Requirements to travel to the United States from Chile: All the information you need

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Among one of the things that human beings love is traveling and seeing new places. It is one of the few things that human beings are passionate about and excited about doing.

However, it is important that Before traveling to a place, know everything you need to know about that place.. Since there may be rules or conditions not conducive to traveling or staying in a certain sense, an example of this is not knowing the climate of the place and traveling with the wrong clothing.

It should be noted that thanks to technological advances Human beings have been able to reach places and places that were previously difficult to access. But with this have come the new policies in relation to foreigners and migration in each country.

In the same way, the restrictions to enter the country and the rules to enter, that is why we have brought everything you need to know to travel to the United States from Chile. In addition to providing you with important information to take into account before traveling.

Visa Waiver to enter the United States

Starting with the topic, we want to inform you that thanks to the agreements in relation to trade and other interests on the part of Chile and the United States. Chilean citizens can enter the United States with online visa processing.

They simply must issue a Waiver authorization which functions as a visa waiver. And the one that allows you to have a stay of up to 90 days within the United States.


On the other hand, you will wonder what requirements you must enter to process this wonderful and useful document. Below we will mention the requirements that every Chilean must take into account when processing this visa:

  • Be in conditions of approval within the Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA).
  • Travel to the United States should only be for tourism, business or transit.
  • The stay within this country must not exceed 90 days uninterrupted.
  • Possess and maintain a passport biometric or electronic valid.
  • Possess a return or continuation ticket in case of transit.

Activities allowed and not allowed by the program

It is important that at the time of processing a visa or an extinction as in the case of this you know that each of them allow you or not to do certain activities. This may or may not be pleasant since it will influence the stay within the destination country at all times.

Notwithstanding the Waiver visa like the others has certain restrictions and allowed activities that we will provide you below. And of course! With due adaptation to the case of the reason for travel.

Allowed by Businesses

  • Use consultants to negotiate possible actions.
  • It allows you to attend a professional, business or educational-scientific conference.
  • Be able to take a short course or training.
  • Make and negotiate contracts.

Allowed by Tourism

  • Vacation.
  • Being able to visit friends or family.
  • Get some medical treatment for a short time.
  • Actively participate in social events and in an amateur way in musical, sporting or similar events.
  • Be able to take a course or training of short duration and for recreational purposes.

Not allowed in the Program

  • Study through credits or scholarships.
  • To work.
  • Carry out jobs as a press, radio, journalist or other information and communication media correspondent.
  • Stay indefinitely within the territory of the United States.


As you may wonder, the cost of this procedure will be paid through the following methods: credit card MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover (JCB, Diners Club).

The cost ranges from 14 dollars which are carried out by concepts of Sending of the request and approval of the authorization. It is quite fast and safe to cancel it and it has a short delivery time so you do not need so much time in advance to remove it if you want to travel.

Cancellation is made through Electronic Travel Authorization System (ESTA). It is important to mention that in addition to this system there are different entities in charge of making the request on your behalf, so the cost can rise.

ESTA visa from Chile

This type of visa is processed through its web platform, so It is very easy to obtain as long as you meet certain requirements. It should be noted that to process it you must fill out a form with your personal data.

Therefore, this form will function as an application to verify that you are eligible to process this type of visa. The formula is currently available through this web portal ESTA system.

It should be noted that the greatest requirement that makes it possible to obtain this document satisfactorily is not to have criminal record or legal proceedings in force against you. This is easy to obtain since this system has access to data interlaced with different national institutions.


Added to the aforementioned visa, it is important that you keep in mind that to complete this visa other documents are required. Next we will mention the other requirements that you must have when traveling to the United States.

  • Have a valid biometric or electronic passport in good condition.
  • Fill in the This form.
  • Having canceled the visa fee prior to the trip.

Valid activities with an ESTA visa for Chileans

Like the previous one, this visa has certain restrictions and allowed activities that you can do using this visa. Next we will provide you with the valid activities to carry out in use of an This visa.


  • Make tourism.
  • Use consultants to negotiate possible actions.
  • Get some medical treatment for a short time.

It is pertinent to emphasize and remember that this visa it does not guarantee you entry into the territory of the United States. This is simply a requirement requested by the nation’s governmental entities.

Form request

To conclude with this informative guide, we must mention that after having completed the application for an ESTA visa. It is extremely important that within the 72 contiguous hours You should get one of the following results:

  1. Approved authorization (approved): you will get a code that will authorize one or different trips for an uninterrupted time limit of 90 days. And it is valid for a maximum time of 2 years (may vary depending on the passport).
  2. Unauthorized travel (denied): This means that the visa has been denied and you can only request the B1 / B2 visa for tourism and business at a US consulate.
  3. Autorization remaining (pending): You will need to be patient as there will be a more extensive review process. You will have to wait for a definitive answer by consulting the system.


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