Requirements to travel to Peru from Chile: Everything they haven’t told you

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Among one of the things that human beings love is traveling and seeing new places. Besides that it works as an ideal option to relax when work life overwhelms us.

However, it is important that Before traveling to a place, know everything you need to know about that place.. Since there may be rules or conditions not conducive to traveling or staying in a certain sense, an example of this is not knowing the climate of the place and traveling with the wrong clothing.

It should be noted that thanks to technological advances Human beings have been able to reach places and places that were previously difficult to access. However, despite the risks that the nation runs due to the entry of foreigners, certain migration policies have been applied.

In the same way, the procedures to be carried out to enter a different country, that is why we have brought everything you need to know to travel to Peru from Chile. In addition to providing you with important information to take into account before traveling either for pleasure or business.

Requirements to travel to Peru from Chile

As you well know they exist certain requirements that you must have to enter Peru according to the laws of this country. It is worth mentioning that it does not vary much from the other Latin American countries, below we will mention the documentation and requirements that you must take into account:

  • Identification document. (Mercosur member countries).
  • Tourist visa. (Depending on the country of origin).

It is worth mentioning that Chile is one of the member countries of the MercosurTherefore, you can enter the country without any problem. Making use of the Valid DNI and granted by the pertinent governmental entity in Chile.

Continuing with these migration policies, there are currently various visas for each type of activity that we wish to carry out in the country. In this way to be able to classify the travel purposes of the different

Business visa to travel to Peru

As you will know each merchant or person who wishes to travel for commercial or business purposes You must apply for a business visa. This will allow you to carry out profit-making activities within Peru.

This must be processed once a possible business or work contract is available within Peru. In some cases it is essential that you have verification or corroboration of purposes, such as flights, invitation letter from the company, among others.

Tourist visa to travel to Peru

However, other visas with which you can enter Peru is the tourist visa. This is intended authorize people to visit the country for recreational and tourism purposes.

It is worth mentioning that this visa should only be processed by people who come from countries with a visa requirement to enter Peru. On the other hand, this migratory status does not admit the purpose of immigration, permanent residence or development of remunerated activities.

Which countries need a visa to travel to Peru

As we mentioned before, there are also some exceptions that do not need to process a visa to travel to Peru, as in the case of Chile. Contrary to others who do need this document.

Next we will mention the countries that do not require a visa to enter Peru. If the country where you are is not on this list, you must process it from the Peruvian embassy in the country where you are:

  • Countries belonging to the European Union.
  • Countries that belong to the Mercosur alliance.
  • Some other countries on this list: Countries.

What is the Andean Migration Card

As its name says, it is an identification that certifies as a foreign citizen the person who enters any country of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) like Peru.

However, unlike the other documents, this It is mandatory regardless of the country where you come from. Which is used for the application of immigration control to the country and its delivery is made immediately upon arrival in any of the CAN countries.

It will allow you enter and leave the country legally and documented. In addition, it will give you the ease of moving around the country as an identification document.

Which airlines fly from Peru to Chile

Below we will mention the airlines that currently maintain routes and air operations between these two countries:

  • Sky Airline.
  • Latam Airlines Group.
  • Interjet.
  • American.
  • Air Canada.
  • Air France.
  • AeroMexico.
  • Avianca.
  • Cup.
  • United.
  • Greater Airlines.

Some of the airlines already mentioned they generally carry out stopovers within the countries of connection center or of origin. So you must make a transfer or stopover within a country to be able to go there.

Documents that I must have if I travel by car

In case you are in a neighboring country or close to Peru and you want to visit it from your car and it is the medium where you are going to travel. We advise you to have the following documents on hand before traveling:

  • Have all the vehicle’s documents in order and internationalized, which will be thoroughly reviewed by Customs. Such as the Certificate of Registration in the National Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • The vehicle must be driven by its owner, otherwise a signed and notarized authorization must be issued by the owner, together with the tax stamps and legalization by the Peruvian Consulate in Chile.

It should be noted that the Certificate of Registration in the National Registry of Motor Vehicles it will be requested by the Peruvian officials in the outpost of Santa Rosa to enter Peru.

Required forms

Finally, it is important to mention that to travel by car you must fill out certain forms in advance. In this way, the entities of the State will have the necessary information about the traveler.

Below we will mention the forms that you must take into account before traveling by vehicle to Peru:

  • List of passengers: This specifies the data of the passengers of the vehicle. You must fill out 4 copies to leave and another 4 to re-enter Chile. You can process it through the following website Form.
  • Tourist card or visa: They are required by the International Police force to be able to identify foreigners.


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