Requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile: Everything you need to know

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There are many Chileans who seek the requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile to spend a vacation in this country or for work. And it is that one of the countries that more tourist attractions in Central America at present it is precisely the nation of Costa Rica.

This is why they are more and more Chileans who are looking for how they can travel to this nation without having any kind of legal problem. Do you want to know more about the requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile? Are you interested in knowing what is the best way to travel?

Then continue in the article because here you will find everything!

Requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile

The truth is that currently there are not many requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile because there is a lot of tourism.

In fact, one of the main attractions that the nation of Costa Rica has is its enormous tourist potential that thousands of people enjoy annually.

And it is that it has some of the most striking and beautiful beaches of which there are currently in the territory of Central America.

In the same way, the Ministry of Tourism of this nation has been in charge of do a huge publicity job to increase annual visitors.

The reason for this is that the nation it is not treated like a rich country and consequently ways are sought to improve life.

Despite this, one of the striking features of this nation is that it has been elected several times. The happiest country in the world.

If you have planned to make a trip to this nation then in the following sections we will mention the requirements for the different types of visa in force.

Tourist visa

The first of all that should be mentioned when talking about the requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile is the tourist visa.

And it is that this visa is the most sought after because allows you to stay ninety days in the country in an easy and legal way.

If you want to know the requirements to get this type of visa then here we leave you a small list so that you know them very simply:

  • The first thing you need is a valid passport and that it is in good condition, without cuts or has torn leaves of any kind.
  • In the same way you will need a passport have a long validity time Depending on the country you come from, it may be six months.
  • At the same time you should have a round trip ticket in which it is shown that you are going to leave the territory of Costa Rica.
  • Finally you must show that you have financial solvency and you will be able to spend at least an amount of 100 dollars for each week of the trip.

Stays without consular visa

Another type of way to enter Costa Rica from Chile is not need a visa that is granted by the consulate of this nation.

And, as with most countries and nations worldwide, there are citizens who can visit visa-free countries.

The reason for this is that it is considered that it is not feasible that they will settle illegally within the nation they are currently visiting.

This has many reasons, the first being that the quality of life status in the visitor’s nation be older than the host.

At the same time it also occurs in the case that nations have some kind of agreement that allows the free entry of citizens.

In fact this is the case of the citizens of Chile who decide to do tourism to the country of Costa Rica today.

This is how Chileans have up to three months of stay in a totally legal way and without any problem within the Costa Rican territory.

Limited stay with consular visa

Another of the cases that can occur to enter the territory of Costa Rica is through a consular visa limited stay.

However, this type of visa requires other requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile that are currently requested are these:

  • First of all is write a request to the consul that you need the visa. In this application you must put all your data including profession.
  • Must have valid passport with at least six months before it expires when you apply for the consular visa.
  • In the same way you will also have to have the flight reservation in which the time of entry and exit is clearly shown.
  • At the same time you should also have on hand a proof of financial solvency in which it shows to be able to stay during the entire trip.
  • Finally you have to deliver a document with your criminal record that is valid for at least six months at the time of application.

Student, teacher, researcher or volunteer visas

  • The first thing you need is a request addressed to the General Directorate of Migration in which all your data including type of passport are recorded.
  • In the same way, you will also need the criminal record certificate that is valid for at least six months after entering the country.
  • It is important that you also submit a birth certificate in which all your data is present, including the full name of the two parents.
  • At the same time you also need to deliver a certified photocopy of the passport, which has to be complete including the cover and your photo.
  • In the same way, you must also prove your financial solvency during the entire period that your stay in the Costa Rican nation will last.
  • Finally you have to attach a letter of acceptance that comes from the center that is doing the corresponding accreditation with the respective title or position.

How long can you stay in Costa Rica

Once the requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile are known, one of the questions most often asked is how much i can be

And it is something extremely normal, because each type of visa has a time in which you can be legally there.

In this sense, if you enter with a tourist visa or consular visa the period that can remain within the Costa Rican territory is ninety days.

However if you decide to enter through a consular visa of limited stay the period in which you can stay is thirty days.

Despite this it is possible that, if you need to stay longer, can extend your stay up to ninety days before the immigration authorities.

Finally, we must mention the case of the student visas and others, since they are considered as special periods in all cases.

In this sense the visa lasts as long as the center stipulates which has been the validator of giving the visa, and can also be extended.

What to know before traveling to Costa Rica

Although all the requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile are already at hand there are some things that are pretty good to know.

And it is that, like every nation Costa Rica has its peculiarities that must be known and respected to enjoy your stay in it.

One of the first things you need to know when traveling to Costa Rica is that this nation does not have an army nor armed forces currently.

It is precisely for this reason that the police can stop you at any time to request your papers, although this is usually something fast and daily.

Usually they will accept US dollars in the businessThere are even some companies that accept them as the only form of payment and not colones.

And since we entered the subject of the currency it is necessary to mention that Costa Rica is not a cheap country, If not the opposite.

Finally it should be mentioned that no WiFi in most places, only in places such as hotels or large corporations in the country.

Airlines that travel from Chile to Costa Rica

Once you have all the requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile, you will begin to search where to make the air trip.

However, this is not very difficult since almost all American airlines cover the route as part of your travel routine.

In this sense, one of the most recommended companies is American Airlines because it is one of the largest companies.

In the same way the company Avianca makes the trip in a fairly recurrent way, leaving from Santiago de Chile several times a week.

Finally, it is important to mention the company known as Cup, as it is one of those that in recent years has stood out in this.

As you may notice the requirements to travel to Costa Rica from Chile they depend on the visa sought.

But now you have all the information you need!

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