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What is the MSME

SME has the meaning of «small and medium-sized business».

The classification «according to» the Ministry of Economy, small companies are those that a year sell products or good services for values ​​of 2,500 and 26 thousand UF.

While an average company sells between 26 thousand UF and 110 thousand UF.

Requirements for electronic invoicing

The necessary requirements that you must have for electricity bill payments in Chile are the following:

In the event of any non-compliance, payments could be delayed or a rejection of the invoices could occur.

Provider information:

  • Provider’s full name
  • Updated supplier address
  • The identification number or RUT (tax identification)
  • Provider’s phone number, contact persons, and current email address.
  • Bank details of this.

Ericsson Information

  • Billing address
  • As stated in the order for such an order, you must have the legal entity of Ericsson
  • The Ericsson Tax Identification Number
  • Order order for each of the invoices (number of said order)
  • Ericsson’s GR number


  • This must contain the word INVOICE or credit note if it is the case.
  • Unique invoice number
  • Invoice date must be specific in the format you use.
  • Currency
  • It must be specific in the goods that are provided or delivered, this must also be done with the services.
  • Amount in its entirety net.
  • Tax amount, only if it is applied in several withholdings.
  • Total amount to be paid.
  • In the case of credit notes, the invoice number to be paid must be specified.
  • National providers, the fiscal region.
  • For national invoice, the driver’s identification and the license plate.
  • For national factors, amount in CLP.
  • The amount must be detailed in letters and numbers.
  • Specific payment terms.

Application for electronic invoice

We provide you with this option so that you can know in a faster and easier way, the necessary conditions to access the environment of the certificates. And the one quick way to register with your company to be able to correctly carry out the tests that are necessary for the use of the electronic invoice.

In this way we will leave you the link at the bottom

Electronic Invoice Application.

What is the SII electronic invoice

You must be wondering What is an SII electronic invoice? , This is a digital document, which is legally valid as a means of support for each commercial operation. Among taxpayers, which has been in charge of replacing traditional paper billing.

Being an electronic biller, he is in charge of enabling the taxpayer as an issuer and as receiver of said electronic tax document. An easy example of them are: electronic invoices, credit notes, as well as debit notes and dispatch guides.

Benefits of the SII electronic invoice

The Charitable With which you have the SII electricity bills, are the following:

  • Streamlines and quickly improves the effectiveness of processes.
  • Every risk that may exist is quickly diminished.
  • Buyers feel more confident with this new system.
  • Competitiveness increases.
  • In the SII units, no physical copies are left.
  • Save on everything that involves printing, moving, etc.
  • In electronic form, it is responsible for registering and storing all the necessary information.
  • Tax payments simplify them as well as returns.
  • In each of the billing process, the risk margin is reduced, as well as any fraud that may exist.
  • If each of the electronic tax documents is issued and used, it will improve the operations of your business.
  • To reduce costs and paperwork, starting companies are a great option.

Make sure you have all your digitalized papers up to date, so that the SII does not make any observations.

To whom

The issuer of electronic invoices You can register in the SII’s Free Billing system.

Or in the same way, apply for the electronic billing system with its own software, it can also be purchased in the market. In both cases, companies must certify their invoices before the SII.

Legal framework

You must comply with all the rules that the law indicates.

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