Requirements to open a Hairdresser in Chile: Know what you should know

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In this opportunity Procedures and requirements brings you an article with everything you need to know about how to open a hairdresser in Chile, the necessary requirements and other information of interest.

What is a Hairdresser?

A Barber Shop, also known as barbershop, It is a properly equipped establishment with trained personnel, where different aesthetic services are offered, generally focused on the person’s hair, such as haircutting, shaving, waxing, among others. It is also common to call this type of installation as «Beauty salon».

Currently a Barber Shop It must have certain devices used for the provision of the service, as well as have properly trained personnel for the proper functioning of the establishment.

In a hairdresser, the following items are available: furniture, height-adjustable chairs, washbasins, mirrors, auxiliary tables and the utensils and products necessary for working.

What services does a hairdresser offer?

A hairdresser offers a wide variety of services, mainly intended for the person’s hair, as well as other parts of the person’s body. Some of these services are:

  • Haircut.
  • Hairstyles.
  • Paint hair.
  • Pedicure.
  • Manicure.
  • Depilated on various parts of the body.
  • Eyebrow pigmentation.
  • Makeup.
  • Hair and eyebrow treatments.
  • Among others.

What are the requirements to open a Hairdresser in Chile?

To be able to have a Barber Shop it is necessary to duly comply with the following requirements:

Own a local

You must have a local in order to open a hairdresser, and it must have certain characteristics:

  • It must be located in a central area, where there are many people circulating, with the intention of attracting more customers.
  • It would be ideal if it were close to businesses related to hairdressing, such as clothing stores, makeup stores, among others.
  • The size of the premises may vary according to the variety of services to be offered.
  • It must be properly conditioned and equipped.
  • The place must be legal.

Have a business plan

In this sense, it refers to having some writing or document, where it is reflected the business plan. There are five steps to develop the ideal business plan, which are:

  1. Have a vision: You must have a vision of the business, thinking about where you want to go, from there to be able to establish small objectives that will lead us to fulfill that vision.
  2. Establish a plan to meet the objectives that will lead you to fulfill the vision.
  3. Know and know the needs that must be covered to establish a hairdresser.
  4. Establish strategies that lead you to meet the objectives set: For this, a marketing plan, sales strategies, market study, among others, are ideal.
  5. Take action: The established plans must be put into practice in order to see the results.


A budget is a financial plan established for a certain period of time, which helps to keep track of income, expenses, debts and other financial data.

To open a hairdresser or any other company, you must have a budget, because this helps to:

  • Plan future expenses.
  • Maintain order in financial affairs.
  • Know if investment or financial support from an external agent is needed.
  • Make financial decisions easily, quickly and simply.
  • Determine how to invest the profits obtained from the business.

It is necessary to know the budget, to know how much is the amount necessary for the investment. The budget must give details of all possible expenses. It is also necessary to possess that amount of money.

Required licenses and permits

You must make sure that you own and comply with all the necessary permits and licenses to open a hairdresser in accordance with the laws of the country.

Create a good image

A good image is formed by the following aspects:

  • Good presence of workers.
  • Quality of service.
  • Presence of the place.
  • The logo of the hairdresser.
  • Profile in social networks.
  • Among others.


Based on a market study, it is necessary to determine the prices of the services to be offered, as well as to provide various offers that allow increasing customer base and productivity.

Trained staff

For the correct operation of the Barber Shop It is necessary to have qualified personnel. They must be prepared people with good skills and abilities in the hairdressing area to guarantee a good quality of the service provided.

Use social networks

The social networks For companies they turn out to be a great benefit, because it helps to publicize it, communication with the client can be established, it helps clients keep abreast of the company’s innovations, in this case the hairdresser.

In this sense, the most appropriate social networks are:

  • Facebook: This social network has more than 2,000 million active users. With this network, customer relationships can be generated more dynamically, among other advantages.
  • Linkedin: This professional network is in charge of facilitating the search for clients. It has more than 335 million active users.
  • Google+: It works similar to the social network Facebook. With this social network you can establish better communication with my group.
  • Twitter This platform has 500 million active users, it allows you to keep abreast of people’s opinion about hairdressing.
  • Instagram: This network favors the advertising and promotion of the company.
  • Pinterest: With this social network, the products to be offered can be displayed in a creative way.
  • You Tube: In this social network, you can share videos about the company, with the purpose of making yourself known and attracting more customers.

What benefits does opening a hairdresser offer?

Open a Barber Shop It can bring with it several benefits, which can be the following:

  • If you are studying to prepare as a stylist, having a hairdresser is ideal to begin to advance in this path.
  • A hairdresser brings social satisfaction, since the largest number of people in a society enjoy this service.
  • Good earnings, which improves the quality of life of the person who owns a hairdresser.
  • Independent work. In this sense, if you open a hairdresser, you are your own boss.

Consider the content of this article for excellent results.

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