures in this regard.


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