Requirements to request a change of land use: Everything that you have not been told

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How to make a land use change

In accordance with the provisions of article 55, dictated by the urban planning and construction law.

It is the responsibility of the regional sectors of the Ministry of Agriculture to authorize the constructions that are not related to agriculture in the rural area.

We do not refer to the authorization of land use change.

Each of the projects that is contemplated constructions which have subdivisions or do not have.

This must be outside the agriculture of said areas regulated by the PRMS.

The SEREMI It will be a one-stop shop for agriculture. This suggests that each of the procedures related to the IFC must be managed through SEREMI.

Since these are in charge of making the request, the technical option to the agricultural, livestock service and the pronouncement before SEREMI which belongs to the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism.

This procedure will have a cost which will be established by resolution (Nº 3816 1996 SAG).

That is responsible for setting the values ​​for the inspections, which correspond to 1.75 UTM, which are for industrial purposes.

Also the numbers, for any other purpose it is said in 1.25 UTM, which are housing and tourism.

These must be paid at the SAG offices.


1-They must have the application for said project, which will be directed to the SEREMI: this must be previously signed by the owners in the case of being several.

In addition to them, they must have the following requirements:

TO-Have the proprietary background:

  • Ruth
  • Identity card
  • Postal address
  • Contact address
  • The email.

The request must be made by the owner.

In the event that there is more than one owner, it must be signed by all co-owners.

In the event that the owner is a housing committee, said request must be signed by its president, along with the documents of said president.

B-The background of the property.

  • Names of this
  • Address
  • Commune
  • Role of evaluated
  • Property surface
  • UTM
  • Registration of the domain, which must be registered in the respective property.
  • Indicate the soil class
  • Marking of the boundaries.

C-Finally, they must enter the justification for said request.

Necessary documents

The necessary documents that you must have are the following:

1-The certificate of the previous information from the direction of the works of the respective municipality.

2-In addition to the Photocopy of the identity card, this must be the owner.

3-the legal representation.

4-Affidavit of the domain, this must be accompanied by a copy of the current domain certificate.

5-The appraisal certificate, which must be with the soil classifications, which must be understood by the SIl

6-Feasibility of drinking water and sewerage, this must be granted by the sanitary services company, if it exists and corresponds to it.

For more information we leave you this link, where you will find more information about it

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Legal framework for land use change

The competence of the Ministry of Agriculture, with respect to the change of land use in the rural sector.

It is established in the General Law of Urbanism and Construction, in the following articles:

Art. 52 of DFL No. 458 of 1975.

Art. 53 of DFL No. 458, from the year 11975.

Art. 55 of DFL No. 458, from 1975.

For more information on this Legal framework We provide you with the following link.

Click here

Criteria to consider in granting land use change

The following criteria should be applied when discussing the granting of sleep use change:

  • The ecosystem of special interest must be protected due to its great biological diversity, and the presence of species.

The flora, fauna, which are threatened in the area of ​​said project.

  • Try as much as possible to minimize the externalities that each industrial project, miners, rooms, cars, etc. can generate.

Which can permanently affect the agricultural development of said environment.

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