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Do you want to export from Chile? You are in the right place. Read on to know more about exports and how to export in Chile.

What are Exports?

The export It is an activity in which some good is sent to provide service outside the country, favoring the economy of the sending country.

The exports They consist of the set of goods and services that are offered and sold to another country for this foreign population to use. This is one of the methods and market activities that favor the accounting and economy of a nation. Thanks to this technique, the nation that emits the good sent and the receiving nation of said good benefit.

This is an activity that consists of the exit of merchandise, capital and diverse services that are destined to the international market.

The shipment of said goods and services can be carried out by different routes, which can be land, sea, or by air. There are also exports of services that are not shipments of something materialized.

What is the importance of Exports?

In the economy of a nation and in the development of a countrys export is a positive activity for the trade balance. This is a source of demand for the production of goods and is responsible for multiplying the product and income of the economy.

We can highlight some of the advantages of exports, in order to consider the great importance that this has in the development of a country and the exporting agent:

  • It promotes large-scale economic activity, to generate higher production with lower costs and better results.
  • Exports are a source of growth and consolidation for the companies that practice it.
  • Companies have the possibility to make themselves known internationally.
  • They can generate great deals that favor both the receiving agent and the exporter.
  • Among other.

In this sense, exports are a great way to improve the economy of a company, even a country, where a large number of benefits and facilities can be obtained that will allow the development and growth of the entity that practices this activity.

In Chile, the success and economic growth is oriented or reflected in exports, an activity that took great importance due to trade liberalization, which has brought sustained growth to this nation.

What are the requirements to Export in Chile?

There are some requirements that must be met in order to implement the export, which are:

  • Be a natural or legal person that has RUIT.
  • To apply to this activity it is necessary to have a larger scale of production and sales. Which allows a market at a national and international level.
  • It is necessary to act under the parameters and laws established in the country.
  • Receive advice with the corresponding foreign trade secretariats.
  • It is necessary to have carried out a previous market study in the destination place.

If you take this into account, you can be successful in your export plan. It is also necessary comply with a series of documents, which are presented below:

  • Pro-Forma Invoice: This document must be presented by the exporting entity, by means of a fax, formal contract, or form, which must have all the necessary information that proves the confirmation of the business.
  • Cargo invoice: This document must be presented together with the merchandise, it must go with the good sent from its departure until it reaches its destination.
  • Shipping certificate: This is a document issued directly by the transport company, which certifies the contracting of transport, it also means the proof of delivery of the merchandise.
  • Commercial Invoice: This is a document that certifies the commercial operation. It also serves to formalize the transfer of ownership of the merchandise to the buyer.
  • Packing list: This is prepared by the exporting entity, which contains a list of the volumes and a description of their contents.
  • Certificate of Origin: This document certifies the fact that the product offered originates from the exporting country.

Each of the aforementioned documents are necessary for export, to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

How to Export in Chile?

In order to export, it is necessary to have made a international market study prior to export allowing to know the market in which it will work, to apply the necessary techniques, guaranteeing good results.

You can guide yourself according to the steps shown below to be able to export in Chile:

  1. Contact entities abroad to offer the good or service to be exported. Try to give as much information as possible and win the buyer’s interest.
  2. It is necessary to guarantee a greater achievement in the sale, offer and grant some sample of the product offered to win the safety of the buyers. It is also necessary to accept that there are competitions in the market.
  3. Once the export is assured, that is, having reached an export agreement for the good offered, the rules and parameters established by the corresponding inspection authorities must be complied with. It is important and necessary that the other party involved in this process, that is, who will buy the offered good, count all the requested requirements.
  4. All the requirements requested from both parties participating in the export must be met.
  5. Then, you should contact a Customs agent to guide you in the export process.
  6. The documentation gathered must be presented to the Customs Service.
  7. Contact must also be established with the supervisory institutions, to carry out compliance with the corresponding procedures for export.
  8. Depending on how the process is carried out and the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the requirements, the process may take more or less time.

What are the main export products of Chile?

Next we proceed to present a list with the main export products in Chile:

  • Copper: Copper ores and their concentrates, Refined copper and copper alloys, raw.
  • Fillets, fish meats.
  • Chemical wood pulp with soda or sulfate.
  • Automobiles: Tourism, and other types of cars. Also goods vehicles.
  • Petroleum: Petroleum or bituminous mineral oils, crude oil.
  • Radiotelephony or television transmitting apparatus.

If you want to know more about Chile’s export products, access here.

What are the main export destinations of Chile?

The Chile’s main export destinations are :

  • China.
  • USA.
  • Japan.
  • South Korea.
  • Brazil

It is important to consider the content of this article to ensure successful results.

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