Requirements to install a botillería: Everything that you have not been told

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Today, thanks to technology and new forms of entrepreneurship can be achieved by making an investment in a good business. And one of the proposals that are infallible to invest is in the famous liquor stores.

Since all people are looking for have fun at any free time, it is to these kinds of places where they go. In addition to being your main ally to acquire different types of drinks.

Whether alcoholic or not, since in many of these establishments they have specialized in different and innovative ways to grow as a business. However, many of these are usually very monitored and must follow strict documentation despite the activities that take place there.

That is why if you want to invest and innovate professionally in a new business we have brought you an informative guide. Where we will provide you with the necessary information to install a botillería in Chile.

What is a botillería?

For many people who are foreigners, the word botillería is very little known. In Chile the botillerías They are establishments designed to sell and trade alcoholic beverages and some other complementary items.

The origin of these places has been established for a long time and although it is not totally clear. It can be speculated that it was thanks to the large liquor stores thate frequented the military before going to war in Chile.

In the same way as the years go by it has been possible to establish and innovate in the ways of selling liquor to the public. Going from the supermarket to the big and ostentatious liquor stores.

Requirements to install a botillería

Before sharing the requirements that you must take into account to open a botillería it is important that you read the Law 18,455. Dictated by the Agricultural Livestock Service (SAG) that is in charge of governing these activities.

Next we will mention the minimum requirements to be able to install a botillería:

  • Product production record: here you will find all the producers, packers, traders, importers and exporters of ethyl alcohols and alcoholic beverages.
  • Declaration of production of ethyl alcohols for sale and transfer.

It is worth mentioning that all these minimum requirements They are appropriate to the general scope of the procedure. So surely you will need more requirements and documents to perform the opening and registration of the premises.

Permits for the installation of liquor stores

According to recent statistical studies, it has been determined that in Chile there are more than four thousand patents of botillería. It is a somewhat high figure for what the law stipulates (No. 19,925) which is a botillery patent for each 600 inhabitants.

For this the Chilean government has put into action various mechanisms with which to regulate said establishment openings. However, no action has been taken on the matter, so we advise opening the establishment in a crowded place and somewhat far from other botillery.

It should be noted that various articles they have speculated on the influence of these businesses within the Chilean population. Making this an establishment detrimental to the area where it is installed.

Alcohols patent

Continuing with this theme we must specify that to open an establishment of this type it is essential to carry out an alcohol patent. This will be processed before the Municipality corresponding to the site where you want to open one.

Before processing it, we urge our readers to inquire or visit the facilities of this organization. In this way, you can consult the requirements and documents that will be attached for the patent to be granted.

The fact that at the time of requesting it you will be asked to develop the nature of the premises is remarkable. Since currently there are certain classifications that appear from A to Z. And which are in compliance with the Law 19.925 of Liquors.

At what times do the botillerías operate

At the same time, it is important that you have the working or operating periods of these premises. Since they are required by law and must be met to avoid fines.

However, this type of establishment usually opens between the 9:00 pm and 1:00 am at dawn on weekdays. And between the 9:00 pm and 3:00 am in the morning on Saturdays and holidays.

Very different compared to the businesses that sell and allow its consumption within the premises such as bars, discos and restaurants. Which may have a work schedule between 9:00 pm and 4:00 am am.

Penalty on the sale of minors

As the laws stipulate certain sanctions apply if certain measures are not complied withs, among the most popular is the sale of liquor to minors. Each of these sanctions is applied with a fine and a limited number of fatas.

In the first case that a fine is applied between 3 and 10 UTM and a prison term of 21 to 40 days. In the second case, a fine between 6 and 10 UTM and the closure of the establishment for up to 3 months.

If in a certain instance a third time is presented, a fine between 9 and 30 UTM and definitive closure of the premises or botillería. It is important that you take the proper precautions and demand the National identity document.

What are the incentives for granting a patent by municipalities

At the time of filing a patent in the municipality an incentive must be made in this way to achieve the granting of permits. Making see the profits and the benefits to the general interest of the communities that govern.

Currently these incentives are classified or identified in two ways:

  1. The permits, which have the function of allowing the collection of money as a source of income for these organizations through the payment of patents.
  2. Carrying out political patronage at the time of delivering the patents to a municipal faculty. Which are very important in sparsely populated or rural places.

What is the Alcohol Law?

Mainly before starting the opening process you should know enough about the Alcohol Law. Well this comes into the matter of about production, elaboration and commercialization of ethyl alcohols, alcoholic beverages and vinegars within Chile.

It should be noted that within This governs all the rules, prohibitions, parameters, specifications and others with respect to the handling of these beverages. At the same time, govern and regulate its commercialization within the country and its exportation.

What I need

It is essential that you comply with all the requirements and positions set forth within the alcohol laws. Which will be of the utmost importance to declare your desire to install the establishment.

Where and how do I do the procedure

Finally, we will show you how to formalize your request to open a botillería step by step. In addition to where you can carry out the procedure.

  1. In the first instance, you must gather the documents requested by the Agricultural Livestock Service (SAG), or that are specified within the alcohol law.
  2. Once this is done, you must go to both the Municipality closest to the place that will be the establishment or the one that corresponds to it and the Agricultural Livestock Service (SAG).
  3. There you will deliver the documents and requirements for the subsequent verification and patenting of the premises.


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